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Halo Lit Illuminated Letters


If you’re looking for a look that stands out for your business, halo lit illuminated letters are a fantastic option.

What are halo lit illuminated letters?

They are dimensional letters with LED lighting mounted to the back which creates the halo lit sign effect. The color of your halo effect entirely depends on the LED light color that you choose and not the color of the illuminated signs themselves. You will normally find that LED backlit letters feature a backing that will protect the LED lights within – the halo effect is all about the method of mounting – which basically means that the way to mount halo illuminated signs is to create space between the sign and the wall so that it can glow and reflect against the surface you’ve mounted it to. You may be more familiar with the term reverse channel letters halo lit as this is another term used for halo lit illuminated letters.

Things To Consider With Illuminated Signs

When we create halo illuminated signs the lighting is set around the edges, so you should take that into consideration when you are thinking of your halo lit sign design. This could affect the style of your sign once it is lit. Stanard halo lit LED letters are mounted directly to the fascia of a building – each having their own individual mounting solution, though it is possible to create a raceway to make installation a bit more simple. You should consider the texture and the color of the wall where your halo lit sign will be mounted because this can affect how effective your lighting solution is. The wall can change the appearance of your face lit sign, so if you’re not sure what that means for the design of your reverse halo sign can contact us to talk you through what solution might be right for your halo lit sign.

Halo Lit LED Letters

Additionally, your halo lit letters are resistant to both rust and weather, which makes them the perfect exterior fact lit sign solution. If you’re interested in halo lit LED letters on a low profile this is a different creation altogether. The LEDs are mounted within the halo illuminated letters and you can also have them finished with the color of your choice (this is in addition to choose the color of your LED lighting). Even if you choose a specific color for your face lit channel letters the glow will still be determined by the LED light colors. Installation isn’t always straightforward, but we make the process of installing your front and back lit channel letters as simple as possible by providing you with detailed instructions and all of the pieces you need to mount them.

Choosing A Face Lit Sign

It is possible to affix your front lit channel letters with a controller that will allow you to adjust the brightness of the lighting. This means that for corporate signage you can easily create a more subtle halo lit sign look and for retail purposes, you can crank it up for maximum attention. Front lit channel letters are incredibly popular, particularly with restaurants, bars, spas, salons, and hotels – this is because they present a professional image while also providing an eye-catching halo lit sign that will only strengthen your brand. The wall material will play an important part in enhancing your halo lit sign. Surfaces like slate and stone can help create shadow effects and splay your lightings attractively – in cases like this, a plain white LED light (or a warm white light) might be the perfect choice for your face lit sign.

Halo Illuminated Letters

Traditional halo illuminated letters are by far the most popular outdoor signage solution for businesses across the country. They’re attractive, they’re effective, and they are a valuable investment which explains just why halo illuminated letters are the go-to for external signage.

Lit channel letters in general are the perfect way to highlight your company and showcase your brand, it’s going to help win you the edge over your competition. This style is incredibly popular, but remember, the font style, color, material, and finish are all entirely in your hands. So even by choosing a popular signage solution like halo lit LED letters you can still create a seriously unique face lit sign that falls in line with the rest of your branding materials.

Halo Illuminated Letter Costs

Getting halo illuminated letters does cost a bit more than other options, including front or back lit, but this is because it does the job better. We can create halo lit LED letters are small as just six inches and go as large as 36 inches. If you have something else in mind size wise, feel free to contact us to discuss your needs – we will do our best to accommodate special requests or steer you to a product that may be a more appropriate solution for you versus face lit channel letters.

Face Lit Channel Letters

If you’re wondering about the differences between face lit channel letters and reverse channel lit letters, then we can break it down for you.

Face lit channel letters are illuminated at the front by the lights mounted within the lettering – it really is as simple as that. Reverse channel lit letters are the halo lit LED letters we’ve been talking about – they also feature LEDs, but these lights project onto the wall behind them to create a stunning halo effect.

Face Lit Channel Letters versus Halo Lit

Face lit letters are different than the halo lit LED letters. The former are illuminated at the front by the LED lights installed within, whereas your halo illuminated letters also cast a glow that reflects against the wall where they are mounted – this is created by mounting them with ample space to cast their halo glow. Front lit channel letters are a great solution for a variety of businesses, however, if you’re looking to increase your eye-catching chances then a halo lit sign can do that in a way front lit channel letters cannot.

LED Backlit Letters versus Halo Lit Letters

If you want to create a soft glow around your face lit sign then halo illuminated letters are the way to do it. There are plenty of options at play here, too, as there are different combinations and effects that you can choose to get the most from your reverse channel letters halo lit. It doesn’t matter which combination you choose, halo illuminated letters bring a touch of class to any signage solution. Halo illuminated letters add definition and clarity to each letter individually, especially when you’re dealing with shallow depths and a smaller halo lit sign. It’s most common to see white LEDs uses in a reverse halo sign, but there are plenty of colors to choose from, which is important to note if you’re dealing with a wall that features an odd texture or wild colors.

Halo Lit LED Letters

Halo illuminated letters are not your only option if you’re looking for an effective signage solution. We also offer front and back lit channel letter signage – this is simply a combination of the two solutions discussed above. You get the best of both worlds with front lit channel letters along with halo lit channel letters. It really is a winner if you’re looking to go big with your halo illuminated signs. You may want to choose front and back lit channel letter signs as your main signage piece and choose halo lit signs or face lit signs for signage on other areas of your building – there’s nothing stopping you from mixing things up and using the go big option as your storefront solution so that your entrance is clearly highlighted for your customers.

Halo Illuminated Signs

There are so many different options to choose from when you create your halo illuminated signs and face lit signage solutions. The choice is yours, but we are also more than happy to provide you with guidance and advance if you feel you need some tips and points on how best to design your halo lit sign. This is our business and as professionals who have been regularly creating halo illuminated letters for our customers, we are happy to provide you with hint and tips on how to get the most from your front lit channel letters. Your success is our success and we want to ensure you get the face lit sign that is right for you and your business.

Choose Us For Your Halo Lit Sign

In addition, to reverse channel letters halo lit we can offer you a wide variety of signage solutions and promotional materials. We’re a veritable one-stop shop for all of your marketing needs. If you’re ready to get started designing your new face lit sign then call us at 800-205-9005 or, you can email us to provide us with the details of your order. If you have any queries, concerns or requests about your reverse halo sign feel free to contact us to discuss it further. We are happy to offer guidance and advice on any question that you may have, whether it’s regarding face lit channel letters or one of the other products we offer.



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