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Flyers might seem old-school. In business, there are always new ways to build your brand. The internet creates thousands of new ways to promote your business each year, and technological advances allow you to build something from nothing in a very short time. One truly great way to market your business, of course, is also one of the oldest, most convenient, and affordable way to gain recognition for your brand. Flyers have been popular for many decades, and for good reason, they are one of the best ways to promote your business, what you do and where you are located in the community without having to spend a fortune.

Quality printed products and our flyers are available in a range of sizes and options creating the ultimate marketing solution. Flyers allow you to showcase your products and services in detail, as well, as adding high-quality color images of your products or your team. Using flyers for marketing is a very effective way to attract attention to your business. It also allows you to present comprehensive information in a clear and concise way.

What Is A Flyer?

When it comes to printable marketing materials, flyers are by far the best value for money when printing on large scale. A flyer is a foldable single sheet that is printed on both sides in columns, to allow for a range of information to be shown. Flyers also allow your business to show your specials, company information, product information, promote events and more. Providing this all in the one printed package.

Because each flyer only requires one piece of paper that can be printed on both sides, it costs a lot less than most other marketing materials and offers much better value for money. When you print flyers for business you would normally include a simple message that can be read quickly and easily, along with other elements in the material that can be informative. Flyers are available in a range of sizes, but most standard flyer can be printed double-sided on A4 gloss paper.

Types of Flyers

There are many types of flyers and often have different names, depending on the purpose of the flyer. Often referred to as leaflets, circulars, handbills or inserts, most flyers are delivered by hand or by post. Flyer designs are also great for distribution at trade shows and almost any event you can imagine.

Flyers can be printed in any color with millions of different creative options available, and will definitely increase the chances of your business getting noticed. Because they are affordable, they can serve well for short-term marketing campaigns or product or event marketing. Perfect for weekend events, grand openings and special promotions, flyer printing is fast, efficient and effective.

What Is The Purpose Of A Flyer

Flyers have many purposes and the choices are unlimited when it comes to design. What this means for your business is that printed flyer can serve whatever purpose you wish them to serve. From school handouts to religious messages, flyers have used in almost every business imaginable. From restaurants, spas, salons, real estate, churches, schools, universities, retail outlets, home businesses, trades, and services, flyer printing is one of the most common and most cost-effective means of advertising.

Flyers can be purposed for trade show displays, as well as mailers for informational or promotional purposes, as well as event booths. Printed flyers in advertising have a very clear purpose – they allow your customers to read information about what you want them to know about the most in a simple and clear way.

Flyers are perfect for employees to use as reference material when speaking with customers. Print flyers are also a great way to follow up when closing a sale, to add any further information in writing. Choosing the right marketing solution for the message you’re trying to communicate is vital in business, and flyer designs are a tried and tested means to do just that.

Flyer Designs

A flyer pamphlet template is the easiest way to create ready-to-print flyers. We have a creative design team ready to help design your flyer for printing. Print flyers come in a variety of sizes but are generally a standard A4 size. When it comes to printing brochures they can be shaped and sized to many specifications. You can use standard or heavier paper stock depending on the length of your campaign and the effect you would like to achieve from the flyers.

Creative flyers for business, corporate business and events should have a high-quality feel to them and should be designed to attract attention at a glance. Using high-quali9ty images and bold text will draw attention, and your wording is very important as well. Your flyer creation should portray your brand as you want it to be seen, and use logos and brand coloring to match. Flyer designs are a great sales tool that customers can receive after showing interest in a product or service.

Uses for Flyers

Religious messages – Your church group will benefit greatly from the use of high-quality printed flyers. The high-quality material is more likely to attract the attention you want to receive, and flyers printed in full-color will get your message across.

Event Promotion – Promote your next event with high-quality full-color printed flyers. Whether you are holding a school fete or a music festival, your next event will grab the attention it deserves with the use of high-quality printed flyers.

Product Launches – One of the best ways to promote a new product is with a full-color flyer. High-quality images used with company branding is a great eye-catching means to promote your brand and new products.

Grand Openings – Grand openings always work better with a full room, and the best way to attract people is with an attractive flyer. Printing flyers is simple and when you need to get. The word on the street about your new business, flyers are cheap and quick to print.

Restaurant Specials – Advertise your restaurant special deals by using flyer. You can even print a full menu on the back of the flyer to draw even more people to your business. Getting people through the door is made easier with this high-quality marketing material.

Trade Show Handouts – Handing information about products is made easy at trade shows with flyer designs. Using flyers sized to an easy to handout size will ensure people take notice. High-impact imaging of your products and brand are vital to getting the needed attention. Creating great designs in your flyer printing for trade shows is vital, ask our design team how we can help.

How To Make A Flyer

Your design is an opportunity to add your personal touch to your advertising materials and flyer are an excellent way to do just that. There are many things to consider when it comes to designing a flyer. And if you wanted to attempt it yourself, here are a few tips.

  • Make your flyers emphasize to customers what you have to offer.
  • High-quality original images.
  • Color to attract attention.
  • Bold fonts.
  • Use your pictures to clearly communicate the message you want them to take away.
  • Think of original and unique ways to convey your message.

Your printed flyers are only as good as your design. So make the colors you use to draw attention for the right purposes. Create brand specific designs to build your brand recognition.

Flyer Printing

NonStop Signs offer a range of printing options for your flyer. Ranging from a single printed flyer to runs of 25000. We print on a range of paper stocks in an even broader range of colors. Flyers can be printed to fold, either in accordion style or in halves or quarters. They can also be designed and printed to hand out in single or double page formats. The best way to decide how you print is to consider how you want your customer to read it. Choose the folding layout that will make it easy for your customer to read through.

Ideas To Create Flyers

When you choose creative flyers of a larger size it sends the message that you’re offering something amazing. While standard sizes are fine, consider the information you are trying to send your flyer and create them to suit.

Printing Flyers

Including pictures in print, flyers will strengthen ideas and the layout you choose. Will create something that people will want to read. Additionally, including images when you brand flyer will break up the wall of text. Which makes it much simpler for customers to read. You may not think of your flyer’s layout as being a key feature of the process. But it is as important as the wording

Why use NonStop Signs?

Flyers are about sparking interest and making creative handouts. These are sure to make an impact is part of what we do. We make the whole process of purchasing flyers online easy for everyone. We also offer a range of designs, templates, and ideas. If you’re ready to print your creative flyers, you can get started online. Alternatively, if you require design advice or have specific requirements when it comes to shipping or design then you can call us at 1-800-205-9005 or email us.

We also offer a variety of other signage and marketing solutions that may be suitable for your business.

Need help with your Flyers? We offer FREE DESIGN SERVICES!

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