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Outdoor Banner Stands


Take your marketing outdoors with portable banner stands.

    • Lightweight transport to and from events
    • Heavy duty fillable base for stability
    • Adjustable height and width for use with any size banner
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Outdoor Banner Stands

One of the biggest problems with outdoor banners is their tendency to blow away in strong winds. Heavy-duty steel frames may be able to withstand the wind, but they rust in the rain and won’t last longer than a year or two with dedicated use. That’s why we make out Outdoor Banner Stands from rust-proof aluminum with a durable, weather-proof plastic base. The base is designed to be filled with water or sand for outdoor use. However, when you transport your Outdoor Banner Stand or use it inside, there’s no need to have it filled.  

Our Outdoor Banner Stands are lightweight, durable and built to last for years. They can be setup in under a minute and are extremely easy to care for. But what really sets our Outdoor Banner Stands apart from the competition is the range of sizes we can make. Most printing companies only offer a few default sizes of banner stands, but here at Non Stop Signs, we offer completely custom size options. Just give our experienced team a call at 1-800-971-3021 and we’ll walk you through all the available options.




Outdoor Banner Stands will keep your banners from disappearing in inclement weather. They’re most commonly used for outdoor displays at trade shows or festivals. Outdoor Banner Stands aren’t solely for marketing purposes, they can also be used for directional banners and information displays. If you’re planning on hosting an outdoor concert, auto show or even a rodeo, you’re not guaranteed to have excellent weather. So plan ahead and mount your banners with our convenient Outdoor Banner Stands.  


  • Tradeshow Displays
  • Concerts & Festivals
  • Flea Markets
  • Races
  • Rodeos
  • Fairs
  • Sidewalk Displays

Despite their name, our Outdoor Banner Stands can also be used conveniently indoors. These stands are extremely light-weight and easy to transport when their base is empty. If you know you’ll be displaying your banners both inside and outdoors, you can save money by only using outdoor banner stands. They may not be as stylish as our indoor banner stands, but they have a nearly indefinite lifespan when used indoors.


The Hardware

We make our Outdoor Banner Stands from a mixture of high-quality aluminum and durable plastic. The plastic is molded in such a way that most of it is hidden from view by the banner. The actual mounting hardware and support bars are made from aluminum. Aluminum is the perfect metal to use for Outdoor Banner Displays for a few reasons. It’s very lightweight, doesn’t rust and is naturally much more vibrant than stainless steel. Our Outdoor Banner Stands are designed to last for years with proper use and care.  




These stands are extremely easy to use. Whether it’s a tension fitted banner or one attached via grommets, we’ll provide you with all of the necessary hardware. Tension fit banners will be stretched over the mounting bars, whereas banners with grommets will be mounted via hook, string or wire.




Our Outdoor Banner Stands don’t require a lot of maintenance, just a simple wiping after each period of extended use will do. We suggest using warm, soapy water to clean your banner stand. The materials are extremely durable, so as long as the banner isn’t attached there’s no cleaning method that should do any real damage. When it comes to cleaning the banner you attach, we always recommend against using chemical cleaners as they may smudge or fade the printed image. If you must use a chemical cleaner on the banner itself, please do a small spot test first to ensure the cleaner won’t ruin your image.  Outdoor banner are the main attraction it use in outdoor event mainly a display in retractable banner with graphics
custom banners for outdoor advertising banners are the best for weather conditions which are hardly effected by weather these are custom printed for special event.




Frequently asked questions about Outdoor Banner Stands.


  • How quickly can you ship my Outdoor Banner Stand?
    • 3-5 Business Days


  • I’m worried about my banners blowing away in the wind, will these banner stands really work?
    • Absolutely, out custom Outdoor Banner Stands can be filled with water or sand. They’re extremely stable once the base has been filled. Your banner may tip over in the strongest winds, but it will never blow away.


  • I have posters that are already made. However, I need to order a stand for them. Can I order the stand by itself?
    • You most certainly can. Just give our experienced team a call at 800.971.3021 and we’ll help you find the correct measurements for your banner.


  • If I want to display my banner to traffic in both directions, will I need two banner stands?
    • Not at all, we offer double-sided Outdoor Banner Stands that will be easily viewable by traffic coming in both directions.


  • How long will my Outdoor Banner Stand last?
    • With proper care and storage, your Outdoor Banner Stand will look like new for at least five years.


  • What is the difference between your Indoor and Outdoor Banner Stands?
    • Our outdoor stands are built from weatherproof material and come in one basic design. Our Indoor Banner Stands on the other hand, come in multiple sizes and options, with retractable options, are more lightweight and easier to store. Check out our Trade Show Displays page for more info. 


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