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Oil Change Stickers


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For auto body shops and auto dealers, oil change stickers can serve as a valuable tool. They’re an effective method of client retention. How? Well, when you provide your customers with oil change reminder stickers, they will have a visible reminder of when their car is next due for a service. We have a wide variety of options for you to choose from, so you can design utterly custom oil change stickers.

You can remind your customer about their upcoming services, and customize them with the name of your shop, the logo, and your contact information. If your employees are ASE certified, you can include that information on your oil change stickers free. Believe it or not, this is a component that factors into an oil change decision process for customers. Affordable oil changes along with excellent service and special certification will solidify your customer base.

Oil Stickers

There are a lot of options available when you order static cling oil change stickers. Let’s take a look at what we have to offer you. It’s possible to order stickers in rolls or sheets; they are also available in a variety of colors. Or, you can stick with clear ones for visibility.

  • Smog reminders
  • Safety inspection reminders
  • Reminders for tire rotation services
  • A reminder to schedule the first service-type
  • Labels to indicate there are parts on order
  • A custom reminder sticker that you can write on

Custom Oil Change Stickers

You also can use your oil change reminder window clings as an incentive program. Your oil sticker printer will serve as an investment to boost revenue. That is especially true for the dealership’s looking to expand their service department, as the cheap oil change stickers can use in conjunction with the dealer’s rewards program. If you have questions about how to use oil change sticker printers to your benefit, get in touch! We’re always happy to talk to you about our products and what they can do for you.

It’s all about conversion rates and adding value to your service center. After every visit, your client will walk away with a custom oil change sticker. Many dealers and auto shops rely on business cards. The problem with that is that they often go missing. So, personalized oil change stickers right there on the windshield offer a regular reminder.

Oil Change Stickers With Company Logo

Don’t forget to include your company logo with your custom oil change sticker order. There are other options available to you, too. Like using those oil change stickers as a coupon! It’s a unique opportunity to get repeat business. So, not only can you use oil change window stickers to remind your customers when their oil change is due. You can ensure they return to you by providing them with a promotional coupon.

Who doesn’t love a discount? You want to make sure your custom oil change reminder stickers work as hard for you as possible. Forget searching for eBay oil change sticker printer or oil change Ford. You don’t need all that; you don’t need to look for Mobil oil stickers. All you need is cheap oil change stickers wholly customized for your business needs.

Oil Change Window Stickers

Another essential aspect to consider an oil change static cling labels is that they increase the visibility of your business, too. Not only is your client getting a subliminal message daily, but it’s also advertising your company to everyone else. Anyone who walks by that car when it’s parked will spot that oil change sticker. It’s a tiny mobile billboard. That regular sales message your customer gets may also motivate them to recommend your business to anyone who asks for one. With your message in their face every day, your company will stick in their mind.

So, the next time a friend or co-worker mentions they need a service, the customer is more likely to send their business your way. As we mentioned, you don’t need an oil change sticker printer machine. However, you can use your custom oil change stickers with helm oil change printers. If you don’t have a printer, you can use a marker or a standard pen to mark the date on your oil change stickers free.

If you want to create custom oil change stickers, you can style them with a specific design and then design other creations for other service reminders. That will help each of them stand out. You don’t want your customer to remove them as soon as they pull away, though. So, it’s important that your oil change stickers for windshield are subtle enough to stay in place, while still being noticeable. You don’t want to create a distraction for drivers.

Oil Change Reminder Stickers

If you want an affordable way to boost sales and retain customers, then you have that in oil change reminder stickers. The design is up to you, but do consider the colors you choose and how you can make something that customers will leave in place. As we mentioned before, the usual spot is on the upper corner of the windshield. You may want to place yours elsewhere, ensure you use your oil change reminder stickers where they will be seen and serve as a daily reminder to your clients. You can make them as simple as a clear oil change sticker that has your logo, business name, and location with the date the next service is due.

Oil Change Stickers

People love their vehicles, and they work hard to keep them looking great. So, that’s something you need to consider as you design your oil change stickers. If it stands out too much, they will peel it off, believing it’s impacting the overall look of their car. That should stick in your mind as you create oil change stickers. While there is a standard size, you can always customize a smaller version.

Then you can slip this in the window or windshield, and it will still be visible to them, without standing out too much. It may be that you design two separate custom oil change stickers. So, you can use the more subtle one when dealing with customers who invest a lot in the look of their vehicle. If you have existing logo artwork, you can send us that with the order information for your oil change stickers. Or, you can customize one of our templates.

Oil Change Window Clings

Oil change window clings stickers have a low adhesive. That means that they will be secure after application but remain accessible to remove. They don’t leave a sticky residue behind, so there’s no need to worry about a mess. We can produce your oil change reminder stickers, and they are compatible with your oil change label printer system. Which means you can only load them up and insert the date as necessary. Or, you can write the date on. While oil change stickers machine printers are a great tool, not every auto shop has them. That doesn’t mean you can’t use oil stickers!

They’re not strictly for oil change label printer shops. You don’t need to stop with oil change window clings. You can use oil change static cling stickers for other messages, too. Generally, they are put in the upper corner of the client’s windshield. It just serves as a constant reminder to your clients that their vehicle is an investment they need to look after. It also keeps your business in their mind. So, even if something goes wrong with their vehicle between services, they will come to see you, instead of visiting another store.

Oil Change Sticker Printer System

You don’t need to worry about who makes oil change stickers. You can stop searching for oil change printer sticker companies. We can help create your oil change stickers. We can also help you with the customization and design of other service reminders. Oil change stickers custom can be used on the windshield to ensure clients don’t miss a service. In addition to oil change window stickers, we offer a wide range of printed products. Check out the rest of our website to see how we can help you. Need banners to highlight SMOG tests? What about flyers to let people know you have great offers on? We can help you with everything from branding to promotion.

If you’re ready to get started with your oil change windshield stickers, then get in touch with us today. You can give us a call at 1-800-205-9005. Or, you can email us! If you do email us, please provide us with as much information as possible about your vinyl oil change stickers. Alternatively, you can use the live chat option on the website. That will put you in touch with one of our experienced technicians who can facilitate your order process or field any queries that you may have. We can be your oil change sticker printer and help you create custom signage, too.

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