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Hotel Key Cards


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When you think of hotel key card printing, you probably imagine the larger chain hotels. They aren’t just for luxury brands or chains anymore, though. Technology is here and it’s time for you to take advantage of it. We are proud to offer hotel key card holder printing. There are different types of hotel key cards that you can choose from. There is the generic RFID key cards printing option, as well as magnetic strip, barcode, holes or the smart card. The idea is that each card has a signature that matches only the specific room door. Thus the door won’t unlock until it meets its match.

Custom Hotel Key Card

What are the custom hotel key cards? Cards that allow your customers to access their rooms, as well as other areas of the hotel. There are various styles of access cards available. Let’s take a look at your options.

  • Hole cards – with this style of hotel key card printing, you have a pattern of holes in each card. Once the card is inserted, that specific pattern will disengage the lock allowing access to the hotel room. Of course, it isn’t strictly for hotels. This can also be used for apartment complexes, condos, Airbnb, storage units or anywhere else that needs special entry access.
  • Photo ID – if you want a two-in-one option, then you can include photos with your hotel room key card printing. This is incredibly useful for your employees. It serves as a name badge, allows guests to see the name and face of each person they encounter, and provides them with access to the areas of the hotel they need access to. This is something that can be helpful for the cleaning staff.
  • Magnetic Strip – the magnetic strip simply reads the card when swiped through a sensor. It’s fairly straightforward for hotel use.

Hotel Room Key Card Printing

Hotel room key card printing is an affordable way to operate. The ability to fully customize the cards will promote your brand, and can also be used to highlight particular offerings and events. We can create cards as the standard debit card style, key tags or design them to also serve as security badges. We are happy to produce RFID cards or magnetic stripes, we can work with your system. You don’t need to overhaul your system to find the best hotel key card printing.

Cheap Hotel Card Printing

Your guests enter the reception area of your hotel. They go through the check-in process and the service they receive here is one of the first impressions they will have of your business. The promotional hotel key cards are also an early impression of your business. Before they have a chance to reach their accommodation, they will hold the envelope with their room key card within. While they may not consciously be formulating an opinion, it is helping mold their perception of your business. So, your hotel key card printing choices should adequately reflect your business. Your card design should reflect your brand positively. The best hotel card printing leaves a subtle impression with your customer that tells them they are visiting a slick operation. We can also print arrows on the back to direct your guests how to properly insert the card.

Promotional Hotel Key Cards

You should also consider promotional hotel key cards. Like they can serve two functions for employees, they can work hard for guests, too. When you print your artwork on the card you are creating a positive impression. You can also use your card to highlight other locations, services on offer, and any other relevant information you would like to promote. Your guests will be carrying this card with them everywhere they go throughout the duration of their stay. So, think really hard about what type of custom hotel key card printing will benefit you. Now, if you want to keep the card itself plain, you can use hotel key card envelope printing to highlight room service and other services within the hotel. Perhaps you have a new salon or gym, are there massage services? While you likely have a menu for these items, you can cross-advertise for maximum impact.

Speaking of massages, gyms, room service, and more… we can produce those menus and brochures for you, too! Why not get it all when you order hotel key card printing? Of course, you can also use the key card to charge meals and drinks to the room. It allows for guests to easily enjoy everything within the hotel and not worry about carrying cash or cards all the time. This is particularly helpful when they enjoy the pool, gym, and other areas. While your guests enjoy the convenience, you will enjoy the increase in sales.

Generic Hotel Key Cards

We are happy to proud with hotel chains and independents of all sizes, from major resorts to rural motor lodges. We’re happy to partner with you to produce hotel key card printing and whatever promotional materials you might need. We are interested in helping you build, brand, and advertise your business, no matter how big or small you are. We’re prepared to work closely with you to develop the products that will fit your needs perfectly. For themed hotels, you can use custom hotel card printing to establish the theme from the key card on up. This is especially fun for those hotels that have different themed rooms, whether the guest chooses theirs or they get a surprise upon check-in.

If you are trying to create a family-friendly environment, you can start with hotel key card printing. There’s nothing greater for parents than a hotel that welcomes their kids with open arms. So, if you work hard to welcome all of your guests, don’t be afraid to brag about it. It’s all about using every aspect of your business to attract new customers and impress current guests.

Hotel Card Key Printing

So, you see that hotel card key printing is a lot more than just a tool to open doors. Hotel key card printing can unlock a whole range of services! It’s all about ensuring that your business runs efficiently. There really are no drawbacks to hotel key card printing. We use a durable plastic material to print your key cards. It’s of a high-quality and its thickness is that of a debit card. There are other options, too. You can choose to go with a glossy finish or stick with a matte look. Generally speaking, a matte look brags a more high-end feel. So, you might want to consider that when you choose which way to go. It will depend on your brand. You may be interested in matte hotel key card printing for VIP customers and go glossy for the rest. We’re happy to accommodate your needs.

When you’re ready to order, all you need to do is choose your product and head to the checkout. Don’t worry if you don’t have artwork ready, we can still tackle your hotel key card printing needs. Of course, if you do have artwork, you just need to send it to us! It really is as easy as that. We’re also always happy to offer you advice on what design or style is right for you. We love to make suggestions to customers who are in need of guidance.

Hotel Key Card Envelope Printing

We don’t just handle hotel business card printing. In addition to producing your key cards, we can also handle the hotel key card holder paper printing. What’s a hotel key card without the envelope to protect it? It’s all part of the welcome presentation and branding exercise. Custom hotel card printing is just one of the many services that we offer. Luckily, you have arrived at the website of printing professionals. We are also happy to offer services such as presentation folders, table tents, slot inserts, door hangers, static clings, TV channel guides, environmental clings or cards, and so much more. It’s also possible to use hotel key card printing for one-off events, advertising, and more. In fact, we can even print your wall murals to help you decorate your hotel rooms in a unique way.

Hotel Card Printing Services

We can assist you with online hotel card printing. There is no need to search for hotel card printing near me, you have found us right here! The best part is you don’t need to move from your seat to get started. With us, you have the advantage of online hotel key card printing, whether you want RFID key cards printing or another style. Use the online order process to start your hotel key card design. Or, you can contact us directly to discuss your order. Call us at 1-800-205-9005, email us or strike up a live chat with one of our trained technicians. We are standing by to offer advice, guidance or to answer any questions that you may have. Let us know if you are interested in any of our other products, we can help you with that, too.

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