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Foam Board Printing & Foamcore Prints


Showcase your foamcore prints in style with long-lasting displays at low prices!

  • Strongest foam board printing available for durable lightweight foam signs.
  • Free die cutting for all custom foam core printing.
  • Great for trade shows and hanging displays
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Foam Board Printing and Foam Board Signs

  • Don't mount posters on foam core, we print directly to foam boards at a fraction of the price. Custom make foam core signs to any size or shape you can imagine .
    3D Foam Core Awards
    Foam Core is an easy way to add a dimensional element to signs and...
  • Don't mount posters on foam core, we print directly to foam boards at a fraction of the price. Custom make foam core signs to any size or shape you can imagine .
    Die Cut Foam Core Product Display
    These shirts have been folded around and mounted to foam core, and then placed...
  • Don't mount posters on foam core, we print directly to foam boards at a fraction of the price. Custom make foam core signs to any size or shape you can imagine .
    Die Cut Foam Core Sign
    Lightweight and printable in full color, foam core is perfect for ceiling-hung signs
  • Don't mount posters on foam core, we print directly to foam boards at a fraction of the price. Custom make foam core signs to any size or shape you can imagine .
    Foam core Point of Purchase Display
    Layer foam core prints together for high-impact point of purchase displays that are sure...
  • Don't mount posters on foam core, we print directly to foam boards at a fraction of the price. Custom make foam core signs to any size or shape you can imagine .
    Foam Core Product Display Sign
    Print zoomed-in Glamour shots of small products to get customers to really pay attention
  • Don't mount posters on foam core, we print directly to foam boards at a fraction of the price. Custom make foam core signs to any size or shape you can imagine .
    Wholesale Foamcore Prints
    We can match any color, print or pattern. These book covers have been reproduced...
  • Don't mount posters on foam core, we print directly to foam boards at a fraction of the price. Custom make foam core signs to any size or shape you can imagine .
    Foam Core Store DIsplay Prints
    We print directly onto foam core, unlike other print shops that vinyl-mount their signs....
  • Don't mount posters on foam core, we print directly to foam boards at a fraction of the price. Custom make foam core signs to any size or shape you can imagine .
    Die Cut Foamcore Standee Ice Cream Cone
    This cone exhibits every benefit of foam core printing- full color, die cut and...

What is Foamcore Foam Board Printing?

Foamcore or also referred to as foamcor, foam core, posterboard, foamboard, or foam board printing. Although there are several different manufacturers, all of those products are basically the same and are made for indoor signs, banners, and posters. Made of a rigid, extra dense, lightweight plastic foam center and is faced on either side with two very thin sheets of smooth, printable coated paper. This gives Foam Core unique strength properties while having the weight and bulk of plastic foam. It's so lightweight, you can easily hang foam core prints from the ceiling without a special weight-specific hanging system. These sheets can be used for foam board printing and to create custom foamcore prints.

Foam Core is water resistant, bends slightly but is not crease-proof, and has a semi-strong impact capacity. Sounds amazing, right? Foam core printing is your best option if you’re looking for lightweight, rigid dimensional signage with quality durability at the lowest cost. If you are interested in cheap foam core printing or looking for a one time use tradeshow sign, this is your best option. If you are looking for a wall sign for your office then we highly recommend indoor sign foam board posters.

Foam core signs are ideal for lectures, presentations, trade show booth signs & trade show displays, point of purchase displays, menu boards, conference signs, temporary signs and high-quality photo poster printing. Foamcore is the best option for custom board printing. Foam board printing is available in 1/8″, 3/16″, 3/8″ & 1/2″ thicknesses. We can custom die-cut foam board prints or blank foam core to any shape and size.

Blank Foam Board

We offer both blank foam board and custom printed foam board in any size, shape or quantity. If you want to order blank foam board then we have several options to choose from. Keep in mind we can ship your foam board to any state in the US and Canada. All foam board sheets start as 4'x8′ in size and are cut down from there. If you are looking for cheap foam board signs, these are the way to go!

Black Foam Board

Black foam board comes with a matte black finish. This is a very popular foam sign board. Both the outer liner and the inside of black foam board are black. Black foam board comes in 4×8 sheets but we also offer black foam board in 2×3 foot sheets. Black foam board in 40×60 or 30×40 is also a popular size. All of our black foamboard can be cut to any shape and size for free.

White Foam Board

White foam board also is sold in a dull matte finish and comes in 4×8 white foamboard size. We can cut the sheets down to any size of white foam board you choose. As noted below we can also print directly to your white foam board.

Blue Foam Board

Blue foam board comes in a dull royal blue finish. If you are searching for different shades of blue foam board we can help we can custom print the blue but it will be more expensive. Blue foam board generally comes with a 3/16″ thick finish and 4×8 foot foam board sheets.

Pink Foam Board

Recently pink foam board sheets have become more popular for wedding signs and bachelorette party signs. If you are just looking for 1 pink foam board sheet, we recommend Michael's foamcore. If you need pink foam board in bulk, we can help with that.

Foamboard Printing Options

Foam Core Print Lamination

We think foam core print laminating is a great idea if you want to extend the life of your signs. Laminating posters will put a thin film over your foam core print to protect it from scratching. Foamcore poster laminating will add about 20% to the price of your print. If you want your posters laminated we offer 2 different laminate finishes. The most popular laminated poster finish is glossy which adds a bright sheen to your foamboard print. The other option for your poster is matte laminate which adds a dull finish and will reduce glare. Unfortunately, we will not laminate foam board printing that you had printed elsewhere.

Double Sided Foam Core Signs

We offer single sided foam core printing as well as double-sided foam core printing. This is a must-have for any application requiring the foam board print to be seen from both directions or be hung from the ceiling. Another great use for double-sided foam core printing would be utilizing it in a presentation, you can simply flip the board around to use the backside for secondary information or a new topic. By taking advantage of double-sided printing you can save some money and the hassle of lugging around extra prints to your next trade show or presentation. The best way to hang double sided foamboard prints is with self-piercing grommets in the corners.

Heavy Duty Foam Core Signs

Instead of using the standard 1/8″ or 3/16” foam board material, you have the option of upgrading to a 1/2” heavy-duty foam board. This 1/2″ heavy-duty foam core is more durable, longer lasting, and is less prone to bends and creases. Thick foam board is a better idea if you need it to last a long time. We stock thick foam board in up to 2 inches thick.

Printing Direct vs Mounting to Foam Core

Most other print shops that offer printing services will self-adhesive foam board to mount their foam board prints or foam board signs instead of spending the extra money on machinery to print directly to the foam board sign itself. They will go about telling you how their method is better and prevents against warping or creases or creates some airlock barrier against fading and damage, that's actually the entire opposite of what will happen.

Mounting prints to foam core is the last resort in our shop unless it is specifically requested by a client to match previous artworks. When mounting self-adhesive vinyl to foam board, the vinyl WILL shrink and peel, it will warp no matter what it's just a matter of time. Foam Core prints that are mounted can shrink and peel in as little as 3 days depending on the climate the print is stored or displayed in. Here at NonStop Signs, we print directly onto the foam board sign; its smooth surface provides a pristine base for photo quality prints or posters and assures that the print will NEVER peel away from the surface.

Custom Cut Foam Board

A lot of our clients ask us how to cut foam board. You have to be very careful when cutting foam board because it can easily tear. Foam board prints offer clean die-cutting options, giving you the opportunity to give your foam sign any size or shape you desire. Use custom cut foam board signs and die cut foamboard prints to create structural displays that will last or easy-to-dismantle kiosks for conventions and trade show booths. Foam board printing is ideal for dimensional displays such as exhibit information boards and permanent point of purchase stands. We can also cut drill holes into the corners of your foamcore prints if you wish to use stand-off mounts. We can also die cut double sided foamcore prints and double-sided foamboard signs.

Foam Board Sizes

Foam board prints can be produced in any standard poster sizes. The most common foam board sizes we offer are 2'x3′ foam board or 22×28 foam board. If you are looking for larger foam board sizes, we recommend 3×4 foamboards. The largest foam board size we offer is 4×8 foam board sheets. If you need a custom foam board size, just let us know and we can cut your foam sheets to any shape or size. If you are looking for a specific product type of foamcore boards or poster board, we also stock ultra sign and foam exboard and print both in-house printing.

Why use custom foam board signs?

Foam board signs are the perfect creative and economical way to display your favorite photos, graphics & artworks? Why would you spend a fortune on professional framing when you can simply print your high-quality images directly on sturdy foam board printing.

Foam core printing is ideal for colorful and vibrant images because they stay vibrant longer, with our UV inks they won't fade like solvent-based inks which most large format printers use. You can display an image, graphics or photo of any size with foam board printing, one popular technique utilized frequently in the trade show industry is to split an image into 1, 2, 3, or 4 sections or panels as we call them. Theoretically, you can have as many boards as you need to connect and make a single image or display. We have printed 18 separate boards to create one part of a whole display that totaled in at over 110 pieces of 1/2″ foam core and 3/16″ foam core, all within under 48 hours of the trade show.

Can you ship foam board prints?

Foam board printing makes a great gift, and we can ship your foam core prints anywhere in the USA or Canada. Foam board printing fits any budget and we are your one-stop print shop, delivering high-quality products at affordable prices and unbeatable deadlines. How do we do it? We print a lot, I mean A LOT and with as much as we order we get great prices on our material & shipping, in turn, we are able to offer and pass on great savings to you. Not to mention we have a full-time in-house design and production team operating 16 hrs a day to get your job done ASAP. We offer free shipping on foamboard printing over $1000.

How long will my Foamcore prints last?

The lifespan of your foam board print ultimately depends on how the foam core is handled. Foamcore printing is easily damaged and dented and is best suited for short-term or low traffic use. We recommend gator board for long-term applications where the media may travel from one event to the next. If you place your foam board printing into a metal hardware frame, it will last for years.

Foamcore Printing Specifications

  • Custom order any size up to 4’x8’ sheets
  • Common Sizes: 12″x12″,11″x17″, 16″x20″, 24″x12″,24″x36″, 36″x18″, 2'x4′, 4'x4′, 4'x8′
  • Print any photo, image or graphic directly onto foam core
  • High-Quality, High DPI Print capabilities up to 1440 DPI
  • Custom cut foam core prints to any shape or size
  • Weight: 0.1437495 lbs per square foot (about the weight of 14 quarters)
  • Thickness: .1945″ or 4.9403mm depending on the maufacturer of the sign foam board.
  • Print Method: Five color digital print process CMYKW, eco-friendly, fade, abrasion and weather resistant to UV inks.

Note: If you were wondering or found yourself a bit confused. There is a bunch of different names and ways to spell foam core – sometimes spelled foam core, foamcor, foamex board, PVC foam board, gatorboard printing, foam board or Foam Core & Foam Board. Either way, it’s all the same stuff – foam core signs, foam board, it all works for us.

Frequently asked questions about foam core prints:

Is foam core board printing a good option for event signs?

Printed foam board is our favorite option for event signs because is it inexpensive and looks professional. We recommend printing on 3/16 foamboard for 1-2 day event signs. If your foam signs are for a high-end event such as a wedding or an important presentation, we recommend using 1/2 inch foam board as it will look much nicer. For any event signs over 2×3, we recommend using 1/2 inch foam board so the foam sheets do not bow.

Do you offer a thick foam board?

We carry foam board in thicknesses ranging from 1/8″ foam core, 3/16” foam core and 1/2″ foam core custom ordered 3/4″ foam core and 1″ thick foam core. We've seen custom ordered thick foam board come in 2″ thick but the minimum order is several thousand 4×8 foam sheets. We can offer foam board printing at any thickness. If you are looking for cheap foam board signs, we recommend 3/16″ foam.

What if I want to order multiple foam boards?

If you want to order multiple foam boards, that is not a problem for us because specialize in large foamboard printing runs. If you need to order over 100 foam boards then you may qualify for wholesale foam board pricing. We allow you to print your foam boards with 1 new image per sheet or multiple foam boards with the same image. If you are ordering multiple prints on foam board, we recommend creating an excel sheet to track the size, quantity and file name.

How do I print a photo on foam board?

Not all foam boards are used for signage, you may just want a photo printed on foam board. If you have a few photos that you want to print on foam board then just email us the photos. Our team will be able to look at your pictures and tell you the largest foam board size we can produce without pixelating your photo. Pictures taken from an iPhone are a great resolution to print photos on foam board. Your photo on foam board can be printed at any size.

Do you sell blank foam board?

Yes, we stock 1000's of sheets of blank foamcore and blank foamboard. We can custom die-cut blank foam core to any size or shape for you. They come in 4×8 foamboard sheets and can easily be cut to 2×3 foamboard sheets if needed. We offer over 10 premade color foam board sheets. We stock black foam core and we also stock white foam core sheets.

What is the maximum foam core board size?

We can print your photo on foam board to any size. The maximum foamboard size we offer is 4×8 foamboard. The smallest foamboard size we offer is 1×1 foamboard. We can custom cut your foamboard to any size. We call this die cutting foamboard.

My design is complicated, will this increase the foamboard printing cost?

Every one of our foam-core signs regardless of the material is digitally printed with a full-color spectrum. No matter how complex the design of your foam board sign is it will not impact the final price of your order. The final cost of your sign is determined by the size, quantity, material, mounting options, shipping and/or taxes that may apply to your specific order. We try to make things simple for you when you are making your foamcore prints.

Do you offer double-sided foam board signs?

We offer both double-sided foam board printing and double-sided foam core signs. Give our sales staff a call and specify that you would like double-sided foam core prints, we will then update the production staff and produce your signs as requested. If you need different designs on either side please notify the sales staff during the design process and then send us the secondary artwork file after finishing the order process. We will make sure that each side of your print is then printed with the correct artwork.

Do you make those big 3d foam signs for stages?

We do produce large 3d foam signs for stages and presentations. These are like the Ted Talk 3D foam signs. We can cut large foam letters or large foam logos to any shape and size. After we are done cutting the large 3d foam letters we paint the foam to the color you need.

Do you direct print to foam core or offer foam core mounting?

Mounting prints to foam core is the last resort in our shop because of our direct print technology. When mounting to foam board the sheet can shrink, warp, and peel. Foam core mounting can shrink and peel in as little as 3 days. We direct print to the foam board sign itself which also eliminates any bubbles. Direct printing is also a much faster print process which allows cheaper foam board printing. We only recommend foam core mounting for museum quality printing. If you need foam core mounting, please give us a call.

What is foam board printing?

Foam board printing has many uses. The most common size is 24×36 foam board printing. Large format full-color foam board printing should not be used as foam board yard signs. They do not have an outdoor durability. Foam board poster printing is the most common printing for short-term rigid posters. Printing on foam board is low cost, fast, and relatively easy. Our foam board photo prints are great for both commercial and personal use.

Where can you ship foam board printing to?

  • We can ship your custom foam core board to any city in the US, Mexico, or Canada! Please allow a few extra shipping days for custom size foam board prints.

Do you sell foam letters?

We cut foam letters using foamcore board sheets. If you want simple 1 color letters in foam then we use colored foam. If you want custom printed foam letter signs then we can print any image you want on top of the foamboard letters. We recommend using these foam letter signs for indoor use. If you are interested in foam letters for an outdoor sign then we recommend using Gatorboard. If you want your foam board letters painted, we can paint them to any color or finish. When installing your foam letters, make sure you utilize a grid to the letters are straight. Custom foam core signs

Can I put grommets or mounting holes on my foam board signs?

Yes, we can add grommets or mounting holes anywhere on your print. With our CNC precision router, we are able to die cut foam core prints to any shape or size as well as add precise mounting holes or drill holes. Self-piercing grommets are a great way to hang point-of-purchase displays. If you are not using grommets for mounting, we recommend utilizing double-sided tape.

Do you offer specific color matching on your foam board prints?

Our foam board printer is factory calibrated to produce high-quality foam board signs. 99% of our clients who order foam board prints do not need color matching. If you need a very specific color for your board print, we can produce a few samples but we do charge a color matching fee. Color matching will make your foam board printing price more expensive and unless you are producing museum quality signs, we do not think you need it.

How long does it take to produce foamcore prints?

Our foamcore prints can be produced in as little as an hour! In fact, our foam board printing machine produces 8 4×8 foamcore prints per hour. This means we can print up to 192 4×8 foamcore prints in a 24 hour period. Due to our workload, the typical lead time for foamcore prints is about 5 business days. If you are looking for double-sided printing, please allow a few extra days. If you are in a bind and need your foamcore prints in a rush, just let us know and we will take care of you.

Can you make outdoor foam board signs?

Foam board prints are mainly intended for interior sign usage. Using them for outdoor signs, where they are exposed to the elements, will only result in warped and damaged foam board signs. If you are ordering event signs for a 1-day event then your foam board signs will be fine outdoors. Keep in mind that foam board signs are extremely lightweight and may blow away. We recommend hanging any outdoor foam board signs for this reason. We recommend digitally printed sintra board for outdoor foam signs.

How can I install or hang my foam core sign?

The majority of foam board prints will be held up using easels or easel backs, displayed in frames, used as a wall sign, or simply leaned up against something. Other ways to display your foam core signage is to use adhesive, double-sided tape, rope, chain, string or even zip ties. How you go about installing or displaying your foam board sign depends mainly on the setting and usage.

How do I store my foam board sign signs?

The best practice is to store your custom foam board signs in a cool and dry environment. Make sure to avoid setting ANYTHING heavy or light on them so that they will not bend or crease. Any bends or creases will not come out of your foam board sign.

How do I clean my foam board signs?

Only use a nonabrasive dry cloth or rag to clean off your foam core print, these are perfect for regular light cleaning on your foam board sign. If you scratch your sign do not attempt to clean it off, If the scratch protrudes through the paper layer and into the foam center you will only be making it worse by trying to clean it off. If you plan on using your prints more than a few times and will be either shipping them or moving them frequently we recommend laminating your foam core prints for an extra layer of protection against surface scratches. Another option if you plan to move your prints often between trade shows or presentations is to purchase them on Gatorboard. Gatorboard is almost identical to foam core aside from its plastic finish. This adds strength and longevity to the lifespan of high use prints and signs.

When is foamcore printing a bad idea?

Foamcore prints are a short-term, low touch product. When your clients and customers will be touching the foamboard print a lot, we would go with another substrate such as Gatorboard, PVC, Ultraboard or Metal. If the foamboard signs will be placed outside of reach, you should be fine for years to come. When considering even less expensive and short-term, we would suggest you print onto card stock. If you are looking for the most durable foamcore poster, we recommend you use Dibond metal which can last for years but is about 150% more expensive. Custom die cut foam board signs are really for short term poster uses.

How do I save my Foamcore print files?

We recommend using the Adobe suite for all poster printing, creating and saving files as a print-ready pdf. Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign are our favorites and should give you the best quality. There are several free tools to help with your Foamcore print design such as We recommend saving your foam board print files saved as a .pdf at 25% scaled and saved at 300DPI. This will allow the file to remain small in size but still high quality. You have to remember these are very large Foamcore prints so you do not need the same file quality as a business card or flier.

We recommend that you rasterize all files prior to saving to eliminate any issues with replacing fonts or graphics images when our design team opens the files. If you want your foamboard signs to die cut, please add a “die-line” in the pink font on a separate layer. This will tell us exactly where to cut the file. Please leave a 1/16″ bleed for all artwork. If you are printing many foamcore prints, you can save all of your files on a separate page or save individually. Please do not save them on large sheets. We know this can be tricky and we want to make sure your foamcore prints turn out perfectly. If you have any questions about saving the files for your foamcore prints or foamboard signs, feel free to reach out to our design or sales team!

Do you have a 24×36 foam board printing template?

We currently do not have a 24×36 foam board template but its really easy to make! Using Photoshop, simply create a box that is 24×36 and use that as your foam board template. Due to our foam board cutting machine, our 24×36 foam board sheets do not need a bleed. If you need help creating a foam board template, feel free to reach out to our design team. Printing to foam board is one of the best poster solutions.

Do you produce Canvas Foam Board Printing?

There is a foam board that has a canvas face for printing unique prints. Canvas foam board printing comes in 4×8 sheets. Canvas foam board for signs can be a great idea for any custom foam signs.

What are standard sizes for foam board poster printing?

Our standard foam board poster sizes are 22×28 and 24×36 posters. These foam board poster prints should fit in any standard poster frame. Some larger frames take foam board poster printing sizes at 36×48 posters.

What is the difference between foam core board and easel board?

Easel board is just another name for foam core board but they are basically the same things. The name easel board comes from clients who place their prints on foam core board on top of an easel. If you need prints on easel board, just let us know and we can get you pricing. Foam core sign printing is the most common type of prints for easels.

What is acid-free foam board?

Some foam board manufacturers use acid to create the white color on white foam board and white foam core. Acid-free foam core board does not use acid to treat the foam. This acid-free option is better for foam core board prints that will be used around children. The downside to acid-free foam core is that it has a slight yellow tint to the sheet.


Can I bring I have my existing photos mounted on foam board?

At this time, we do not mount photos on foam board. It is a liability for us to offer photos mounted on foam board because there's a chance we may ruin your photos. If you still want to mount your photos to foam board, we recommend ordering adhesive foam board sheets. You can buy adhesive foam board sheets from us in bulk. If you need a 1 off adhesive foam board sheet, we recommend purchasing your foamboard at Michaels. If you are looking for other places to buy foamcore, try foam board at Wal Mart or foam board at Lowes.


What is the difference between Foam core signs, Ultra board signs, and Gator board signs?

Gator board signs are much more durable than foam core signs. Ultraboard signs are in the middle in terms of durability. The sign foam in gator signs has a plastic base while the foam core signs have a foam base. If you are looking for 1-time use easel signs or point-of-purchase displays then Foamboard printing is your best option. If you are looking for a long-term outdoor monument sign or office signs then we recommend using Dibond signs or PVC signs.


Can you produce custom foam board printing near me?

We get this question every day, Can you print a foamcore poster near me? The answer is yes. While our main foam board printing is in San Diego, we can ship next day to anywhere in the US and Canada. Our San Diego foamcore printing is great for west coast orders. For east coast orders like foam board printing in NYC, we can ship or use one of our partner foam sign printers. If you are looking for science foamboard, we do stock tri-fold boards that have a special durable polystyrene core. We do not recommend using foam posters for banners or roll up banners.

Do you offer Chalkboard Foam Board?

There is a really cool product called Chalkboard foam board. It is exactly what you think it is! Chalkboard foamboard is great for restaurants or anyone who wants to use chalk for changing out their sign. This chalkboard foam board is offered in 2×3 foamboard sizes.

Do you offer dry erase foam board prints?

We do offer dry erase foam board. The dry erase part is actually a laminate so we can custom print foam core board then dry erase the top of it. Our dry erase foam board can dent pretty easily so if you are looking for something longer term, we recommend our custom dry erase boards.

Why should we use you and not your competitors?

Here at Nonstop Signs, our entire customer service team has actually worked in our foam board printing department. We have also invested in the best full-color printing machines. If you are looking for 1 off sign we recommend using Kinkos poster printing, Office Depot poster printing or Staples poster printing. If you want to place a larger, custom foam board printing order then we should be able to beat any other pricing and lead time. We print direct to foamboard, we do not produce mounted prints the old way where we mount posters using adhesive mounting boards.

Do you sell Elmer's foam board?

We do sell Elmer's foam board but we find it more expensive than our other brands. If Elmer's foam board it a must for you then let us know and we can provide it. Most of our customers are open to Elmer's foam board alternatives because it means they will have cheaper foam board cost. The largest size for Elmer's is 40×60 foam board.

Can I buy wholesale foam board printing?

We do offer wholesale foam board printing to other sign and printing companies for large runs. We print wholesale foam board prints on our night shift so they can be produced inexpensively. Call us today for the best wholesale foamcore pricing.

Do you sell self-adhesive foam board?

A lot of people ask us, “where do you buy self-adhesive foam board?”. We stock over 1000 sheets of foam board and custom signs. While we do not print on self adhesive foamboard, we do sell blank sheets and it is one of our favorite options for rigid signs.

Looking for custom cutouts? Try our Cardboard Cutout page.

Foam board printer video:

Our high-quality foam board printer is called an Oce flatbed printer and it is the machine we use for all of our prints on foamboard and prints on acrylic sheet. This foam board printer can print edge to edge on your sheets. For larger foamboard printing projects, we can print on pre-cut 2×3 foamboard prints. This foamboard printer video should give you a really good idea of how our foam board printing is completed, we also use this machine as a foam core printer. Notice how the UV lamp on the foam board printing machine drys the foamcore prints immediately.

Foam board cutting video:

The machine we use to cut our foam board and create die cut foam core signs is called a Kongsberg. Once we take our 4×8 foam sheets off of the Oce foamcore printer, we place them on the Kongsberg router for cutting. This is the best way to cut foamcore prints because it has an automated knife. If you are cutting thick foam core then our cutting machine offers a routing function so the knife won't break. Traditional die cut foam core is expensive but this new foam cutting method has no setup fees. This allows us to create custom foam board cutouts to any shape up to 4×8. We can die cut custom foam core cutouts for your company logo no matter how complicated. We do not recommend cutting foam board by hand.

Can't find what you are looking for? If you need your foam board printing same day, feel free to give us a call. Try some of our other poster products like Corrugated plastic signs, acrylic signs, gatorboard prints, zund cutters, Correx boards, Point of Purchase Signage and gator foam.
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 23 x 32 x 1 in
Size (H x W)

18 in x 36 in, 24 in. x 36 in., Custom