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Lobby Signs


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First impressions count, and you only get one chance, so it is essential you create a unique and memorable one with your lobby signs. Just because the lobby or receptions area is the first place, a client or customer sees when walking into your business. Great signs will confirm they are in fact at the right business and it will reflect your company’s brand and professionalism.

Lobby Sign Options

Many factors go into deciding what style or type of lobby sign or office logo sign you require. There are many options to choose from, including:

  • Office Lobby Directory Signs
  • Reception Area Logo Signs
  • Reception Desk Signs
  • Office Wall Logo Signs
  • Interior Office Door Signs
  • Interior Office Signs
  • Outdoor Lobby Signs
  • Outdoor Office Signs
  • Company Logo Signs

The benefit of is that the custom signs can be used in multiple places, depending on your business. So, whether it is a hair salon, spa, hotel, retail outlet or an office; office lobby signs and reception area signs are a suitable way to receive your customers and clients. It also gives your office walls a practical use at the same time.

Custom Office Lobby Signs

Custom office lobby signs, including outdoor, interior office signs, reception office signs, or reception desk signs can be produced differently. We can make these from different materials, guaranteeing that your logo signs for your office or business are distinctive and noticeable.

Lobby logo signs and custom wall signs for different types of businesses can be from different kinds of materials. That allows you the flexible choice of a wide variety of finishes, colors, and locations. Regardless of if you have interior office signs and outdoor office signs. The result is that your signage will suit your budget, decor, and style. That enables you to transform your lobby from bland and boring to sophisticated and unique, creating the impression you want.

Types of Materials for Lobby Signs

There are many choices available when it comes to choosing the right material for your office, we have many options:

  • Acrylic Lobby Signs
  • Steel Lobby Signs
  • Brushed or Polished Metal Lobby Signs
  • Aluminum Lobby Signs
  • Foam Lobby Signs
  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Glass

Designs for logo signs for the office

Interior lobby customs signs can take on various looks and styles. You can use panels, logos, or 3-D logos. Even more advantageous is that you can choose an outdoor office sign or outdoor lobby sign. The letters for the company logo signs can be from different materials, including the following:

Acrylic Letters Lobby Signs

Acrylic letters are one of the more popular options for logo signs for an office. If you can’t choose from the choices we have, we encourage you to discuss with us your ideas for custom lobby signs so we can design something according to your business’s needs. These can be individually made to meet your specifications regarding height, depth, color, and width.

Metal Laminate

Metal laminate is the perfect material for reception area signs as it creates an elegant look but is not as expensive as metal dimensional letters. Using a substrate, such as foam, acrylic or even PVC, a thin piece of metal is then applied to it. There are a variety of colors to choose from with metal laminate, and it can customize to your design and logo.

Custom metal logo signs

When it comes to metal, you can create custom metal logo signs by choosing between copper, brass, bronze, aluminum and stainless steel. The custom metal logo signs can have different finishes. These include polished, brushed and oxidized, depending on the style you prefer.

Wood Letters and Signs

Wooden custom lobby signs are another eye-catching way to enhance the lobby or reception area of a business. Depending on your business, these provide a warm and natural feel to any lobby area. They are an excellent option due to their ability to last for long periods of time as well as their durability and the fact that they can be cut and modeled into any shape.

A great way to welcome your guests at home or even in business is to use wood wall decor like hobby lobby wood signs. Hobby lobby wood signs create an air of sophistication and style. Whether using an MDF plank piece with bold letters made from galvanized metal or large wood cut-outs. With a distressed wood look, for an earthier atmosphere, these are great for your lobby or receptions area. Choose from many different fonts to create our custom company logo or lobby sign.

Foam Letters and signs

A recent addition to the variety of materials which can be used in making custom wall signs in offices as well as in reception areas and lobbies is foam. It is a cost-effective and eco-friendly option for lobby logo signs. It is an adaptable material, and your custom office lobby sign can have the digital print or acrylic laminates added to it.

Backlit lobby signs

Backlit lobby signs are proving popular. They have the option of metal or metal finished letters as well as a three-dimensional choice. That creates the illusion of the letters standing away from the wall. A back-lit lobby sign, metal or metal finished lettering, 3-D and anything that rises off the wall is designed to grab attention. These can create a bright and stunning visual effect. Your custom wall signs can be backlit with LEDs. We can give front lit with the translucent acrylic face as per your requirement.

Dimensional logo signs

For dimensional logo signs, you can choose different laminates such as metal laminates, acrylic, and metal. We cut and mount each piece of your logo and letters which you have selected.

Panel lobby signs

Panel signs are a good choice and can make the best reception area sign. The panel enables the reception area logo signs to stand out. This style is also much easier to install and move should you need to. There are several choices for the panel sign. We used clear or frosted acrylic, brushed aluminum, wood or glass to design your customs office lobby and wall signs.

Outdoor office signs: Lobby Exterior Signs

A successful way to make a unique and eye-catching statement outside your lobby is to use exterior panel signs. You can use our designed outdoor office signs to advertise your company logo signs or for the reception sign.

Another excellent but more expensive option is for the outdoor office signs, wayfinding signs, and company logo signs to be illuminated using backlighting or front lighting to create a professional and modern impression. There are a variety of options available.

Panels made of fabricated aluminum with vinyl decal images

This custom option features an aluminum panel. We could print them in solid color on your demand.  Also, if you want we can design this with just a brushed aluminum finish. We can create your company logo or reception area logo sign with the vinyl decal.

No backlighting options with raised metal letters

Do you would prefer not to have any lighting but would still like your outside office signs to be architecturally impressive? We could add the fabricated steel letters to the panel. That creates a floating effect using spacers. The panel produced a different result when the letters cast its shadow.

Backlit lobby signs and backlit letters on stainless steel

We assembled the Fabricated stainless steel letters to float off the panel. These have lexan backs. You will find the LED lights inside which have the effect of casting a professional halo effect, backlighting onto the stainless-steel panel.

Front and backlit letters on stainless steel

Should you wish to have a genuinely sophisticated outdoor look, the option of a front and backlit outdoor company logo or custom outdoor office sign means you can choose to have an acrylic translucent lit up face as well as the backlit halo effect that is visually stunning.

Why choose us for lobby signs?

As we uniquely see each of our clients, we acknowledge that one option is not going to fulfill every client’s needs. Each client will have different requirements and require a different solution.

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed by all the possibilities mentioned and still trying to figure out what would be the appropriate solution for your office or business, get in touch.

We believe communication is paramount and to give you the best service possible and to fulfill your requirements, contact us now. We can provide you with suitable recommendations for your businesses goals. So, don’t hesitate any longer, please give us a call now at 800-205-9005 or email us.

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