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Hanging Banners

Hanging standards have numerous utilizations, and incorporates trade shows, charity events, exhibition halls, sporting events, tournaments and they can be utilized as a part of any almost any large retail scenario for product or sales marketing.


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A Hanging Banner is the ultimate choice in visual marketing at any event, in your retail outlet or for your sporting club, hanging banners could be the solution you’ve been searching for.

As the world evolves, humans have become distracted by technology, and to balance this in the marketing world, your business must use innovative ideas to capture the attention of customers at every turn.

One of the best ways to do this is to utilize every possible space for advertising or marketing and maximize their use. For events like trade shows or conferences, custom hanging banners are the best way for your business to stand out. You can hang from the ceiling or wall of almost any building. They are printed to any specification.

What are Hanging Banners?

You can hang Hanging banners from ceilings or walls and take advantage of space you usually wouldn’t consider significantly usable for marketing material.  These are made from waterproof materials that block light making it easily readable. Banners come in full circular shapes, standard rectangles, cubes, and almost any way you can imagine.

These come with a built-in hanging hardware and are simple to use. They are light-weight, meaning you can hang them almost anywhere including indoors.  The materials are waterproof, making them available for outdoor use. The ink we use to print them is UV protected to deliver a long lifespan.

Our extra-large hanging banners are created from high-quality 3D printed fabric. It makes your booth easily seen from virtually anywhere at the next trade show. They are available in many configurations, come in almost any size you can imagine, and are crafted from collapsible aluminum hanging sign frames that include stabilizers, zips, a travel bag, and hanging cables and fixtures.

Hanging Banner Uses

Hanging banners have many uses, and includes trade shows, charity events, exhibition halls, sporting events, tournaments. You can use them in almost any sizeable retail scenario for product or sales marketing. They hang from walls, ceilings or trusses and they don’t take up your valuable floor space. They are high above the floor and are easy to see from a distance.

Using hanging ceiling banners or hanging wall banners for tradeshow displays, sporting events or retail outlet advertising will get your business or sporting club the attention it deserves.

Ceiling Hanging Banner Shapes

Here are a variety of shapes and sizes we offer:

  • Circle Hanging Banners
  • Square Hanging Banners
  • Triangle Hanging Banners
  • The Tapered Square Hanging Banners
  • Tapered Circle Hanging Banners
  • Tapered Triangle Hanging Banners
  • Many other shapes like Wave, Pinwheel, Football, and Curved Square!

Trade Show Hanging Banner Sizes

We can make your hanging tradeshow banners in almost any size.  Below are some of our most common sizes.  If you need a custom hanging banner size, give us a call, and we can get you a custom quote.

  • 5’x2′
  • 5’x2.5′
  • 5’x4′
  • 8’x2′
  • 8’x3′
  • 8’x3.5′
  • 10’x2′
  • 10’x4′
  • 10’x3′
  • 10’x3.5′
  • 12’x2′
  • 12’x3′
  • 12’x4′
  • 12’x5′
  • 15’x4′
  • 15’x2′
  • 15’x3′
  • 15’x3.5′
  • 15’x4′
  • 15’x5′
  • 15’x6′
  • 20’x2′
  • 20’x3′
  • 20’x3.5′
  • 20’x6′

Hanging Banners for Trade Shows

Banners hanging above your trade show stand will create a professional image for your brand thereby promoting the products you want to sell. It makes perfect sense that hanging banners are the ultimate medium for your marketing campaigns at events.

These are becoming very popular, and now is the time to utilize your unused space and create the perfect marketing solution for your business. Hanging banner displays offer product placement and continuously introduces new people to your products, events, sales or services, and deliver a perfect space to get your message across.

Business Banners, Sporting Banners, Event Banners

These are great for businesses and sporting clubs and private events. They are the perfect finishing touch for birthday parties, weddings and any other celebration you can think of.  They are great additions to schools or universities for recurring events like Halloween, of Independence Day. Your banner will remain in top condition for many years to come.

We have a range of mesh banners available for high wind or outdoor display areas like on sports fields, and being waterproof and UV resistant, you know that you will get quality use from these great advertising products. If you want to create a noticeable and hard-wearing message for your brand,  contact NonStop Signs and Graphics. We will create a custom hanging ceiling banner or custom hanging wall banner to make your brand reach out to its customers.


Custom Hanging Banner Specs

Custom Hanging Banner Shapes and Sizes

They are compatible with our custom printed 3D wall or floor decals to deliver the best branding solutions for trade shows, events or retail outlets. Our precision CNC routers are used to cut our wraps and stickers, to make the shape and sizes only limited by your imagination. They can be attached to any internal and external space you can think of. This creative signage solution will transform any space into a highly visible advertisement.


Banner Material Customization Options

Our overhead trade show sign graphics are entirely customizable and available in whatever size you need. They can include logos, brand coloring, high-resolution photographs, and virtually any other type of graphic image you require on your banner material.  Our printing options are not restricted to shapes, and we can measure your specific dimensions.  Our dye sub stretch fabric can fit over any banner hanging system we create.


Customized Hanging Banners Printing

Our high-quality printers produce graphics up to 1440 DPI, and we use long-lasting UV ink. The use of UV ink allows for an unrestricted range of colors, and the fast-drying non-toxic formula is ecologically friendly to produce. We offer matte or high gloss lamination for high traffic areas and permanent displays. We have a team of highly skilled in-house designers available to ensure the product is perfect for your branding and application needs.

UV ink is the ultimate printing choice for permanent displays and outdoor banners. It can endure harsh lighting and weather and will look brand new for years with very little maintenance.

One more great option for our custom printed banners is a laminated finish, and it can be applied to printing. Laminated banners can be created in matt or gloss finishes. All of our banners are printed with UV Dye Sublimation (Dye Sub) Inks onto fire retardant fabric.


Hanging Banners Installation and Care

Our banners are very lightweight and extremely simple to install. Our larger banners may take 2 or more people to hang them. You can hang these banners using chain, wire, and hooks. If your banner will be in a dusty area, lamination is recommended to ensure a longer life and a simple cleaning process. The cleaning process is simple, and you can perform it with just a cloth and warm soapy water. Harsh chemicals are not advisable.


Easy to Use & Durable Custom Hanging Banner

Our wall and ceiling hanging banners are easy to install, and only takes a matter of minutes with the right tools. You may consider ordering hanging wire from Home Depot.  Our customized graphics products provide excellent value for money and are an efficient and effective way to reinforce any advertising campaign.

Custom Wall and Ceiling Hanging Banners Pricing

As most of our products are custom sizes and shapes, our pricing varies for every job. Contact our team directly to discuss your options for customized floor decals.

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Our business helps your brand become well noticed. Our focus to this purpose shows in the quality of the product we create for you. Your branding is essential for your business. We aim to portray your brand at the level you want it to be seen. Our customization techniques for your hanging banner will make your business noticeable against your competitors.

Enjoy the benefits of a competitive difference and utilize the best means of brand awareness you can imagine. Want to know how to buy a customized wall or ceiling hanging banners? Ask us for a sample today or purchase directly from our website.

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