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Oval Labels


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If you are in search of a popular, yet unique, sticker solution allow us to present – custom oval labels. They are suitable for just about every use and situation. One of the reasons oval decals are such an incredible choice is they’re durable. Beyond that, though, they are versatile, inexpensive, and customizable. Our custom oval labels are great, whether you plan to use them for personal use or business purposes. They’re seriously popular for advertising, promotional tools, small businesses, charities, community organizations, bands, bars, and artists.

Custom Oval Labels

When you create custom oval labels, you have lots of options. Of course, that’s one of the greatest things about custom products, isn’t it? Your small oval stickers can feature a simple text on a plain background. Or, you can include a company logo, image, or initials. Your custom oval stickers cheap can be whatever you want them to be. Which is why they’re so great for branding in business. Also, they are handy for political campaigning. As they are relatively inexpensive, candidates can afford to print thousands of custom oval stickers and hand them out to boost awareness of their campaign. While round labels are great for certain uses, oval labels are a twist on the traditional. They allow you to display your product differently and stand out from everyone else.

Also, it isn’t just the content you can customize. Your custom oval labels come in a wide variety of sizes, color options, finishes, materials, and more. In fact, we can also offer you blank oval labels. You may need these to write on or you might just need printable oval labels. Wondering what people commonly use custom oval labels for? Candles, healthy and beauty products, bath products, soap labels, wedding favors, special projects, address labels, and gift box labels, too.

Custom Printed Oval Stickers

When it comes to choosing the perfect paper stock for cheap oval stickers, there are a few things to remember. You may prefer matte, but there are cases where waterproof is the better choice. What type of product are you trying to brand using custom oval labels? Where will your customer store it? How will it be handled? Ask yourself these questions about the end product to get your oval decals designs just right. For example, if it’s a honey label you are creating you have to consider the refrigeration and the sticky substance the jar houses. So, as important as the aesthetic is of your custom oval labels, there are other factors to consider. You probably already went through this choosing the correct packaging for your product, so just ensure that thought process carries through your custom stickers.

Cheap Oval Labels

Matte, UV Gloss, UV Matte, Gloss. These are the finishes you can choose from when creating your custom oval labels. It doesn’t stop there. When it comes to material choices for your custom oval labels, we have a variety of options for you to choose from.

  • Paper – a simple white paper stock.
  • White vinyl – if you want waterproof, this is it.
  • Clear vinyl – waterproof and clear, a great option for a variety of products. If you want a low tac adhesive, get in contact to discuss your options. This is also possible for white vinyl oval stickers.
  • Clear vinyl, white ink – a high-end choice for your oval stickers.
  • Window stickers – the printing is done on the front side so they can be placed on a clear surface, facing out.
  • Two-sided window stickers – these are printed on both sides.

Oval Stickers

If you want an economical way to advertise, brand, promote or send a message, consider custom oval labels. With so many customization options, there is no reason you can’t make oval labels work to your advantage. Check out all of the potential uses there are for oval sticker labels.

  • Promotional stickers
  • Political campaigning
  • Stickers to brag about your home city, state or country.
  • Advertising
  • Supporting your favorite sports teams (whether local or beyond)
  • Candle labels
  • Lotion labels
  • Honey jar labels
  • Gift bag labels
  • Soap labels
  • Address labels

Custom Oval Stickers

You can place your custom oval stickers on a variety of surfaces. They work well with glass, metal, cardboard, and paper. Which means oval stickers can be handy for branding purposes. In addition, small oval stickers can make a great seal for packaging. For example, a shop selling intimate apparel likely wraps their products in tissue paper. To ensure your package is finished neatly use custom oval stickers cheap. Now, you can create custom oval labels that say thank you. Or, you can use it as a branding and advertising opportunity. This goes for homeware products and other gift items that require wrapping before they are placed in a bag.

The beauty of custom oval stickers is they can do whatever you need them to do. And, they can do it however you want them to. As they are relatively inexpensive you can create a few different styles to test out. You may want custom oval labels to brand flyers. Which means you want a different type for packaging purposes. Of course, you may also need custom oval labels for safety reasons, so you’ll need another design. The point is, you can create a half-dozen completely different custom oval labels. All of which will improve your business.

Custom Oval Labels For You

You might not own a business, but that doesn’t mean custom oval labels can’t be of use to you. There are plenty of oval label templates to choose from. If you are a teacher, then small oval stickers can be used as part of a reward system. Of course, this can also be of use to parents who are trying to get their children to do certain chores. You may also want to use custom printed oval stickers to reinforce good behavior. What about kids coaches? Yes, cheap oval stickers are a great way to reward your team or specific players who go the extra mile.

Gold stickers might be popular with smaller children, but you can impress your older students with some clever custom oval labels. Are you the teacher with the puns? Why not put that into your custom stickers. There are so many different ways you can use custom stickers to get the best out of kids, no matter what your role with them is.

While adults don’t want to be treated like children in the workplace, custom oval labels do have their place. Whether you decide to provide each member of the team personalized oval stickers for them to use to address letters or indicate what work they’ve done. For sales-driven businesses, you may want to use custom printed oval stickers to inject a bit of competition among your team. It can serve as a visual reminder to stragglers when someone makes a sale and uses custom oval labels to signify each one. Whatever you use your custom stickers for, there are so many customization options you’re sure to make waves.

Oval Labels For Printing

We already mentioned that we can offer you blank oval labels. You may already have all of the necessary equipment to print your own labels. That’s great, and we have the printable oval labels you need to get the job done. Again, there are many options available when it comes to size, material, and color. That goes for oval printable labels, too. Just because you buy blank oval labels from us doesn’t mean we’re going to limit your options. Oval labels printable are almost just as custom as custom stickers. Of course, nothing can beat custom oval labels. However, you may have a variety of creations to consider.

Oval Labels Template

You can take advantage of our oval stickers template options or create your oval sticker labels from scratch. If you see an oval label template you like, get in contact with us to start the customization process. You don’t need a template, though. You can come up with a completely unique set of custom oval labels if you have a design in mind. No matter your choice, let’s work together to create the custom stickers you dream up.


If you didn’t find what you are looking for here, you can find all of our Sticker and Label Options here!  You can contact us via the live chat option on our website. Or, you can call us at 1-800-205-9005. Alternatively, you can send us an email. If you email, be sure to provide as much detail about your oval stickers order as possible. The more information we have the more accurate a quote we can provide. In addition, we happen to offer a wide range of printed products and signage solutions. Why work with a number of companies to produce your marketing and promotional goods, when you can work with just us? We can tackle any size order, no matter how big or how small.

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