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Gift Tags

Gift tags are an ideal way to customize your gift appearance as well as are an extraordinary method to enhance your expert brand awareness. Regardless of what the event is, blessing labels add a great completing touch to your blessing wrapped things or blessing packs containing gifts or products.


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Custom Gift Tags

Discover our personalized gift tags for all occasions, whether for weddings, birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s day and more. We can customize gift tags for any occasion. Looking to get in early on the festive inspiration this year. Why not order your Christmas gift tags now, so you’re completely ready when it comes to the crazy season. We can print customized gift tags for him, for her, for kids and the family pet!

Create your own amazing gift tags throughout the year by adding your favorite photos, artwork or writing to add a special touch to your gifts. Also, Custom-make memorable gift tags, with matching party favors or wedding favor bags for the perfect result.

When birthdays and special occasions come around. Adding something special like a customized gift card to gifts will make it a memorable item. There are many great colors available, and you can also customize them with additional stickers. Stamps or even glitter, once you have them printed.

Made from a range of premium quality materials, your gift tags will add a personal touch. And it matches with customized invitations for your special event theme or color scheme. Also, our design team can assist you in choosing a customized gift tag design. That suits your event or specific requirements to deliver professional results.

What are Gift Tags?

Simply, they are one of the most common accessories to any gift, for any occasion. They are a simple and also effective way to personalize a gift to let the receiver know that you care. They can be attachable to all types of gifts, from Christmas to Birthdays, but their uses do not stop there. Tags are also a great way to add a personalized touch to the presentation of your business. Imagine the impact it will have on your business if you add a customized gift tag to each item you sell in your retail outlet. Or how much return business they could generate by simply adding them to each item you sell at market stalls or trade shows.

Gift tags are a perfect way to personalize not only your gift appearance. But are a great way to improve your professional brand awareness. No matter what the occasion is, gift tags add a magnificent finishing touch to your gift-wrapped items. Or gift bags containing gifts or products.

Gift Tags Specs

Shapes and Sizes

Our gift tags can be cut into any shape and any size. Our precision CNC routers are useful to cut our gift tags. So the shape and sizes are only limited by your imagination.

We can create custom gift tags for brand awareness at trade shows. 3D gift tags for use in retail and grocery stores, gift tags for offices. Classroom gift tags for rewarding students, safety informative gift tags for products and more. Also, they are printable in high-quality ink on high-quality card, paper or even vinyl sticker material. From embellished or die cut shapes to the classic luggage tag shape, we can offer the perfect gift tag for your package. Our gift tags can be custom printable to match personalize invitations, labels, gift wrap, postcards, and place cards.

Customized Gift Tags

You can choose virtually any design and color, in any shape you can imagine. From flowers to rabbits, cakes, and cars, there really is no limit to your customization. Combining a mix of photographic printed cards with matching gift tags is the perfect way to create a good impression.

Personalized Gift Tags

Gift tags can be printable on both sides, which leaves open many options for personalizing messages, or for businesses, a memorable business card. We can also print stickers with your branding to add to the back if you prefer that option. along with a personalized message.

Advertising Highlights

Gift tags offer a space for advertising as well as a space for meaningful messages, so why not have them printed double-sided to halve your marketing costs. When it comes to being creative in business, gift tags offer more than just a way to thank people, but a way to help them find you again.

Some of the highlights of gift tags are:

Our tags are thick and sturdy.

Each tag can be cut to any size you want.

You can have them pre-cut or in sheets.

Our gift tags can be printed in photo quality, which means there is no limit to color or styles.

Gift tags are perfect for customizing your gifts.

You can create your own tag designs with a gift tag template and send it to us to convert to printed tags.

Quick Turnaround.

Gift Tags Uses

Personalized gift tags offer something different, here’s how our customized gift tags can save the day. Increase the elegance of every gift with gorgeously crafted personalized gift tag. Combined with personalized wrapping paper and customized ribbons, your gift will be remembered.

We can design, print and also manufacture gift tags to compliment any event, any occasion and any business or personal use you can imagine. From personal and corporate events to retail outlets, craft businesses, florists, toy shops, as well as party and gift shops, there really is no limit to who can use gift tags.

Popular uses for custom printed tags

Seasonal / Christmas Gift Tags

Custom seasonal gift tags are a great way to add a little piece of your own character to your gifts and will be remembered for years to come. The only limit to personalized and customized seasonal gift tags is your imagination. We can create anything you can imagine for your gift card options. Because there are no limit restrictions on your gifts, you can even add more than one gift card to your gifts.

From Christmas labels to Easter, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving and Independence Day, to Memorial Day, Columbus Day and Halloween, there really is no limit to the custom styling you can create printable gift tags for.

Birthday Gift Tags

What better way to show someone you care than adding a personalized gift card to their gift From fun or funny gift tags to loving and caring gift tags, it doesn’t matter what style you go with; the receiver will know that you care when they see the effort you want to for their gift. Custom printed gift wrap and stickers are also the perfect way to make your gift personal.

Wedding Gift Tags Favor Bag Tags

For the perfect addition to your wedding day, match your colors and styles with a custom printed gift tag. To give thanks to everyone who attended your wedding, to give thanks to your bridal party, your new in-laws, your parents and anyone else who played a role in your big day, a favor bag that is personalized is something to be remembered.

Thank You Tags

Thank you tags can be useful for many purposes. From saying thank you to guests at a birthday party, to giving your business customers that personal touch when they buy something, there isn’t much that a thank you gift card cannot say.

Trade Show Gift Tags

What better way to advertise your business at tradeshows than a customized gift card attached to your product samples or catalogs. When you spend so much time talking to potential customers at trade shows, it can be difficult to keep their attention once the conversation is over and they have walked away. Instead of using business cards, use customized printed gift tags to let them know where and how to contact you. If you are giving away sample bags, it is worth the time it takes to add a gift tag to the product or bag.

Wine Bottle Tags

The personalized wine bottle or beer bottle tags are the perfect way to let your friends and family know you are thinking of them. Add it to a wine or whiskey bottle to personalize the gift.

Save the date gift tags

Elegant, delicately cut gift tags are a great way to invite people to save a date. Either for engagement parties, weddings or other important life events. They are the perfect reminder perfect for any occasion.

Whether it is your birthday or theirs, a new arrival, recognizing an achievement, congratulating someone on a job well done, or a just thinking of you moment -there is a gift tag for every event and each one can be personalized to your taste.

Why use us as your preferred Gift Tags suppliers?

Our business is designed to help your brand become better noticed, and we love to help you create custom gift ideas. Our focus to this purpose shows in the quality of the product we create for you. Your branding is one of the most important aspects of your business, and our aim is to portray your brand at the level you want it to be seen, if not at a higher level. Our customization techniques will let your name be remembered for a long time.

Customization Options

Our decal graphics are entirely customizable and available in whatever size you need. They can include logos, brand coloring, high-resolution photographs, and virtually any other type of graphic you can imagine. The decals are not restricted to shapes, and we can cut the decal to any specific measurements.

Gift Tags Pricing

As most of our products are custom sizes and shapes, our pricing varies for every job. Contact our team directly to discuss your options for customized gift tags.

Whether you wish to give a personalized gift or enjoy the benefits of a competitive difference and utilize the best means of brand awareness you can imagine; contact us for a sample today or purchase your gift tag directly from our website.

Give us a call at (800)205-9005 or send us an email today and we can chat.

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