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Perforated Car Window Decals


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If you are looking for an affordable and effective way to advertise consider perforated window decals. You can create car window stickers with logos, personalized graphics, and advertising messages. The custom perforated vinyl window graphics that we produce feature micropunctures which allow for safe driving without compromising the product’s quality. They are the perfect way to launch a new brand, product or service.

Perforated Window Decals For Businesses

Choosing custom car window wraps is an excellent way to display your passions, no matter where you are headed. Our perforated window decal designs are waterproof. More importantly, they are completely customizable. You can choose from a variety of sizes, finishes, and materials. How many company cars do you have in your fleet? Imagine if each of then had automotive window stickers advertising your brand while they are on the road. Just think about how much time you spend in traffic. Now, imagine that everyone who drives past you sees your car window graphics. When you create clever custom rear window decals you’re going to leave a lasting impression. You let other drivers know who you are, what you do, and how to get in contact with you. That’s the basics when it comes to creating great car window graphics.

Perforated Window Graphics

While perforated window graphics are an amazing advertising tool for businesses, they’re more than that. You can also use car window graphics designs for community and charity purposes. Whether that means use car window decals to brand community and charity vehicles or just to spread the word about a cause you’re passionate about. Of course, let’s not forget your other passions. Are you mad about your local soccer team? Do you eat, breathe, and sleep your favorite NFL side? Is MLB all you can think about? Is it the NBA that gets your motor running? Whatever you are passionate about, let everyone know with perforated car window decals.

Don’t stop there, though! If you feel strongly about politics, a philosophy or you’re just proud of your university student child, then brag about it! The best way to do that is with custom car window graphics. Maybe you just love your family and want everyone to know by using those adorable vehicle rear window graphics that highlight each member of the family. Don’t forget your pets, they’re family, too.

Auto Window Decals

One of the greatest things about perforated window decals is that they are durable. They can handle the weather. These car window wraps aren’t just waterproof, they can also withstand the harmful UV rays of the sun. You can also safely head to the car wash without worrying about your auto window decals being damaged. It’s up to you whether you decide to apply your perforated window decals to the exterior of your car windows or the interior. Additionally, our vehicle window graphics are easy to apply. All you need is a smooth surface. If you get it wrong, don’t panic. Our custom vehicle window graphics can be removed and repositioned until you get it right. The best part is they don’t leave a sticky residue behind.

Car Window Logo Decal

Anyone can make use of car window logo decal designs. Whether you own and operate a cleaning service, you run a food delivery outlet or you work in a trade like plumbing or construction. Every kind of business can get in on the action and create clever perforated window decals to boost business. Before you start designing your perforated vinyl window signs we have some advice for you.

Firstly, measure the windows in question. You want to know how much space you have to apply your custom vehicle window graphics. If you get the size wrong you may need to trim the product, which could lose your message. It is common to trim your sign, but know what space you can work with for messaging purposes. Choose a large font that is easy to read. To make sure it is legible and eye-catching, choose high-contrast colors. Don’t include too much information in your custom rear window decals. You don’t know how long people will have to read the message, be concise.

Window Decals Cars

When it comes to choosing the perfect material for your window decals cars there are a few options. Firstly, you can choose clear window car decals and graphics. This gives the impression that the advertisement is part of the glass itself. You can also choose white background decals. This ensures that the perforated vinyl window graphics you design are easy to read. Then, of course, there is the perforated window film for cars. While this offers heavy coverage ink-wise, it also has tiny holes over around 50% of the surface. This means the driver can easily see out while passers-by get the message from the auto rear window decals.

As noted above, your perforated window decals can be applied inside or outside of the glass. If you choose inside then the decal will be printed to the clingy part of the perforated vinyl window graphics. If you prefer outside then the cling will be on the reverse side. Please note, if your vehicles have tinted windows then you will always want to opt for the outside-glass perforated vinyl window decals. It should go without saying, but do not use perforated window decals on your front windows or the windscreen. Always ensure the decals are positioned safely.

Removable Car Window Decals

When it comes to removable car window decals they can last as long as three years. This is assuming you take proper care of them. They’re durable because we use vinyl when creating perforated vinyl window graphics. If you apply your perforated window decals to side windows it is still safe to roll your windows down. Provided you have followed the instructions we provide for installation. Speaking of installation.

Vehicle Rear Window Graphics

Hanging a flag is easy, but applying vehicle rear window graphics can present a challenge. We try to make things as easy as possible for you by providing you with some hints and tips. The first tip is a design one. Choose perforated window decals an inch or two taller and wider than the window itself. The majority of windows aren’t flat, so the extra gives you a bit of wiggle room when it comes to trimming to make it work. Always clean the surface before trying to apply perforated window decals. Use a spray bottle and an ammonia-based product. Start by peeling off a corner and affixing this area to the window so that you can gradually apply the rest. It is best to start your car window decals from the middle and work your way out. Use a rubber squeegee to push bubbles out.

Car Window Wraps

While our car window graphics are designed to withstand UV rays, it’s best to avoid parking them in direct sunlight when possible. This will help extend the life of your car window wraps. We already mentioned their ability to withstand car washes, but it’s a good idea to regularly remove dirt. This will keep the adhesive strong and durable.

Perforated Window Film For Cars

It doesn’t matter which car window you want to create custom car window graphics for. Nor does it matter what size they are. We can create custom car window stickers to perfectly fit. Whether you’re showing off your favorite sports team, announcing a charity event or advertising your business. All you need to do is get in contact with us to start designing the ultimate in custom rear window decals. If you aren’t sure what type of design will work best for your business and vehicle, just ask! We are more than happy to provide advice and guidance as you design your perforated window graphics. You can be as creative or as bold as you like. It’s all about creating the ultimate car window wraps.

Custom Auto Window Graphics

Do you own a small business? Are you new to the industry? Is your marketing budget small? We all have to start somewhere. You should start with perforated window decals. They’re the affordable marketing tool that can work for any budget. Vinyl wrap car window trim is the economical way to invest in a mobile billboard. With custom rear window graphics, you are going to make an impression on thousands of drivers caught in traffic or just passing your parked vehicle. Ready to order your own custom perforated window graphics?

Contact us to get started on your custom auto window graphics. Call us at 800-205-9005, email us or use the live chat option on our website. Be sure to provide us with plenty of information in your email so we can produce an accurate quote. And, don’t forget to browse the rest of our products. We offer a wide range of printed products and more. Whether you need business cards and banners, perforated window decals and full vehicle wraps or sidewalk signage and catalogs.


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