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Header Cards


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Our full-color custom printed header cards are the ultimate way to endorse your product image. Custom printed header cards bring your brand and company to life and are perfect for retail products. They let your customers see a range of valuable information attached directly to your merchandise.

With our custom printing for your products, you can use this exclusive form of marketing. It has been tried & tested for decades attached to every item you sell. Are you looking for a great way to promote your brand to your customers? They are a proven way of achieving the outcome. You can advertise your brand proudly. Our professional-quality cards are eye-catching and right there at the time, your customers reach out to buy.

Header cards have excellent marketing potential

They are one of the most underrated elements of marketing. However, it has great potential to make a lasting impact on your customers. It is the picture perfect option for promoting your brand from within your store. So as, one of the most cost-effective ways to make large groups of customers aware of your brand or business.  It is a very effective form of advertising to grab the attention of the customer. You can hang the custom design header card packaging on almost any product that requires packaging and hanging.

Custom Design Header Card Packaging

This is a fast and also a simple way to spread your branding to local customers. You can also easily target existing customers. Packaging can be personalized & can also include your complete brand imaging as well as information relating to your other products or online store and barcodes for scanning.

In this quickly evolving market of direct advertising tactics, it is a very effective way of reaching new and existing customers. Hanging your brand or company information where it will be seen on purchase is the perfect way for your company to shape its brand awareness into something amazing.

Custom printed header cards and bags

Our custom printed header cards and bags are available for print on several types of durable paper stocks and you can utilize foldable printing. These options offer fantastic amounts of space for eye-catching imagery on one side and important text and contact information on the other. This will maximize your marketing impact with a very cost-effective choice.


Full color customized header cards

Even the greatest marketing campaigns on earth will be wasted without the appropriate target, and your target should always comprise of people who are ready to buy your products the moment they receive your customized marketing materials. These are extremely effective at attracting the right attention as they allow you to target precise customers based on the products your business provides.

What Are Header Cards?

They are one of the most effective ways to direct potential customers to your additional business lines based on your direct marketing. Our quality prints allow you to advertise your marketing campaigns and in a cost-effective and detailed option. The highly-effective design of our header card printing delivers an innovative marketing solution for all businesses. You have the option to create a branded card on every product in your store with double-sided printing for easy scanning at your Point of Sale.

Uses for Header cards

These are printable in full color on the brightest white stock available, on 14 PT card. They will provide a crucial element of branding that will define your products. Popular uses and ideas include food and snacks, accessories, jewelry, specialty products, games, toys, and handmade goods. We can produce these with options such as debossing, metallic ink, or hot foil.  We can create hanging holes at any size.


Wholesale Branding

As a wholesaler, your brand representation is of vital importance in the marketplace. However, creating custom product header cards for your brand is a solid way to create brand awareness. Creating your products header cards in the shape of your brand logo is so as an even better way to gain momentum for your brand. Adding details to your product header cards like website information, online store discount codes or direct shopping options are a great way to draw new customers to your online store.

Packaging for Food and Snacks

Custom packaging for food and snacks are a great way so as to add your branding to your food and snacks for retail outlets. Adding custom packaging for food and snacks will benefit your brand & your customers. Adding important information to your packaging for food and snacks will also help customers to find you again, online or in store. We can also print a full list of ingredients and allergy warnings, so, your customers know exactly what they are getting.

Custom Games and Toys Packaging

Custom packaging for games and toys are a great way to promote your brand and also for the products you create or sell. Make in-store POS easy by adding barcodes and product information on your packaging.

Custom Jewelry Packaging

We can create custom jewelry packaging to create the branding your product deserves. We can create printing that will give your brand a professional image & supply a viable packaging option at the same time. They are available with cello or poly bags if required. Our header cards are printable in a way to be able to minimize your carbon footprint and use them without the need for plastic.

Custom Shape Garment Header Cards

We can custom design header cards to suit any shape you desire including the shape of your logo. From product specific or brand specific shaping so as to other smart marketing options, there is no limit to shapes for your design.

These are a low-cost marketing solution & also the perfect item to attach to your products. It is a great addition to any marketing campaign and is so useful for new businesses. No matter what type of business you are in, custom printed cards will get you noticed in a way that traditional advertising cannot.

Header Card Shapes and Sizes

They can also be cut or printed into any shape or size. The most common sizes for effectiveness ranging from 3.5″ x 4″ up to 5″ x 8″.

Our custom header card packaging printing is created using our precision routers, and so as shapes and sizes are not limited to rectangles or squares. These can be used on any type of product.

Customized Printing Header Cards

We use long-lasting UV ink, and our high-end printers create custom-made header cards for retail packaging up to 1440 DPI. Custom retail packaging allows for an infinite range of colors, and our non-toxic quick-dry formula is environmentally friendly.

Our team of internal designers can work with you on the design of your header cards for retail packaging from start to finish. Nonstop Signs will further ensure the perfect result for your branding as well as application needs are met. We can match your retail packaging designs with your other advertising mediums for all round branding continuity. Have a look the below finish options:

  • Embossing
  • Die Cuts
  • Metallic Inks
  • Foil Stamping
  • 100% Recycled Papers

Preferred Custom Header Cards Printing and Design Suppliers

Why use Nonstop Signs as your preferred supplier? Our customization techniques for retail packaging will make your business noticeable. We have an aim to help your brand become seen, and our aim is so as to help you represent your brand at the highest level. Your branding is the important element of your business & so, our team will direct your brand to a so as productive marketing campaign.

Header Card Customization Options

Our printing is entirely customizable and available in quantity runs from 1000 to 5,000 in a single order. Our packaging printing can include high-resolution imagery, brand coloring, branding logos and many other types of graphics. The print is not restricted to shapes. We can cut your header products to any specific measurements within our range.

Our Header Products Are Easy to Use

Our custom header products require very simple set up. The moment your retail header products arrive it takes very little effort from unwrapping to displaying your custom header cards. Our customized header products provide excellent value for money. They are a very resourceful way to reinforce any advertising campaign. Imagine a product that targets your potential clients with distribution potential only limited by your foot traffic. With installation being as simple as two or three staples, how much simpler could it get?

Header card Durability

Our prints are cost-effective marketing products and are also very durable. They will withstand the test of time on even the slowest moving products.

Header Cards Pricing

Our retail header cards are cost-effective, and pricing varies depending on the quantity you want to be printed. You can also contact our design team to get pricing suited to your needs and so as requirements.

They are no doubt one of the most effective forms of brand awareness and product marketing around. You can also enjoy the benefits of a modest difference. Use them to represent the best means of brand awareness available. If you want to know more about how to order your prints, contact us today. We’ll provide a sample or you can purchase directly from our website using our header card template.

Call us today at 800-205-9005 or send us an email to discuss your printing options.


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