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Open House Signs


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Every real estate agent knows just important open house signs are. You could be the greatest salesperson on the planet, but how can you put your skills to the test when no one knows the house is open to view That’s why some genius invented the open house sign, after all, isn’t it Look, the point is you can’t sell a house without first making people aware of the fact that there is a house for sale. So, it’s time to take a look at the real estate for sale signs that you rely on to make the first impression. You should consider it an investment in your future.

Open House Signs Variety

We aren’t just going to tell you about the many signs we offer. In fact, we won’t even just talk about how easy it is to buy real estate signs. We are also going to offer you tips and hints on how best to use those signs strategically. When you win, we win, so we want to make sure you have the right tools in your kit to succeed. Having said that, check out some of the real estate open house signs and products we offer:

  • Custom Open House Signs
  • Custom For Sale Signs
  • Printable For Sale and Open House Signs
  • Land For Sale Signs
  • Open House signs templates
  • Realtor Open House signs
  • Hanging Open House Real Estate Signs

Custom Real Estate Yard Signs Cheap

There are a variety of custom open house signs that you can choose from and ways to use them effectively.

A-Frame this is a great one for custom open house signs because your a-frame folds down, which means it’s easy to store and it’s simple to set up, too. You can also add custom touches with sign riders. The one drawback to using an A-frame for real estate open house signs is that it’s limited visibility as it sits low to the ground. Additionally, you need weights to keep it anchored on windy days. You could use your a-frame to welcome people to your open house, though. So, in a way, it works for any kind of custom open house signs.

Directional you can use directional open house signs to guide potential buyers to the listing. You want to catch any passing traffic or keep people on the right track. While most people have GPS, you would be surprised at how many people fail to get directions and end up lost and give up. Don’t give them a chance to get lost. Make your custom signs as clear as possible and ensure everyone ends up at your open house.

Custom Open House Signs

There is more to custom open house signs than just directional signs and A-frames. Let’s take a look at other potential open house signs you could be utilizing. Remember, this is partly about getting your listings noticed and also about creating a welcoming atmosphere for prospective buyers.

Flags –  flags give you height because they can be seen from more than a block away they fly in the wind, which means they are sure to get noticed. These are vertical signs, so you will need to consider that if you plan to print open house signs text on it. If you have a listing with a lot of plant life, hedges, trees, and bushes then flags are handy. They’re also great for urban areas. Pretty much anywhere that an a-frame won’t be seen clearly.

Balloons –  these open house signs provide additional height and a bit of color. Just make sure that you use balloon colors that match your branding. On this, you can print open house. They might be a bit cheesy, though, so don’t use these if your listings are high-end.

Sign Riders – a sign rider is a small flash that you can add to fixed or hanging real estate signs. This is used for announcing offers of open house times, under offer, new lower price, etc. and most commonly for the home sold. It means you can customize a standard land for sale sign or enhance your existing signage.

Open House Signs

So, that gives you a good idea about the types of real estate open house signs you can use. It doesn’t stop there, though. There are indoor open house signs available, too. In a perfect world, you will be able to greet every person who arrives at your open house. However, when you have buyers, agents, lookie-loos, and nosy neighbors stopping by it can be difficult to get to everyone. This is where your open house signs can help you out. A welcome sign is a good place to start. It will ensure everyone is greeted warmly as they arrive if you are busy. Just consider what another type of real estate open house sign design ideas would help you when you’re run off your feet on open house days.

Open house signs inside are ideal to use in high-end listings or those listings where you expect a lot of interest. They’re also handy if there are specific instructions like removing shoes.

Open House Sign Template

You can choose sale signs to print or choose from one of our many real estate sign template options. We don’t just offer open house sign template designs either, we have a wide range of templates you can customize. We don’t just offer real estate signs cheap, though, we also offer free advice. If you want to get the most of out of your open house sign design then you need to consider the visibility of your signs. The purpose of your open house signs is to lure people to walk through the home, so let’s take a look at how you can use them to your advantage.

You need to place open house signs in a prominent position. The most effective spots include near the mailbox, at the edge of the driveway, or on the lawn’s edge. Put your real estate signs cheap to the test and head to the end of the block in your car. Now drive by to see if your signs are eye-catching enough. If not, think about balloons or a different style of sign.

Open House Sign Design

Now, your open house sign design has a role to play, too. There are two aspects here to consider legibility and overall design. First, let’s tackle the legibility of your open house signs. If you ensure your sign is legible there will be people passing by who decide to check out your open house just because your signage was so clear. So, your sign should be visible and legible from a distance.

As far as design goes, this is also about visibility. It’s more about your color scheme choices. A branded sign will work in high-end neighborhoods. However, this may be a turn-off for bargain hunters looking in the more affordable areas. You can go with open house signs that include your logo and colors of your brokerage firm. Or, you can choose a more generic look. The choice is yours.

Realtor Open House Signs

Remember, more custom real estate signs placed correctly means more leads. A lot of agents will place directional signage at every intersection within five blocks of a listing. It may be overkill, but if you’re dealing with a listing that won’t budge, it may be time to do more. So, when should you put your open house signs up? As tempting as it is to leave them up a week in advance, you run the risk of vandalism. If your open house is on Sunday, you should put your signs up on a Friday night.

View your open house as an opportunity to gain new leads and track them. Look, not everyone that drops by will be serious, a lot of them will just be nosey. However, you can use a lead capture service by placing a text number or QR code on your open house signs, which allows your leads the opportunity to get more information about the listing and gives you additional leads to work with. Which means your signs are working even harder for you than they were before.

Open House Signs Near me

Whether you need real estate post signs or open house signs, we can help. Not what you are looking for? We have 1000’s of other custom realtor sign options. You can call us at 800-205-9005. Or, use the live chat option available on our website. Alternatively, you can send us an email. Just provide us with as much information about your order as possible. Don’t forget to browse the rest of our site to see what other signage solutions and printed products we offer. Custom real estate signs are just a taste of what we can do to help.


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