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Illuminated Signs

Illuminated signs are an easy way to attract attention from passerby and increase the flow of traffic to your business. All-weather, brightly lit LED signs and displays are a must from Nonstop Signs.


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Illuminated Signs Details

Using illuminated signs catches the eye of passersby and increases foot traffic exponentially. Bright signs cover a lot of different territories, from electronic signs, neon signs and  LED glow signs. Whether you want all parts of your sign to be illuminated or just elements of your sign – like LED channel letters- we can help.

Illuminated Building Signs Specs

Types of illuminated signs

There are many options available when it comes to lighted signs. Some of the more popular varieties include backlit signs, which are perfect for any setting and are useful for various messages or advertising. Neon signs, pylon signs, and illuminated monument signs are also popular

Lightboxes are common in shopping centers and malls, retail stores, airports, and even hospitals. LED signs are also commonly used in the hospitality industry as they are impactful and multifaceted. You can design your own LED sign, as they are incredibly versatile.

LED Lightbox signs

LED Lightbox Signs are a popular method of putting your business in the spotlight. Lightbox signs are very versatile as signs are customizable using different designs, pictures, fonts, and colors. Whether it is a custom light up bar sign or custom illuminated signs for your business, these are easily recognizable.

Since every business wants to capture the attention of prospective customers, it is evident that illuminated signs would probably be more effective than signs that lack illumination. Bright colors and shining lights attract humans by nature. These started as fluorescent signs, and soon after that, innovators made neon signs. Presently we have LED illuminated signs and electronic signs, but it was only recently that LED was developed to allow for various degrees of brightness and color, making the design highly attractive.

What are the benefits of using illuminated signs?

Illuminated signage carries some of the following benefits:

  • Signage allows for 24-hour visibility and marketing.
  • Works as wayfinding signs, helping people find their way to your business more easily than regular signage.
  • Neon signs and LED signs are a unique touch that can elevate your retail space.
  • Weather-resistant, and can operate in rain and fog

What are some uses for illuminated signs and outdoor LED signs?

Outdoor LED signs are useful for the following, as a form of advertising:

  • Illuminated exit signs in any business
  • Use bright business signs to make an impact regarding being noticeable
  • Bright house numbers or an LED lighthouse number makes locating your business or house easier
  • Illuminated stop signs, for increased visibility
  • LED light street name and LED lighted address signs are great for increased visibility for location purposes
  • Custom light up bar signs – what better way to attract attention than a custom light up bar sign that flashes using multi-colored LED lights to catch your eye
  • Outdoor LED signs are most impactful irrespective of the weather

Are lit signs more expensive than other types of signs?

While there is a price increase from a basic sign, technology and energy-saving capabilities have reduced the cost of readerboards and LED wall graphics drastically. They are now affordable for even the smallest of businesses!

What kind of businesses benefit from illuminated signs, reader boards, and other electric signs?

LED lightbox technology is popular anywhere that menus must be printed large and be visible. This includes fast food service restaurants, where the service signs contain options rather than handheld menus.

Monument signs are a popular choice for property management, as stately illuminated signs outside gated communities and suburbs distinguish the name and location of the private community. These exclusive locations make for prime real estate, and monument signs are one way to subtly distinguish the property value of a neighborhood location.

Finally, there are some businesses that benefit from being visible even in poor weather conditions. For example, gas stations and hotels in particular use illuminated signs to remain visible to travelers on main roads.

How long will my sign last?

Most companies and individuals have a concern about cost saving, as well as energy efficiency, so LED illuminated signs will last much longer than other traditional means of lighting as the LED power cells are useful for extended periods of time.

Do I have to worry about my illuminated signs overheating?

These signs produce very little heat while producing light at the same time. That helps the energy efficiency as well as ensuring that they are safe for the public, whether it is an exit sign, custom banners or outdoor LED signs

LED signs are more energy efficient and cost-saving than their counterparts. This is because LED powered devices consume a third of the energy of other lights. Especially when compared to neon signs which are a high energy method of illumination as well as a pollutant. LED illuminated signs also create less pollution. This is because they produce less CO2.

Are my LED signs weatherproof?

The nature of the design means these signs are more resistant to severe weather than traditional bright signage. They are useful for outdoors which increases their appeal. Their design can protect them from water, whether from rain or if used indoors, from spray from fountains as well as swimming pools.

Is there anything I need to keep in mind before proceeding with sign installations?

Before installing digital signs of any type, or even regular pole signs outside a commercial property, you’ll need to do some homework. For example, make sure that you aren’t violating any regulation code requirements from the city or state before installations. If you fail to make sure your outdoor signage is in regulation, you could face some hefty fines!

We also recommend proceeding with caution before undertaking installation work. Digital displays are a little more intensive to install than regular signs. We recommend you talk to our team about installation services to ensure your sign is installed quickly and correctly.

What else can I get from Nonstop Signs to help in my outdoor advertising efforts?

Outdoor advertising takes on a lot of different forms, and we can help with just about all of them! We offer vehicle graphics and even full vehicle wraps for you to advertise your business on commercial cars, trucks and even buses. In addition, we offer digital printing capabilities for window lettering, window decals, and even regular sign boards.  For any type of sign service, we’re here to help!

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