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Perforated Vinyl


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Perforated vinyl might be what you’re on the lookout for. It’s a great way to grab the attention of passing customers. Additionally, one-way privacy window film allows you to blast a stern message to customers on one side while offering your employees the ability to see out. All while blocking UV rays. Come to see why this is more than just for window dressing.

Perforated Vinyl

Do you own a home? A vehicle? A business? If you answered yes to any of these, then you may want to keep reading. Perforated Window Vinyl might solve your problems. For business owners, using this provides the opportunity to turn doors and windows into billboards. Use it to advertise in an eye-catching way. The vinyl applies to the window, showing those on the outside the stunning advertisement. We can create an interior advertisement, and another one to view from the exterior. That way, you get your message across to the right audience.

Window Perforated Vinyl

It’s an excellent way for small businesses to make a splash. The material we use can last as long as three years, so this is an investment for the ages. Remember that when you think about what type of message and design you want to use. One of the best forms of designs for 3m perforated vinyl is to keep it simple and basic. What message is it that you’re trying to get across to the people who will see your display? If you’re trying to raise awareness about your business then your brand, logo, and a tagline should be more than enough. However, if you’re bragging about a specific product or service, you will need to be more careful with your design.

Hey, it isn’t just business owners that can take advantage of perf vinyl. If you have a home or vehicle, then you might be interested in the window, too.

Perforated Window Vinyl Roll

There is more than one type of perforated vinyl, too. Not only can we provide you with a black film, but we also offer transparent options. 3M perforated vinyl colors are wide-ranging, so you’re sure to find the right fit for your product or service. The main difference between the types of material that we offer is where they can be placed (and their transparency, of course). You can choose to go with a roll, which means you can see through on both sides. Instead, you could opt for opaque so you can see out but no one can see inside. That means you can affix it to the exterior of your window and protect any additional decals within. However, placing them on the interior means no one can see out.


Perforated Automotive Vinyl

If you have looked into wrapping your vehicles, then there’s a good chance you have already considered perforated automotive vinyl. We live in a highly branded world, so it’s essential to make use of any available space to advertise. We’ve covered storefront, doors, and windows. So, it would only make sense that you would take advantage of car windows, too. You have probably spotted cars with side and back windows covered with it. Not only does it look great, but it turns your vehicle into a mobile advertising tool for your business. You can still maintain visibility while you drive, and the cars around you will get the message about your business. Perforated vinyl window film is suitable for cars, boats, buses, trains, and just about any other on or off-road vehicle with windows!


Vinyl Window Graphics

You have a good idea of what you can do with vinyl window graphics. They can turn any window into a piece of art. That isn’t just an ideal advertising opportunity. Vinyl window graphics are also great options for galleries to show off a bit of artwork to entice people in (or just let them know you’re there). Sometimes the most significant battle business owners face raising awareness about the fact they exist. Vinyl window graphics can help with that.

Whether you decide to create a logo, name, contact info or stick with product advertisements, there’s more to know. You already know this is affordable, but it’s also still an investment. Any money coming out of your marketing budget is an investment. It can last three years, so you know there’s a good chance for a high return on investment here. If you want your perforated vinyl to continue, though, you have to take care of it.

Perforated Vinyl Window Graphics

The first step, of course, is the proper installation. These installation instructions are for storefront windows, doors, and perforated vinyl for car windows, too. The most important thing you can do is clean the window thoroughly and dry it before you start the installation process. Once you’ve done this, you should position your material against the window. If you need to use a washable marker here to make a note of placement, you can. Now remove the backing of your vinyl perforated window film and press it against the glass. You should start in the middle and then work your way to each corner. Try a squeegee to help smooth out any bubbles.

You should avoid using a pressure washer as this may cause your film to peel. Instead, use a damp cloth to hand wash your 3m perforated vinyl printable film. When it comes time to remove the film, peel it gently from top to bottom. You can use soapy water to remove residue.

3m Scothcal Perforated Day/Night Vinyl

If you want to make a serious statement, then do it with 3m perforated day/night vinyl. It’s the ultimate in window dressing. The film features tiny holes that still allow people to see out while providing a stunning print for those outside to see. You have probably seen on buses, vehicles, in store windows, and even at bus stops. No matter what you plan to do your custom 3m perforated film, we can produce the style and design that works best for you.

Perforated Vinyl Window Film

Are you ready to order your custom prints? Contact us to get started; whether it’s perforated polyester fabric or colored perforated vinyl, we are ready. You can start a live chat on the website with one of our trained technicians. Or, you can call us at 800-205-9005. Alternatively, you can email us about your order. If email is your preferred method of contact, please provide us with as much information about your request as possible. We are happy to offer free quotes, but to ensure they’re accurate we need to know the size, detail, and beyond. In addition to perforated vinyl for car windows, we offer a wide range of printing solutions.

If you are a small business owner, a big business owner or just someone who loves printed products, we are the company you have been looking for. We’re a one-stop marketing shop, from leaflets, wraps, and banners.


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