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Mesh Banners


Perfect for Outdoor Events & Marketing

    • Print vibrant, full color images
    • Withstands high wind?areas
    • Grommets – No Extra Charge



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Mesh Banners

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Mesh Banners – The banner of choice for outdoor use.

Mesh Banners are some of the most versatile signage available, and it does particularly well outdoors. Our 9oz, 100% polyester allow light, sound and most importantly wind to travel right through them while still displaying vibrant, head-turning images. Their lack of wind resistance makes it last far longer outdoors than their traditional counterparts because they don’t billow in the wind.

To ensure your mesh banner lasts as long as possible hang it with bungee cords to relieve additional stress. Most people use these at sporting events, concerts, festivals, and trade shows, but they also work correctly to advertise your retail outlet and other businesses or marketing needs.

Mesh Banners Vs. Vinyl Banners

Regular vinyl banners are prone to the sail effect; they catch the wind and billow out. That makes your message difficult to read and strains the material. You can opt to cut wind slits or baffles into your vinyl banner, but this lessens the overall tensile strength of the material and interferes with your banner’s message. The crisscrossed fibers of the mesh are breathable, so it withstands high winds without sacrificing durability or lifespan. Even though it can withstand high winds, it’s always a good idea to take your banner down if you anticipate severe weather.

Vinyl Banners have their uses too though, especially indoors. They are generally cheaper per square foot but will not work outdoors at construction sites. If you plan on hanging these from the ceiling indoors in front of harsh lights, you may want to avoid using a mesh.

Turn-around time is usually about one week for all of our banners including vinyl-coated polyester banners. If you want double-sided printing, we may need a few additional days.

Mesh Banner Uses

They are most commonly used for outdoor sporting events, festivals, concerts, trade shows, and community events. The prints are perfect for outdoor use because they’re completely waterproof and printed with fade resistant ink. They can be for decoration or to display relevant information like the different field and stage labels.

Mesh Banners can also be used to wrap fences without adding stress to the wall or being blown over by the wind. Thanks to the versatility, they also have many commercial uses.

You can wrap entire sections of your office space or retail location with these. They’re a highly cost-effective choice for large-scale seasonal advertising because when the season ends, you can safely roll them up and store them until next year’s use. Use them to display product information on sales and product launches or upcoming company events.

Mesh Banner is perfect for wrapping around your construction site perimeter fences; they can display a large amount of information and don’t add strain to your temporary fencing. They can also design so that people on the inside can see out like window tint.

Mesh Banner Printing

Our top of the line printers can handle substrates of varying thicknesses and print up to 1440 DPI resolution. We print everything with high-quality environmentally friendly inks. If you need a proof before printing, we are happy to send you an open image digital proof. If you are submitting artwork, make sure it is in a machine-readable format.

Mesh Banners are naturally vibrant and display a vivid image, but actual gloss finishes are not available. If you were to laminate, it would no longer allow the wind, sound, and light to pass through. For your matte, gloss and blackout banners, please refer to our Vinyl Banner section. Here at Nonstop Signs we charge for your product based on square footage, type and quantity of material used, so you will never be forced to simplify your image to save money.

Mesh Banner Sizes

Our default size is up to 100″ wide, but literally, any size is available. For larger signs over 100″ wide we seamlessly stitch multiple mesh pieces together, though you’d never be able to notice by looking at them. Our precision CNC routers allow for absolutely any shape of the banner to cut, but the mounting points and structural integrity you need to take into consideration.  By default, it should have grommets installed every 2-3 feet; custom options are available and sometimes necessary.

Mesh Banner Installation

When requested we add grommets every 2-3 feet of your print for mounting. Grommets are small metals ring that clamps onto the banner and allows for a stronger mounting point. To add years to the life of your banner, hang it with bungee cords instead of traditional hooks. When you attach these with bungee cords, they relieve some of the stress caused by the wind and prevent material degradation. Custom mounting options like poles are available, so if you have something else in mind don’t hesitate to let us know.

Mesh Banner Care

These are much easier to clean than your traditional banner signage. They are made from 100% polyester just like many clothing items so that they can be clean. We suggest washing them with cold water to increase their longevity. Once they’re clean, lay flat or hang dry them. Do not machine wash, dry, iron or bleach your banner as doing so can result in permanent damage to the material. Mesh printed banners should last for many years.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 32 × 1 in
Size (H x W)

2 ft. x 4 ft., 3 ft. x 6ft., 4 ft, x 8 ft., 18 in. x 36 in., 24 in. x 48 in., 30 in. x 60 in. – Page 2, Custom



  • Will my Mesh banner stretch and warp the image?

    • While they’re not a stretchy material, some very light stretching may occur. That will not warp your image, so there’s nothing to worry about. Intentionally stretching the banner will tear the microfibers and can lessen the structural integrity.
  • What is the thickness of your Mesh Banners?

    • We use 9oz, 100% Polyester because they’re the best mixture of low weight and high durability.
  • Do you offer double sided Mesh Banners?

    • Due to the semi-transparent nature, double sided with a different image on each side are not recommended, but we can print double-sided if you need them.
  • Will, it cost more to print a full-color image?

    • Here at Nonstop Signs, we charge for your signage based on type, quantity, and size of materials used, you’ll never be forced to simplify your image to save money. Custom mesh vinyl banners are printed using a four-color, CMYK process.  We have many rolls of stock black mesh banners.
  • Can I select the number of grommets installed and their placement?

    • The design of your banner is designed explicitly up to you, but from experience, we suggest placing one grommet every 2-3 feet. Custom mounting options like pole hangers are available as well. If you are ordering wholesale mesh banners, then we recommend getting no hems, only grommets.
  • How long will my Mesh Banner last?

    • They will last for three or more years with regular maintenance. We recommend rolling your banners instead of folding them, so they do not wrinkle.
  • Will the mesh banner material rip or tear?

    • These are polyester so they can easily cut with a sharp edge. However, if installed and stored correctly it will be fine. We use the highest quality material that we can find. All of our outdoor mesh banners have premium ink.
  • What’s the turnaround time on your Mesh Banners?

    • We offer same or next day turn-around. We’re experts in rush jobs, and we can produce them in as fast as 1 hour. Vinyl mesh is typically dry the minute it comes out of the printer, then we add hems or pole pockets for hanging.
  • Do I need wind slits in my outdoor mesh banners?

    • Unless you are in an extremely windy area, we do not think you need wind slits. If you are printing traditional PVC banners, then we would recommend wind slits.
  • Mesh Banners vs. Fabric Banners: What’s the difference?

    • Mesh banners are made with PVC banners while fabric banners are cloth. Generally, mesh banners will have a faster turn-around time than any of our fabric. Fabric can tear, rip and get dirty while mesh with tiny holes is exceptionally durable in windy conditions. We do not recommend using fabric banners for fence banners.

Mesh Banner Usage

  • Are Mesh Banners suitable for outdoor use?

      • These banners are for outdoor use. Mesh material is for windy conditions which are why they work so well for fence wraps. They’re your best option for high wind environments and outdoor banners.
  • Are these banners an excellent choice to order for my Tradeshow Display?

    • They are easy to store, simple to hang and will last for five or more years indoors.
  • What do people commonly use Mesh Banners for?

Fence Wraps

A lot of our clients order digitally printed mesh banner material for fence banners and fence wraps. You will often see these at construction sites. These are the banners with tiny holes that allows for wind to pass through. The open image on the printed banners still stands out because of the brightness of the ink. Large mesh banners are also very lightweight so they should not damage your fence. We produce sizes as large as 16′ wide by 100′ long.

Stage Vinyl Mesh Banners

For any stages or festivals, we highly recommend using stage vinyl mesh banners. These can get extremely heavy, so we recommend reinforcing the hems and adding extra grommets.


Mesh Banner Installation & Maintenance

  • How do I hang my Mesh Banner?

    • They are simple to hang; we generally install grommets that can have hook, rope, thread or wire threaded through them. Pole pockets and other custom mounting options are available.
  • Will I need to clean my mesh banner?

    • Cleaning will keep it looking its best and increase its lifespan. Thankfully cleaning is as simple as rinsing it with cold water.
  • How should I store my mesh banner?

    • They conveniently roll up and can be safely stored in any cool, dry environment.
  • How do I remove wrinkles?

    • Do not iron your banner! To remove wrinkles we suggest laying it out flat with even tension on all sides for a few days, tighten any slack out each day.

If you are ready to order vinyl-coated polyester mesh banners today, give us a call, and we promise a fast turn-around!


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