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Menu Boards

Menu boards are necessary to communicate specials and offerings to your clients. Display nutrition information and tasty options in style with one of our custom menu boards!


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Menu Boards Details

If you’re in the bar, restaurant or hospitality business, we don’t need to tell you how vital menu boards are. These handy pieces of signage provide much-needed information to your consumers. Whether fast food or traditional food service, menus will tell your patrons the ingredients in your diet, as well as crucial nutritional information!

Menu Displays Specs

Menu Styles

Depending on the type of industry you are, a specific menu style might work best for you. Here are the most common types of menus we work with our customers to create:

  • Outdoor Display Signs
  • Magnetic Menus
  • A-Frame Sign and Sandwich boards
  • Digital Signage
  • Chalkboard Sign
  • Wall-Mounted Message Board

We also craft your menu signage out of a variety of materials. From acrylic, wood, chalkboard, menu and even digital back-lit signage, we can do it all!

What type of menu board should I use for my drive-thru?

Depending on the size and operating hours of your drive-thru, you have a few options for your menu board. If you need cafe menu boards for a coffee shop that doesn’t stay open past 2p, you don’t need backlit digital signage if you don’t prefer it. You have several menu solutions, and as long as you print in a clearly legible font that clients can see from a car window, there’s no need for additional illumination.

However, if your drive-thru is open in early morning hour or late at night, you’ll need to include some illumination. The most popular is outdoor digital menu boards or lightbox displays where the menu options are backlit from behind.

Are digital menu boards very pricey?

Have you been thinking about going digital with your menu boards? If you want outdoor menus for restaurants, then a digital option is a great choice. It means you can automatically change menus remotely, and your employees don’t need to worry about running out and switching anything over. It also means you can easily make changes to your list if something has run out or you need to make a quick price change.

The truth is digital outdoor signage used to be very expensive because of the electricity costs. However, technology has improved so much that digital signage has become so much more cost-friendly. Plus the way cheerily illuminated house menu boards capture customers’ attention is guaranteed to bring in more sales, effectively selling itself!

What businesses benefit from digital signage?

Digital menu boards aren’t just for outdoor use. You can use them inside, too. You can opt for a lighted board or stick with the non-illuminated options. However, back-lit menus are the perfect choice for highlighting special offers. Where are you most likely to see digital varieties? Convenience stores, good courts, bars, cafeterias, grocery stores, educational centers, movie theaters, restaurants, and stadiums.

Are partially lighted menu boards an option?

If you aren’t quite ready to increase your budget to accommodate digital menu boards, then you can opt for lighted menu board options instead. So, you can include a bit of technology on your menu boards without going fully digital. That might be more appropriate for smaller businesses that don’t have a budget to facilitate the purchase of digital menu boards. You can also split the difference, and opt for digital menu boards outdoors and a lighted menu board indoors (or vice versa). If you aren’t quite sure which signage is right for your business, get in touch with us. We can talk about your needs, the size of your business, and your customer base. We’re always happy to offer a bit of advice and guidance on what type of solution is right for you.

Why are restaurant menu boards important?

Do not underestimate just how vital your restaurant menu board is. Let’s take a look at some of the most significant benefits that come with high-quality menu boards.

  • Your display can increase each customer sale through up-selling.
  • You can influence orders by promoting special offers.
  • With digital options, you can quickly change your menu as well as pricing.
  • You can quickly adapt the menu for the correct time of day, IE: breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.
  • Outdoor digital displays make it easy to test price points, special offers, and promotions.
  • A custom menu allows you to display allergen information as well as nutritional statistics.
  • Your printing costs will be lower when you have a custom menu display that you can change when necessary.

So, what type of menu boards do you think would fit your business best? These benefits stand for most of them. The essential aspect of creating any menu boards is that you get it right the first time.

How do I order menu boards from Nonstop Signs?

Our facility is state of the art and can tackle menu boards of any size, design, and style. When you are ready to start designing your custom menu boards, get in touch with us. You can contact us via the live chat option on our website, or you can also call us at 800-205-9005. Alternatively, you can contact us via email.

Whichever option you choose, quality displays can help you deliver the high-quality and fast service that your customers expect. They allow you to present your customers with all of the information they need, in a transparent way. That will help your customers make their decisions quickly, speeding up the overall service for all customers. If you need flexible prices and often change your menu, then the freedom of a chalkboard or digital menu boards is ideal.

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