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Labels For Jars


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Custom labels for jars are the perfect way to finish off your product. Where would a book be without its cover? The same place as a jar without a label! It doesn’t matter whether it’s a mason jar, a candle, spices or moonshine. You need labels for jars so you know exactly what the jar contains. Custom labels for jars are great for branding purposes, gifting or just reminding yourself whether you made blueberry jam or blackberry jam.

Custom Labels For Jars

Our printed labels for jars will stick to most surfaces, including plastic and glass, as long as the area is clean and dry. It is possible to choose waterproof labels for jars. This is handy for any jar that contains a sticky or wet product. It means your waterproof labels for jars will be fine when you refrigerate them. As far as what you can do with our custom labels for jars, the possibilities are truly endless.

  • Labels for glass jars
  • Custom labels for moonshine
  • Candle jar labels
  • Custom labels for honey jars
  • Custom labels for jam jars
  • Personalized labels for jars
  • Custom labels for candle jars
  • Wedding favors
  • Clear labels for glass jars
  • Labels for mason jars
  • Clear labels for spice jars
  • Labels for herb jars
  • Applesauce labels
  • Tomato sauce labels

If you can store it in a jar then you can create custom labels for jars.

Personalized Labels For Jars

With jars available in so many different sizes, shapes, and styles it’s important that we can do the same for your custom labels for jars. You can choose from a variety of shapes for your labels for jars. Whether you choose a standard shape or something a little more intricate. Just consider what product you’re jarring and what type of jars and labels will best display your goods. Of course, let’s not forget that you may want to create custom labels for jars lids, sides or both. It really all depends on your product and whether you’re selling or gifting.

Clear Labels For Glass Jars

Our labels for jars are compatible with all types of jars from Mason to ball and canning to Bernardin. You can use our custom labels for jars to create a gifting label, nutritional labels, branding, logos or just to identify the product within. In fact, you might be desperate for clear labels for glass jars to help bring a bit of organization to your pantry. You can create a matching theme, but create an individual label for each type of product you make at home. You can create space for the made and use by dates, the ingredients, or even include a recipe! The latter is great for gifting purposes and for selling, too.

Additionally, you may want to provide jar stickers the detail of how best to store the product. This will ensure the quality of the jar labels is maintained and the product stays delicious, too. If you are selling your product don’t forget to look into regulations about what information should be included on candle labels or food products. If you are just gifting your canned goods you should still double check regulations to make sure you don’t need to include additional information on your labels for jars. Remember, when you create custom sticker labels for jars you can add as much (or as little) information as you like.

Print Labels For Small Jars

Do you grow your own fruits and vegetables? Are you crazy about jam? It really doesn’t matter what type of products you can, what matters is that you can get custom labels for jars. The chance to design your own jar labels means you can create a unique label that shows off your goods and your personality. This is especially handy when you gift these products. Thus far you have probably been content with DIY labels for jars. However, our custom labels for jars are so inexpensive there’s no way you can afford to not choose labels for jars. Include a logo, your name, images and whatever details you want to include. Everything is customizable when you design your own jar labels.

Jar Labels

Creating custom labels for jars can be just as exciting as it was to create the food you’re canning. Although, it might not be quite as fun as eating it. With our jar labels template, you can have your design complete in just a few clicks. The product is in your hands, so your custom labels for jars can be as chic or bold as you like. The only limit is your imagination. When you design jar labels you can choose the shape, the size, the font, color and size of the font, as well as its position. You can upload an image, whether it’s a photo or a logo.

One of the greatest advantages to printable labels for jars is that your labels for jars are truly unique. We don’t impose a minimum order on custom labels for jars, so we can offer you a short run. Which means you can order a small batch of labels for jars to test them out. Or, if you just have a small batch of goods to label you have the labels you need and no more. Which means you can create birthday printed labels for jars. Design candle stickers for wedding favors. Make your own custom labels for honey jars.

Glass Jar Labels Templates

Are you canning or creating candles? It really doesn’t matter what you plan to use your custom labels for jars for. What does matter is that we can help you create customized labels for jars? Just imagine creating custom-made labels for jars for mom’s Mother’s Day candles. Or, dad’s jar of Father’s Day moonshine. Whether you make it to gift or make it sell, these unique printed labels for jars add a new selling point to your product. Customized products are big business, why would you miss out by cranking out DIY labels for jars?

DIY Label Templates

There is more good news! We offer DIY label templates so that you have the basis for a great label, but with all of your information instead. This is ideal for anyone who is looking for modern, but basic, labels for glass jars. You don’t need label makers for jars when cheap labels for jars are available from the professionals. Don’t worry, though, if you don’t want a template you can create your very own custom candle labels designs. This is ideal if you have an existing brand or logo and simply want to use that to create your jar stickers. It really doesn’t get much simpler than our personalized labels for jars.

Personalized Labels for Jars

Whether it’s personalized candle labels for gifting or for sale, we can handle your candle label printing. The standard size of our labels for jars is around 2.5 inches. This means they fit jars of every size, however, the final sizing is really up to you. We are happy to produce custom sized clear labels for glass jars. This will be particularly helpful if you tend to use jars that are smaller or larger than the standard. It means you don’t need to worry about overlap or the labels for jars getting lost on the product.

Our labels for jars are truly versatile and they increase the appeal of your product. Whether it’s candle sticker labels for gifting or honey labels to sell your artisan products. One great way to use labels for jars is to offer your favorite recipe to friends and include the ingredients in the jar. Layer them to create an attractive product and finish with custom jar labels. What are you waiting for? Let’s print jar labels! If you have some ideas, but you aren’t sure whether it will work for custom sticker labels for jars just contact us! We are more than happy to provide you with a bit of advice and guidance. Custom candle labels are what we do, so we welcome questions and queries about the process and design.

Design Your Own Jar Labels

Are you ready to get started with your candle label design? So are we! Contact us to discuss the details of your order. You can call is at 800-205-9005. Or, you can use the live chat option on the website. Alternatively, you can email us with your labels for jars order. Be sure to provide us with as much detail as possible regarding your custom labels for jars. This will allow for an accurate free quote. In addition to labels for jars, we offer a wide range of printed products. Whether you are on the hunt for chalkboard labels for mason jars or a full vehicle wrap, we can help. Take a look at the products we offer before you contact us, you might just realize we are your new one-stop printing shop.


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