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Metal Business Cards


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Metal Business Cards

As a business owner, you strive to market your business to become successful. Sometimes this can become a considerable expense in a business Metal Business Cards. One of the easiest ways to advertise is with a business card. These cards can be carried in your wallet or purse and handed out at any moment.

The options are endless for designs of business cards. Your chosen design should be eye-catching and memorable. If you want eye-catching and memorable, metal business cards are the choice to make. People will not forget a metal business card because they are unique. Best of all, they will not bend and tear while traveling in your wallet or lying on your desk.

Why Metal Business Cards?

Metal cards for business are a unique way of sharing your business with others. Commerce in the 21st century does not include just the general store anymore. With e-commerce on the rise, online companies must fight for clients. The competition is fiercer than ever.

Decades ago, the easiest way to advertise was a paper business card. A business owner could hand them out anywhere. Today, this has all changed. The paper business card has found its way to the bottom of a purse or most likely a trash can.

Metallic finish business cards are the future. They are durable, sleek, and unforgettable.

Types of Metal Business Cards

Now that you have decided to use metal business cards, you have chosen to become a leader in your business advertising. These unique business cards will give customers something they will not forget.

So, let’s look at some of the great options for metallic business cards.

Metallic finish business cards are incredibly sleek. These cards can look like brass, copper, bronze, or even have a brushed look. The visual appeal is extraordinary with the look of a custom metal business card. So many styles are available whether you want something modern all the way to a vintage look.

Black metal business cards are a favorite for their modern and professional look. These premium business cards will give you that extra wow factor! Black metal business cards are the VIP of metal business cards. Nothing says unforgettable like black metal business cards handed to a potential client.

Brushed metal business cards are a fantastic way to make your metal business cards stand out from the rest. The little touch of brushed metal business cards is unforgettable. Your card does not have to be plain with no detailing. That is a simple way to go extravagant without going too bold.

With all these options to choose from, the only problem you may encounter is narrowing down your choices.

The Business of Metal Business Cards

Metal card printing has many options today. Most companies offering this amenity to advertising will have metal card templates to choose from. If templates are not an option, then you can have custom business cards designed. Custom business cards can even have custom labels and stickers placed on them for extra effect.

Metallic business cards come in a size that will fit perfectly in any wallet or purse. Custom metal business cards are often the size of a credit card. This size makes your advertisement easy to take with you and easy to hand out.

Metal card printing is an art in and of itself. Available to business owners are custom labels and stickers. With this option, you can have a card with durability and a label that shows exactly who you are. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. Other options for making your metal business card creative is to add etching, maybe a using a die cut approach, or even choosing various metal colors. Color options can be gold, rose, black, copper, or bronze. Metal cards for business are the way to take your advertising to an elite level.

Making your business unforgettable is the business of metal business cards!

Don’t Forget the Extras!

When deciding on how to design your metallic business cards, don’t forget the extras. These extras include a metal business card case or metal business card holders. You may even want to think about the purchase of a custom metal business card holder. Choosing to customize your metal business card holder is one that can only lead to a more significant wow factor. Just as in designing custom metal business cards, the choices are endless with a metal business card holder.

When you hand out a one of a kind business card to a potential client, you want a one of a kind package to display this unforgettable advertisement. That is what makes a custom metal business card holder the perfect choice. Your packaging will show the importance of the potential client to you. They will notice the time you have put into your advertising. With your business cards on display in a custom metal business card holder, they will never forget you!

Options in metal card holders are many as stated before. You can choose a beautiful wooden box for display. With this metal business card case, your prospective client will not be able to notice your business. This metal business card holder can display on their desk as a constant reminder of what they mean to you.

Another option is an elegant cardboard holder. This type holder can be customized to your specifications. A metal business card holder like these are sleek and easy to carry with you no matter where you travel. A metal business card case is what your potential client will see first. Make your metal business card case stand out above the rest!

How to Purchase Metal Business Cards

Purchasing the metal business card of your choice is easy. You can use search engines such as Google to find various distributors to buy from, but Nonstop Signs is the best in the business. Metal card printing is done by companies who have only the top of the line equipment and professionals who care about your business. That is true on Nonstop Signs. When it comes to metal business card printing, we offer high quality at affordable prices.

As a company desiring to help your business, we are here to help you with product choice, design, and packaging. Whether a metallic business card with a luxurious cardboard holder or brushed metal business cards with elegant wooden box displays is your choice, the professionals at Nonstop Signs are here to help. We can offer metal business cards wholesale for companies wanting a large order. That can make metal business cards cheap as an advertising option.

Metal business card printing is the new way of advertising today. As our society moves forward and competition within the global economy becomes tighter, we must choose to advertise at the highest level. No one wants to give out an ordinary, dull, and boring paper business card anymore. Let Nonstop Signs take on your metal business card printing job – we’ll work hard to make your experience a great one!

Benefits of Metal Business Cards

The number one benefit of metallic finish business cards is the price. Yes, metal business cards cost more than paper cards upfront. But the reality of the paper business card is they are predictable. Everyone has seen them, and most people will throw them away in time. In today’s market, competition is fierce. With a metallic business card, your business will stand out. People will take notice of your card because it is something different. Not only do they notice, but they are less likely to throw away metal cards for business. Consumers are even more likely to show your card to others just because it is unique.

The price comparison between a metal business card and a paper one reveals that a paper business card does only cost $0.20 per card. You order a thousand of these and two hundred dollars has been spent. These two hundred dollars will eventually make its way into the trash can. You can hand out a thousand metal business cards, and over the course of time, your investment will pay off. No trash can for these little advertisements. It is about the investment!

The moral to this story is that to get a real return on your investment, go with an elegant and unique way of sharing your business with others. To get metal business cards cheap may be hard to find, but with your purchase, you will be investing. Over time people will still be talking about your metal business cards, not those flimsy paper ones.

The next best benefit to a metal business card is the customizable aspect. If a paper business card is all you have ever had, it is time to step it up. If you do not want to change your design, then do not worry about it. With custom metal business cards, you can take your logo and design from paper to metal. It does not get any easier!

Are Metal Business Cards in Your Future?

If the answer to this question is yes, then contact the professionals at Nonstop Signs. Our company has been in business for 26 years. We are in the business of making your dreams come true. Not only do we already have a vast array of items for purchase, but we cannot help but continue helping others have a successful advertising campaign. You will not be disappointed!

Contact Nonstop Signs today by calling 800-205-9005 or chat with us online.

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