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Large Vehicle Magnets


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If you want to advertise your business on the move, then large vehicle magnets might just be the solution. Our custom size large vehicle magnets can be created to fit the magnetic surface of just about any car, van, truck or trailer. We create our large vehicle magnets with industrial grade magnets to attach them firmly to your vehicle. So, you don’t need to worry about them flying off while you are on the road.

Magnetic Decals For Cars

You might be thinking large vehicle magnets are over the top for your car. However, just think of you can take advantage of large custom magnets for cars. Whether you settle for large car door magnets or want something that will sit on the roof or hood of your vehicle, large car magnets are the answer. It really doesn’t matter what size of magnetic banner you need, we specialize in creating stunning magnets of all sizes. So, what size of custom car magnets do you need?

This is an ideal solution for real estate companies, independent agents, and those working in trades. If you’re a freelancer just getting started, large car door magnets might be exactly what you need to get your business to take off.

Magnetic Banners For Trucks

Why not take advantage of the size of your trailer by ordering large magnetic signs for trucks to attract new customers? If you have a fleet of trucks then each one of them will serve as a giant mobile billboard. One of the biggest benefits of choosing a magnetic banner is the ease of installation and the removal. You simply peel it off. Which means you can replace your car magnets cheap and regularly throughout the year. If you have a specific promotion you want to let everyone know about, you can simply change your large car magnets. In addition to a trailer, you might find large car magnets the perfect solution for truck doors and of course, the tailgate.

Even if your fleet is parked, if your lot is visible to passers-by those large magnetic signs for vans will still hit the mark. With giant car magnets, you can transform your entire fleet into a billboard, whether it’s standing still or on the road.

Magnetic Decals For Vans

Vans are a popular vehicle for a wide range of businesses. They transport people, they deliver products, and they make customer deliveries. Vans do a lot for businesses, why not make them do a bit more using your large vehicle magnets? This magnetic banner is a bit different to those used for cars and trucks. Van magnetic signs are much larger because there is more space to play with a side of a van. Your best bet is to create large magnetic signs to cover the full size of a van. A large, colorful magnet spreading your message is an effective advertising tactic. You can leave it to the sides or you can up the ante with van magnetic signs on the back doors. It means that no matter where you are in traffic, other drivers will be able to see your message.

Extra Large Car Magnets

One of the things customers worry about when choosing extra large car magnets is the printing quality. It really doesn’t matter how large your large car magnets are, we print in full color and high resolution. Before you print anything we ensure we check quality assurance. Your product is important to us. Which is why we use industrial strength, durable magnetic material to create large bank car magnets. You never need to worry about losing your larget magnetic signs on the road. Nor do you need to worry about poor print quality when you choose extra large car magnets. Big car magnets are what we do.

Round Car Magnets

With so many businesses to compete with, it can be difficult to stand out. However, you can separate yourself from everyone else with your unique expression. Whether you want to create custom car bumper magnets or extra large car magnets. This is an opportunity to show potential customers a bit more about you. It isn’t just what you do, it’s how you do it and who you are. This can be communicated through the color scheme, font choice, and the text you use. So, keep this in mind as you craft the design of your large magnetic car signs.

You want your design to be eye-catching. However, you also want it to leave a good impression. It can be challenging to do both, but if your large car magnets tick all the boxes you will soon see your sales increase. While people generally think of large car magnets as being square, it is also possible to print round car magnets. This can be helpful for a variety of different trades, particularly when you’re ordering large car door magnets.

Additionally, we round the edges of all of our large car magnets. This is for quality reasons. It’s important to include a call to action on your large car magnets. For your potential customers to take action, though, you need to provide them with an action. That means including your social media sites, website, contact information, etc. You want them to be able to learn more about you easily and also contact you if they need your services. Bear that in mind as you craft your design.

Car Magnet Sets

You can keep your car magnet sets simple. It doesn’t get more straightforward than your logo, contact info, and website. However, don’t overlook what else you can do with car magnet sets. Why not get into the spirit of the holiday season by creating special car magnet sets? You can still include all of the necessary information, but a holiday color scheme is a great way to get noticed on the road. The biggest brands tend to do this, and with large car magnets, even the smallest businesses can do this. Once the season passes you can simply slap on the original custom magnets for cars. When the season rolls around again you can easily use your holiday large car door magnets again.

Large car magnets aren’t just for businesses, though. You can order them for personal use, too. Whether it’s custom car bumper magnets or something a bit bigger. You can brag about your favorite sports team, raise awareness for an upcoming event or have your favorite quote printed. It’s also a popular way for political campaigns to spread the word about a run.

Customized Car Magnets

It doesn’t matter what business you are in, customized large vehicle magnets can help you advertise and increase sales. However, there are a few tips we have put together to help you create the ultimate large car magnets.

  • Before you decide on a color scheme, what color are your vehicles? You want to ensure your magnet stands out, so think about that as you design your large car magnets.
  • Only use as much text as absolutely necessary. The less text involved means you can make it bigger, thus more visible. What information do you need to communicate using car magnets cheap?
  • Ensure that your contact information is clear and easy to see.

Remember, the benefits of getting your large car magnets design right is that your vehicles will be mobile advertisements. They are easy to apply, easy to remove, and easy to clean, too. Let’s just take a moment to discuss the installation process. It’s vital that you get this right as this will ensure your large car magnets do their job right and last!

  • First, you need to ensure the vehicle is clean. Use a mild soap to do this.
  • Now you need to ensure the vehicle is completely dry, particularly where the large car magnets will be going.
  • The surface where you apply your large vehicle magnets should be smooth. Avoid any area with molding, bumps or curves.
  • The best way to avoid damage is to clean and dry the area beneath your magnet daily.
  • When you are washing the vehicles you should remove the magnet and replace it once they are dry.

Custom Large Vehicle Magnets Cheap

If you want custom size car magnets then get in touch with us to make it happen. You can call us at 00-205-9005. Or, you can use the live chat option on our website. This will put you in touch with one our highly trained technicians who will walk you through the ordering process. Alternatively, you can email us about your large magnetic car signs order. If you choose the latter, be sure to provide us with as much information about your custom size magnetic signs as possible. The more information you provide us with the more accurate the free quote we provide you with will be.

If you know you want a magnetic banner hanger for your vehicle, but you are unsure of design, don’t worry. Just contact us to talk us through your idea. We are always happy to offer advice and guidance on how best to create effective car magnets custom.


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