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Laser Cut Acrylic Letters

Laser cut acrylic letters are a wood signage arrangement encased in acrylic with an assortment of color, font and thickness options. Each letter comes with mounting equipment.


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Laser Cut Acrylic Letters

Laser cut acrylic letters are a fantastic signage solution for businesses. Our design team laser cuts each piece from a solid, flat sheet. The letters come in a variety of colors, fonts, and thicknesses.  We have a handful of materials we can laser cut such as plastic, acrylic, wood, metal, aluminum, and glass.  These custom letters are smooth and polished on their edge. Each of the laser cut acrylic letters has their mounting hardware and are easy to install! We can even laminate your acrylic signs to create a luxurious look.  We can produce any laser cut letters and logos, send us a copy of your logo!

Laser Cut Letters

Are you on the hunt for a budget-friendly signage solution, instead of choosing metal letters – opt for acrylic letters. Our design team creates bright, precise and high-quality messages. The beauty of laser-cut acrylic letters is that they are incredibly versatile. With a touch of creativity, your options are unlimited when choosing your designs. Custom letters are just that – an opportunity to exercise your creativity and bring your vision to life. Let us use our acrylic laser cutter to create signage or dimensional letters to your exact specifications.

Laser Cut Signs

Laser cut signs are the most accurate way to produce sign lettering.  What is so great about acrylic letter cutting? It produces signage that is durable and lightweight, which means it’s suitable for installation on any wall. Not only are they great for outdoor use, but they won’t fade, crack or chip. We can also create custom letters in any font, size, thickness or color. We can achieve a depth of an eighth of an inch up to a full inch. The height of the letters can be from an inch right up to 72”.  Traditional letter cutting on a CNC machine cannot cut intricate details like laser cut signs can produce.

Specific thicknesses will not be suitable for certain heights. If you don’t see the option, you want it’s because acrylic laser cut letters need individual support and weight to ensure they’re of the highest quality. If you don’t see the acrylic letters option you want, contact us directly to discuss your preferences.

Lettering Cut Outs

Acrylic letters have options when it comes to their mount, too. The plain mount merely is double-sided tape. However, users can achieve a free look for their laser cut acrylic mirror letters with the stud mount. A flush stud is necessary for installation on brick unless you affix a wood panel and attach your acrylic letters to it.  Laser cut wood letters are an excellent option for a high end or rustic sign look.

When it comes to installation of you laser cut letters, we have various mounts available, so you can choose the one you prefer. However, if you’re unsure of what amount is right for your custom letters, contact us to discuss your needs.  These flat cut laser engraved letters are much less expensive than traditional stainless steel or brushed aluminum cut metal letters.

Acrylic Laser Cut Letters        

Letters for signs are suitable for use on stucco, drywall, metal siding, stone, and exterior brick. The standard mount for acrylic signs is the stud mount, but if you are looking to create a drop shadow look, you will also need stud spacers, which we are more than happy to provide with your order of custom letters. We also offer the installation template to instruct you on where to drill and how to fully install your new acrylic signs.

We can also produce laser cut plexiglass lettering.  Plexiglass is very similar to acrylic, so most of our clients do not care about the difference.  Laser cut Plexiglass letters can be a bit tougher to cut due to the durability.  We can paint both plexiglass and acrylic letters to any PMS color.

Letters For Signs        

Acrylic letters are a durable plastic material that comes in large extruded acrylic panels.  Acrylic products can also be an outdoor signage solution they are durable and affordable. While some signage solutions aren’t ideal because they don’t look as good up close, acrylic signs work well indoors and outside because they are attractive no matter how close (or far) you are viewing them. A transparent acrylic panel with laser cut letters is a slick solution.

Building Sign Letters                                     

So, avoid a metal laminate finish when choosing your acrylic signs if you plan to install it outdoors. What makes acrylic letters so durable for outdoor use is its durable properties that can resist extreme temperatures, whether cold or hot. Additionally, these chemical properties also protect against UV rays.

Plexiglass Signs                               

Acrylic letters are a more affordable signage solution than materials like bronze, brass or aluminum. Your acrylic signs won’t degrade with time, they’re incredibly easy to maintain, and they look amazing for years – which is why it’s such a cost-effective solution. Additionally, your new laser logo is an excellent option for launching a new small business. Custom letters are an opportunity to communicate your brand image through clever acrylic signs. Let your clients and customers know who you are by exuding a professional and creative message through your acrylic letters.

Laser Cut Acrylic Letter Sheets

Wondering how to cut acrylic sheets? Laser cut acrylic is created by cutting letters from a solid sheet of plastic. We program the laser, which is directed by a computer, and let it cut out letters to the precise specifications we give it. Laser cut machine acrylic letters are as exact a signage solution as you can choose and no matter what font, style or color you want, and you will be delighted by the final product.

Custom Acrylic Logo

Acrylic letters and acrylic logos are usually glued to a stud mount when you install them outdoors.  It does depend on how thick your acrylic letter cutting is. You may find laser custom cut acrylic logos inset in plywood is the only way to install skinny acrylic letters. For installation indoors, however, a popular method for mounting is the open mouth – it’s easy to affix double-sided tape or to use a type of epoxy adhesive in addition to this for extra support. Of course, if your laser cut plastic logo is extremely thin, you probably won’t require the additional support.

Custom Letters

Laser cutting acrylic is a precise business, and we have vast experience in producing laser cut plastic letters. We can customize your cut acrylic sheet to your exact specifications and can offer advice on the best solution for your business. If you’re not sure what size acrylic signs you should use for a specific type of business or wall, we can offer some guidance on how to make the most significant impact with your custom letters. Acrylic letters are an affordable solution that is suitable for any business, organization or building.  For larger signs, we can use custom router cutting so there is no limit to the size of products we can ship.

Laser Cut Acrylic Letter Specs

Acrylic Letter Cutting Size: If you’re wondering how large we can create your custom laser cut acrylic logo, it depends on your design, but there is a possibility we can split the design and build it in pieces. The maximum thickness we can laser cut acrylic letters to is up to an inch and a half thick, depending on the height.

The look: Will the acrylic letters have a polished edge? Yes, that is the beauty of our acrylic letter cutting machine – your letters have a gloss finish and polished edges.  Our designers will print vinyl digitally and apply them to the letters.  Additionally, we know how to paint laser cut acrylic letters to a high standard.

Color: Color for your laser cut acrylic letters may depend on the size. The majority of colors we offer for acrylic letters come in a variety of thicknesses, though, there may be some that don’t have the same range of options.

Cost: How much do acrylic signs and letters cost? Laser cut acrylic letters price will vary, depending on the thickness and size. Laser cut letters that are more customized, complicated, and large will cost more.  We can also use a laser engraving process to add detail to your letters and logos.

Templates: If you’re wondering whether we provide a paper template to make installation more comfortable, that simple answer is – we can. If you wish a paper template for your acrylic letters merely let us know and we will be happy to provide one with your order. Additionally, we can deliver stencils which will make it even more straightforward.

Ordering acrylic laser cut letters

The length of delivery depends on how big the job and whether it’s a complicated one or not. If it’s a simple cut acrylic sheet, it could be just a few days! That is after we receive your approved proof and make full payment. Custom cut acrylic may take longer, especially if there is a need to paint your custom letters or glue acrylic sheets together.

We carefully pack your cut acrylic lettering order to avoid damage. The carrier we use to ship to you will depend on the size of your order. Laser cut acrylic lettering will send in each letter pieces so the box will be relatively small.

Laser Cut Acrylic Sign Letters

If you are interested in acrylic letters or any of our other signage solutions, we’re here to assist. NonStop Signs have many years experience in the printing and design industry. Our company guarantees quality work that is built to last. We use high-quality materials and offer a range of warranties. All you need to do is ask us to find out more about out acrylic lettering options!

You can shop online or call us at 1-800-205-9005 or email us to discuss your needs and wishes. We work hard to make your vision a reality. We’re standing by to get started on your order.


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