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Laminated Letters


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Anyone who is looking for laminated alphabet letters for an in-store display, an exhibit, reception area or even an art installation, we are here.  Our laminated letters and numbers will ensure that your signage stands out. What are laminated letters? Quite simply they are letters cut and fabricated from an alternative material. You can have the metal laminated acrylic letter within your budget. You can get them for a fraction of the price you pay for flat cut metal letters signage.

Laminated Letters For Bulletin Boards

Laminated foam letters are an excellent alternative to the more expensive flat cut metal letters options. They are far more budget-friendly, lighter, and with a choice of laminated finishes, you can create a polished, finished look. You can choose metal laminated acrylic letters and numbers. They’re the perfect interior solution as they are durable and lightweight. The Metal laminated foam sign letter signage is strictly designed for outdoor use.

Laminated Foam Letters

If you’re looking for options for laminated letters for bulletin boards there are plenty of them. You can choose from aluminum, bronze, smoke black, brushed, brass, copper, and more. We also offer a variety of widths to your laminated alphabet letters, and you have options when it comes to mounts, too. You can stick with double-sided tape or create the floating laminated alphabet letters look with a stud mount instead.

Mount Options for Laminated Letters

You can mount these laminated foam letters even on drywall because the interior wall type doesn’t matter in such cases.  While there are mount options, we typically recommend the stud mount solution for metal laminated acrylic letters this creates the floating look. Don’t worry, we include instructions for installation with all of your large laminated letters orders.

Laminated Alphabet Letters

While laminated alphabet letters aren’t new to the business (in fact, they’ve been in use for over two decades) it’s only recently that they have grown so much in popularity. This may be down the CNC router that we use to create affordable and precise laminated dressage letters. This is how to cut metal letters the CNC router is simply a Computerized Numeral Controlled machine that we program to create precise laminated letters and numbers. We start with a sheet of material, whether it’s plastic or foam. We will laminate these letters with the finish you have selected.

Metal Laminated Acrylic Letters

Once Gemini letters are cut and finished they are often used in window displays, as installations in buildings for a variety of reasons and metal laminated acrylic letters are also great as bulletin board letters printable. You can have this with double-sided tape mount if you don’t want in a floating finish. This is a strong adhesive that will keep your laminated letters and numbers completely secure without damaging the wall if you need to remove them for some reason. Our large laminated letters and numbers are the perfect addition to any home or business and create a stunning visual interest.

Large Laminated Letters

There are different materials available to create large laminated letters and they come in a variety of thicknesses. You can choose from a metal laminated foam sign letter or choose painted laminated letters of alphabet option for your signage solutions. If you aren’t sure which material solution if right for your laminated letters you may want to decide based on the options that are available with each. If you’re still not sure, contact us to discuss whether laminated foam letters are the right solution for you. We have all letters A-Z in stock.

Pre Cut Letters For Bulletin Boards

As a business owner, there is a good chance that you haven’t put that much thought into your signage. Laminated letters send a message to your clients and pre cut letters for bulletin boards can save you time and money. Think about the message you want your clients and customers to receive when entering your business. Metal laminated foam letters may communicate your message more clearly and accurately than a painted finish. So, really think about what you are using your laminated letters for when you create your design. This goes for laminated letters for bulletin boards, too. You may want a metal finish for them if you plan to use them to offer directions to and around your business or spell out where clients can find particular people.

Laminated Dressage Letters

Our metal laminated acrylic letters are available in a variety of sizes and finishes. The laminate that we use to create your metal laminated foam letters is real metal. It is a simple thin layer which is bonded to the base. You might use these for external uses but we have designed this especially for indoor use. If you are looking for laminated dressage letters for outdoor use contact us to discuss your options further. We are happy to offer advice on which large laminated letters and numbers may be suitable for some external signage solutions. There is a lamination process that can reduce the risk of deterioration due to exposure to the elements.

Laminated Polyester Numbers and Letters

If you are looking for a signage solution and you’re on a budget then you should consider choosing metal laminated foam letters or laminated polyester numbers and letters. This is an affordable option that still provides you with the classic finish of a flat cut letter solution. Metal laminated acrylic letters are an excellent signage solution for government offices, reception areas, hotel lobbies, small businesses, and even non-profit organizations and churches. Each metal laminated foam sign letter comes with its own mounting hardware and it’s simple to install.

Bulletin Board Letters Printable

You can use laminated dressage letters to display your company logo and name within your building’s reception area. You can use laminated letters for bulletin boards or as laminated letter flashcards.

Your order will be delivered to you within 12 working days after your payment will be received. However, if you are looking for a rush order feel free to contact us to discuss it. We always do our best to accommodate special orders and rush requests.

You can contact us about a quote and a rush order on large laminated letters. At this time, please specify this in your email or phone call. We do offer overnight shipping options on laminated letters there is also an option for two-day or expedited shipping. Your high-quality laminated dressage letters will be going to be ready within the timeframe. This is our commitment to our customers.

Laminated Letters of Alphabet

So, what do you plan to use your new laminated letters for? With a variety of sizes, finishes, and more available, it’s easy to see why so many business owners are choosing laminated polyester numbers and letters. They used these to communicate their company logo, name, and message to customers and potential clients. As far as internal signage solutions go, it doesn’t get much better than large laminated letters. With a price that your marketing budget can handle and a finish that suggests you invested in flat cut metal letters, you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Additionally, you shouldn’t underestimate the popularity of laminated letters for bulletin boards. To know the information about local events and your business, you can take help of these. You can use these boards to inform your employees about meetings, information etc. . There are so many different solutions that laminated letters of the alphabet may be the answer for.

Laminated Letters and Numbers

We will take care of your order whenever you want the laminated letters and numbers. All you need to do is choose your font style, the type of laminate you want, the finish or color, the size of your laminated letters, the thickness of your laminated foam letters, the mountain method, installation template, and the copy. All you need to do is complete your sale to proceed. You have to provide few details to us in case you want a quote for laminated polyester numbers and letters. This will include, the text you wish to use for creating your large laminated letters, the height, dimensions, artwork, font, width, color, finish, and mount you prefer.

From there, we can provide you with a quote on how much your laminated letters order will cost.

Metal laminate can come in over 1000 different colors including metallic. Our laminators can put any finish on your sign letters by laminating any veneer to the top.

Quality Laminated Letters

If you are ready to get your laminated letters order started you can do so directly on the website or you can call us at 800-205-9005 or email us. We are more than happy to provide you with advice and guidance as you design your new signage solutions. Whether it is pre-cut letters for bulletin boards or large laminated letters for signage or directional purposes, we are here to help you out. Let’s talk about what you have in mind and determine what laminated letters solution is right for you.


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