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Illuminated Signs


Illuminated signs are a visually appealing option when a business or person wants to attract people to your business. They’re ideal to grab the eye of passer-byes, pedestrians or just to increase noticeability, especially at night. Illuminated signs make this possible with their bright displays as they increase visibility and can be seen from a distance, when visibility might be low.

Illuminated signs, whether electronic signs, LED signs, neon signs or even LED glow signs, are a popular and cost-effective way to advertise. Some types of businesses, such as those in the hospitality industry, would certainly benefit from having illuminated business signs, lighted name signs, LED signage boards as well as outdoor LED signs.

Benefits of illuminated signs

The benefits of illuminated signs are the following:

  • Illuminated signs allow businesses the advantage of non-stop, 24-hour marketing, providing maximum impact. This is applicable whether your business is open at night or even during day-time hours. It will still have the effect of gaining potential customers attention, resulting in new customers coming to your business in the future.
  • LED signs, whether lighted name signs or LED lighted address signs, assist people to find your business in the day-time or in the evening.
  • Custom light signs and custom LED light signs are a strong marketing tool that is both attractive as well as noticeable. This is important especially if you would like to stand out from the rest of the companies in the surrounding area.
  • Illuminated signs remain attention-grabbing, even during inclement weather conditions, such as rain and fog.

Uses for illuminated signs, LED signs and outdoor LED signs

Illuminated signs, LED signs and outdoor LED signs can be used for the following, as a form of advertising:

  • Illuminated exit signs in any type of business
  • Use illuminated business signs to make an impact in terms of being noticeable
  • Illuminated house numbers or an LED light house number makes locating your business or house easier
  • Illuminated stop signs, for increased visibility
  • LED light street name and LED lighted address signs are great for increased visibility for location purposes
  • Custom light up bar signs – what better way to attract attention than a custom light up bar sign that flashes using multi-coloured LED lights to catch your eye
  • Outdoor LED signs are most impactful irrespective of the weather

Types of illuminated signs

There are many options available when it comes to illuminated signs. Some of the more popular types of illuminated signs include backlit signs, which are perfect for any setting and can be used for various messages or advertising. Light boxes are common in shopping centres and malls, retail stores, airports and even hospitals. LED signs are also commonly used in the hospitality industry as they are impactful and multifaceted. You can design your own LED sign, as custom LED light signs are extremely versatile.

Electronic signs and LED signage message boards

Electronic signs and LED signage message boards are mostly used in shopping centres or retail stores where there is an urgent need for communication. What better way to advertise sales and specials to the public since it is noticeable and up to date.

LED Lightbox signs

LED Lightbox Signs are a popular method of putting your business in the spotlight. Light box signs and LED light box signs are very versatile as signs can be customized using different designs, pictures, fonts and colours. Whether it is a custom light up bar sign or custom illuminated signs for your business, these are easily recognizable.

Since every business wants to capture the attention of prospective customers it is obvious that illuminated signs would probably be more effective than signs that lack illumination. Humans by nature are attracted to bright colours and shining lights. Illuminated signs started out as fluorescent signs and soon after that, we were introduced to neon signs. Presently we have LED illuminated signs and electronic signs, but it was only recently that LED was developed to allow for various degrees of brightness and colour, making LED sign design highly attractive.

Advantages of LED illumination

Cost LED illuminated signs are cost-effective now and not much different to other forms of lighting in terms of the cost factor.

Technology – the ever-increasing rate of technology means that 3D LED signs are another option available to our customers. LED illumination is advancing at the same rate as other areas of technology making it more compatible with various devices.

Durability – Most companies and individuals are concerned with cost saving, as well as energy efficiency, so LED illuminated signs will last much longer than other traditional means of lighting as the LED power cells can be used for extensive periods of time.

Low heat output – LED illuminated signs produce very little heat whilst producing light at the same time. This helps the energy efficiency as well as ensuring that they are safe for the public, whether it is an illuminated exit sign, custom banners or outdoor LED signs

Energy saving – due to most LED powered devices consuming about a third of the energy compared to other lighting options, LED illuminated signs are in fact more energy efficient and therefore cost-saving in the long term. Especially when compared to neon signs which are a high energy method of illumination as well as a pollutant. This also means that LED illuminated signs create less pollution too, as less CO2 is produced.

Brightness and colour – with improved technology relating to LED signs, there is a much wider variety of colours and degrees of brightness available today giving you more options.

Weather and environmental impact LED illuminated signs are able to withstand most types of weather. The nature of their design means they are more resistant to bad weather than traditional illuminated signs. They can be used outdoors which increases their appeal. Their design can protect them from water, whether from rain or if used indoors, from spray from fountains as well as swimming pools.

How does LED illumination work?

Fluorescent tubes require a lot more power to produce light than LED lights due to semi-conductor diodes emitting light. Photons are emitted when an electric current is applied to the semiconductor junction. Colours can be created by mixing the light from various LED’s, alternatively by using different semiconductor materials which send out photons of various wavelengths.

Types of outdoor LED signs

Lighted outdoor signs, as well as outdoor LED signs are a great signage solution. Outdoor LED signs offer more impact and are also more energy efficient than lighted outdoor signs. Their purpose is to create an impact. Outdoor LED signs can range from subtle custom illuminated signs that blend in with the exterior landscape to bold and impactful structures. This is one of the great benefits of being able to design your own LED sign. The effects of a custom illuminated sign for business can be bolstered further by incorporating illuminating glass or even fabricated letters.

Illuminated stop signs combined with flashing LED’s and reflective sheeting provide the most visible option available. Visible during the day, at night, in rain and fog, it is the perfect sign for high-incident areas. The LED stop sign is visible from a far distance and the flashing lights make the sign more noticeable.

Custom Illuminated Signs For Homes

Illuminated house number signs can be achieved by using LED lights that are wireless and solar powered and can be placed anywhere in your garden without needing to use electricity, providing you with an LED light house number. This same can be applied to LED light street names and LED light street numbers.

You can also create custom LED light signs which can be achieved with a decorative and charming glow to your patio or driveway with an LED glow sign board design of your choosing.

LED Signage Message Boards

LED signage message boards are affordable, low maintenance and easy to install. Depending on your LED sign board design, you have the option to display animations, logos and messages, amongst other things directly from your computer. LED signage message boards are very popular amongst schools, churches and companies that are promoting events and services.  One of the major drawing cards for creating your own LED sign board design is that you can change the message easily directly from your computer. Quality counts, so a high-resolution display in a well-suited location will have more of an impact than a low-resolution display.

Since we see each of our clients in a unique way, we acknowledge that one option is not going to fulfil every client’s needs. Each client will have different requirements and require a different solution.

Why choose us for illuminated signs?

Feeling a little overwhelmed by all the possibilities mentioned? Still trying to figure out what would be the appropriate solution for your office or business? We believe that communication is paramount. In order to give you the best service possible, and to fulfil your requirements, why not contact us now. We can give you suitable recommendations for your businesses goals.

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