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Monument Signs

Monument signs can be made for any business who needs proficient signage outside of their office. You can have one business with a tremendous logo on your monument signs or you can have multi-occupant landmark signs that feature a few organizations.


Monument Signs

Monument Signs are a great signage option for any business on a busy road.  You will typically see a monument sign when you drive past a mall or into a company parking lot.  We recommend putting your logo as big as possible on monument signs to grab the attention of your customers.  We can create your custom monument sign in many different finishes, shapes, sizes, and colors.  Read below for everything you need to know for the perfect monument signs.

Monument Signs: What are they?

What are monument signs? Monument signs can be made for any business who wants professional signage outside of their office.  You can have 1 business with a huge logo on your monument signs or you can have multi-tenant monument signs that showcase several businesses.  Most monument signs are made of a dense foam that is cut to shape then sprayed with stucco.  After the stucco dries we paint the monument signs then add logos using 3m lettering or dimensional lettering to add depth to your sign.  Our installers will then install your monument sign which should last for many years.

Custom Monument Sign: Options

We can make custom monument sign for your business in almost any size, shape, color or finish.  EPS signs are the most common for custom monument signage.  EPS signs are what you typically see in 3d foam signs.  Custom monument signs can be produced as backlit or front light for nighttime signage.


Exterior Monument Sign

All of your outdoor monument signs are made for extreme durability and to be used as exterior monument signs.  We use EPS foam with a high-quality polymer coat for all of our exterior monument signs.  This provides an extremely durable outdoor monument sign that will last for many years.


Foam Monument Sign

Foam monument signs are the most cost-effective way to produce your monument sign.  A foam monument sign offers a lot of customization for a relatively low cost.  Our foam signs are produced using a product called eps foam monument signs. An EPS foam monument sign is extremely durable.  This is also known as HDU or high-density urethane which is a high density foam.  Your foam monument sign can be custom painted to any color and custom made to any size.  Monument signs made of foam will typically last over 10 years.


Stucco Monument Sign

Stucco monument signs are the most popular option for custom signs.  To make a custom stucco monument sign, we spray stucco on the foam then paint to the color of your choosing afterward.  Your stucco monument sign can come in several different textures.

Metal Monument Sign

Metal monument signs are a better option for a tall monument sign.  We've made metal monument signs as tall as 40 feet!  A metal monument sign can also be used for more modern signs and buildings. For a custom metal monument sign, we can create any shape, size or color.


Multi-Tenant Monument Sign

A multi-tenant monument sign is a great signage option for a strip mall with a lot of different businesses.  The great thing about a multi-tenant monument sign is you can replace 1 small portion of the signage as new tenants move into your property.  You can create easy to remove tenant plaque on any monument sign for multiple tenants.

Illuminated Monument Sign

We have a handful of options for an illuminated monument sign.  Most illuminated monument signs will have lights on the outside so you can see your sign at night.  An illuminated monument sign can also have backlit lights inside of the sign for a unique look.  Illuminated monument signs will generally be more expensive because of the electric work needed to power the signage.  We can make a custom illuminated monument sign to any size, shape, and color.

Acrylic monument sign

An acrylic monument sign is a great option for more of a modern monument sign.  Acrylic monument signs can come in many different colors and can also be produced as backlit signage.  The sun can really impact the look of your custom acrylic monument sign over time.  The lifeline of an acrylic monument sign will last about 5 years.

Faux Stone Monument Sign

A faux stone monument sign is a great finish for any custom monument signage.  We can produce faux stone monument signs with over 20 different faux stone looks, colors, and sizes.  Most of our custom faux stone monument signs use a traditional faux stone look.  Generally, we create stone monument signs with stones on the sides and a logo in the middle.  Instead of producing a faux stone monument sign, we can make a custom brick monument sign finish.  These are a great option for subdivision stone entrance signs.  We can also use cement for a concrete monument sign.  Natural rock designs are a great finish to any freestanding signs.


Brick Monument Sign

As noted above, a brick monument sign is a type of faux stone signage.  We can create brick monument signs with over 20 different types of brick.  Your brick monument signs can have small or large bricks and we can paint the bricks to any color for a unique look.  If you want to see the different types of finishes we can offer for your custom brick monument sign then give us a call anytime!

Foam Monument Signs with Dimensional Lettering

A foam monument sign with dimensional lettering is a great way to make your outdoor monument signage standout.  Dimensional letters are the 3D letters that you often see mounted on top of monument signs.  Foam monument signs with dimensional lettering will offer a unique and high-quality look to your sign.  Channel letters are a great finish for any exterior signs.

Brushed Aluminum Monument Signs

If you are looking for a modern monument sign, we highly recommend a brushed aluminum monument sign option.  A brushed aluminum monument sign can offer a very high-end look for your signage.  Brushed aluminum monument signs are generally used as interior monument signs.


Monument Signage: Uses

HOA Monument Sign

An HOA monument sign is a good idea for any HOA or community.  HOA monument signs should showcase how nice your community is.  Every HOA should have entrance signs.  Often times an HOA monument sign is the first thing your guests or potential home buyers will see so make sure you keep your signage in good shape.

Neighborhood Monument Sign

Any nice community should have a neighborhood monument sign.  Neighborhood monument signage can help to show the culture and look of your neighborhood.  Most custom neighborhood monument signs have the community logo on the signage.  A lot of our clients like to use these as a neighborhood entrance sign or a subdivision entrance sign.  Subdivision signs typically take 1 month to produce.  A neighborhood entrance sign cost is about $10,000.  Neighborhood entrance sign designs should be extremely basic and professional.


School Monument Sign

We recommend a school monument sign for any education-related facility.  A good school monument sign will show the quality and pride of your school.  We can create custom school monument signs to any size, shape, and color.

Corporate Monument Sign

Every company with a nice building should have a custom corporate monument sign at parking lot entrance.  A corporate monument sign should reflect the mission, vision, and values of your business and brand.  Corporate monument signage can come in many different finishes and colors.  We can use any logo for you custom monument signage.  If you are looking for custom corporate monuments, that is also something we can help with.  We can make corporate monuments to any custom shape you need.


Church Monument Sign

You should have a church monument sign at the front entrance of your church.  A good church monument sign will attract new people to attend your church programs.  Most custom church monument signs use a bronze sign finish.  Some churches that are a bit more modern use a faux stone church monument sign.


Medical Monument Sign

Any hospital or medical facility should have a medical monument signage.  A good custom medical monument signage will direct patients to the correct location at your facility.  Medical monument signs are extremely important in an emergency so people do not get lost.

Park Entry Monument Sign

A park entry monument sign should be used for any national park or community park.  Good park entry monument signs will have information about the park and times that the park is open.  We can create a custom park entry monument sign to any size and color.


Shopping Center Monument Sign

Every mall or shopping center should have a shopping center monument sign.  A shopping center monument sign is the easiest way to direct traffic and clients to the right store quickly and efficiently.  If you are opening a new mall, we can start working with you now to create monument sign construction details.  Almost all shopping centers should have monument signs to attract potential customers.


Monument Sign Refurbishing

We have a lot of people who ask us how do you fix a monument sign?  If your outdoor monument signage is outdated or needs to be refurbished, we can help.  Monument sign refurbishing is a custom process and prices can vary.  Give us a call to discuss your monument signage refurbishing and we can get you pricing.




How does monument sign installation work?

Customers often ask us, “Can you produce monument signs near me?”  The answer is always yes, we can install exterior monument signage anywhere in North America.  We produce all of our Monument signs in San Diego then ship them to your location.  Monument sign installation is actually pretty simple.  We create your custom monument sign in our office so nothing needs to be made on site.  We send our installers for the monument sign install.  A typical monument signage installation will take about 1 full day.

What is a monument sign?

A business monument sign is a great option for any company who wants to improve their branding and presence.  There really isn't a specific monument sign definition, you can make your custom monument signage however you would like!  You can create your monument signage with an interchangeable sign face to replace the signs for new tenants.

Do you make LED monument signs?

Most of our exterior monument signs are LED monument signs.  We find that LED monument sign can last much longer and cost less to operate because they do not use as much electricity.

How do I start with my monument sign design?

To get started on your monument sign design we recommend working with a graphic designer to create a mock-up.  I would recommend engaging our company early on in your monument sign design so we can help design your monument sign cost-effectively and achieve your goals.  We have several monument sign templates to make designing easier.  If you want to design stone monument signs, give us a call first to discuss options.

How much do your outdoor monument signage cost?

A lot of people ask us, “How much does a building sign cost?”  Monument signage pricing can vary a lot depending on the many factors.  Outdoor monument sign pricing should be about $8,000-$25,000.  The average cost of a monument sign is $10,000.  Give us a call or an email for custom monument signage prices.  Business signs can come in many different materials so give us a call to discuss your signage project and we will figure out the best material for you.

Can you make Peachtree custom signs?

Yes, we are a Peachtree signs and Foamcraft monument sign approved vendor.  Foamcraft signs are a great option for premade monument signs.  We can create custom peachtree monument signs for an easy make and install monument signage. We are a Peachtree Foamcraft distributor for all architectural signs and signage solutions.

Do you have a monument signs gallery?

Please see the top of the page to browse through our monument signage gallery to find the perfect monument signage for your business.

How long does it take to make a monument sign?

We can make a monument sign in 2-3 weeks.  If you need a rush monument sign, just give us a call and we can discuss the lead time.

Do you make wholesale monument signs?

We do offer wholesale monument signage for resellers.  We also offer wholesale monument signs for anyone who is ordering their signage in bulk.

Pylon Sign vs Monument Sign

A pylon sign is used for much larger mall signs.  Monument signage is generally much smaller.  Both outdoor signs will work for permanent structures and any business signs.  Pylon signs are generally over a 20′ tall free-standing sign.



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