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Health & Beauty Labels


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To effectively sell your wares, whether online or in a physical store, you need high-quality health & beauty labels. Poorly designed or low-quality cosmetic labels can be enough to put customers off. Health & beauty label printing is an art form of its own. While DIY cosmetic labels may seem the more cost-efficient option, they’re not. When you choose to DIY it, it shows. If you’re willing to DIY your label, customers will wonder what else you may have scrimped on. So, don’t overlook the importance of creating seriously well-designed custom health & beauty labels for products. Don’t think this is just for beauty products either.

There is a lot more to health & beauty labels than simple cosmetic labels. Let’s not forget the health aspect of this product. This includes tonics, supplements, specialized foods, medicines, herbal remedies, equipment, furniture, machinery, and so much more! Cosmetics means more than just makeup, too. There is the additional beauty products, fashion, equipment, and beyond. Typically, your product label printing would include the brand, where its made, who makes it, the ingredients, and if necessary an expiry date. Every product has its own regulations to follow when it comes to labeling. So, it’s important that you know what information needs to be on the type of product that you sell.

Healthy & Beauty Labels

There is a wide variety of options when it comes to materials for your cosmetic labels. We understand that every product is different and as such, they will have varying labeling needs. For more basic products, the paper material would be more than sufficient. However, some products will require vinyl or even materials that are UV coated. If you have a product that requires refrigeration, then there will be even more requirements for your cheap custom labels. You want a label that will withstand a change in temperature, handle being rubbed against other products, and battle condensation. So, if you aren’t sure which ones will be the best product labels for you, just ask!

Cosmetic Label Design

What about your cosmetic label design? It really does depend on the product that you are labeling. The first question you need to ask yourself is who are you trying to sell this to? Understanding your target audience will make it much easier to create custom health & beauty label stickers that hit the mark. Is your product something that needs a stamped or embossed label? Is a bright color going to work better for you than something more subtle? If you make candles, then you will probably want embossed, metallic foil style labels. This screams high-end. If you bottle basic bubble bath then custom health & beauty labels cheap are all you need.

In fact, some people like to design customized health & beauty labels for their homemade products for personal use. You put a lot of effort into making your own soaps, toothpaste, and deodorants. You didn’t just buy the ingredients and containers, you labored over it. So, why wouldn’t you want to create cheap product labels to finish it off? As your professional cosmetic label printer, we can help you design and create any style of label. The finish will always be spectacular.

Beauty Product Labels

For private label beauty products, there needs to be a clear divide between them and standard products. This is where beauty product labels earn their money. Custom printed health & beauty labels provide you with the ultimate freedom to establish a brand you believe in. It’s not just what you believe in, though. Your health & beauty labels need to capture the imagination of passers-by, too. Enough to not only make them pick up your product but to put it in their basket. That means shopping in a brick and mortar store or browsing a website. So, really think about how you can create health & beauty product labels that will immediately stand out and capture attention.

Health & Beauty Label Design

We have a spectacular range of health & beauty label design options for you to choose from. In a variety of materials, colors, sizes, and shapes. All you need to let us know is what your specific choices are for each component of your healthy & beauty labels. If you are looking for a custom size, a special quantity or a specific material, then get in touch to discuss your particular needs. We are happy to put together a free quote, based on your special requirements, and get back to you. As we discussed earlier, there are all kinds of shapes available. If you want something completely unique, you can create your own shape. We know how challenging it can be to stand out from the crowd, so we want to help you ensure yours is the only product customers notice.

Custom Bath and Body Labels

Custom bath and body labels are supposed to attract attention, inform your potential customers, and seal the sale. So, before you complete your design you will want to think of how you can do that in a way to attracts positive attention. It isn’t just about leaving a positive impact on your target customer, though. It’s about creating a brand that people recognize and believe in, which will naturally lead to more sales. Whether it’s bath product labels you need to design or a cosmetic label design. Custom printed health & beauty labels are an effective way to ensure your brand and your products are noticed.

Health & Beauty Labels Custom

Every option of custom health & beauty labels is customizable. So, if you see a template that you like, but there is something that you want to change you absolutely can. If you have needs that you can’t note in the online order system then you can contact us directly to discuss your needs. We are always happy to answer questions, offer advice, and guide you to the perfect solution for your business. Whether it’s cosmetic labels that you need, custom bath and body labels or you have something else in mind, we have what it takes to tick all of your boxes.

If you want a completely unique design and you’re not creative, then you may want to consider enlisting the services of a professional graphic designer. You can let them handle the health & beauty labels design and simply send us the final design for printing. Before we get started, we’ll send you the final proof of your design for approval. No printing will start until you say its perfect. We don’t enforce a minimum order rule either. So, if you want a single label or twelve hundred, we can still help. The former is rather helpful when you’re trying out different cosmetic label designs to determine which will be the best product labels for your product. You can order a single label of ten different designs and decide which one you prefer later. This will allow you to hold focus groups or just take advice.

Cosmetic Label Templates

If you don’t have a design ready to go, don’t panic. We have a variety of cosmetic label templates for you to customize. It takes some of the stress out of the decision-making process and allows you to find a template that speaks to you. Then you can simply customize the information to suit your product and business. There are so many different options to choose from, you are sure to find lotion label templates, skin care label templates, and even generic product label templates that fit your brand perfectly. You can customize the color, size, and all of the text.

Custom Product Labels

If you’re wondering what type of custom product labels you can order from us, know this there are no limits. We can offer you any shape of cheap custom stickers. So, if you want to keep with the traditional square, oval or rectangular label, you can. However, if you want to step outside the box and embrace a die-cut shape, we can absolutely accommodate your needs. They are available in any size and color you wish, which means you can measure your product packaging and get the perfect size label. It doesn’t matter how you want, we can handle the custom label printing of your dreams.

We can offer you much more than just custom product labels, though. We stock a wide range of products for promotional, branding, and marketing purposes. If you need it, we probably have it. If you need something that you don’t see on the website, feel free to contact us to discuss your needs. We are always more than happy to offer a bit of advice and guidance. If we don’t feel a particular product is right for you, we will suggest a more appropriate one. You can contact us via telephone at 800-205-9005. Or, you can use the live chat option on the website to get in touch. Alternatively, you can send us an email regarding your health & beauty labels order.

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