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Plastic Business Cards


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Plastic Business Cards

Few marketing ideas can make the kind of impact that plastic business cards can. These are the durable, versatile option that will impress potential clients. When you hand someone a plastic business card with your custom logo or message on it, people will take notice. They’ll remember you like the company or service that stands out from the crowd. The uses for a hard plastic business card are limited only by your imagination. Beyond business cards, plastic cards could be used to make custom gift cards, ID cards, rewards cards, and more. The weight and feel of shiny business cards made from plastic will lend communicate a sense of value to your clients. Easy to order, plastic business cards are worth the few extra pennies they may cost.

What are Plastic Business Cards?

The business card is the cornerstone of effective business networking. As a professional, you need a business card that represents you and your brand. One way to stand out is to create custom plastic business cards instead of the more traditional paper versions. Imagine the unique message you’ll send with business cards made from plastic that ranges from transparent to opaque. Durable, waterproof, and an instant conversation starter, plastic cards will truly stand out in today’s competitive business landscape.

As you might expect, these unique business cards look like the more typical paper version but are from a thin, relatively flexible kind of plastic. There are different options to choose from regarding thickness and transparency. There are also several creative options when it comes time for your plastic business card printing. That means that you will get what you want. Compared to some high-end paper cards, you might find the cost of plastic business cards cheap. They are an economical option for marketing, networking, and other creative applications.

Why Choose Plastic Business Cards?

When you offer someone your business card, you want to make a lasting impression. With plastic, that is easy to do. The feel and style of your business card communicate a strong message to potential clients, employees, and more. When you print business cards made from plastic to hand out, you are also delivering perceived value. Customers associate plastic cards with rewards, money, gift cards, and other positive things. That’s an emotional association your business can benefit from.

Clients like the look and feel of professional business cards crafted out of quality material. Or consider offering custom die cut business cards; they are sure to make a statement without you saying a word. Plastic business cards are also very durable. They are likely to last longer than a more common paper stock business card. That means that your customers will keep them longer, along with your business message and contact information. When they are ready to get in touch, your clients will have your number right at their fingertips.

With plastic cards cheap when compared to other merchandise, it’s an economical choice. Vanity ID cards, reward cards, or VIP cards are all creative uses for this product, too. Kids and adults will both love a novelty plastic business card. As a marketing piece, there are few limits to the applications you could put them to. Whether you have a custom design in mind or need help, your plastic business card printer, Nonstop Signs, is there 24/7. Printing these cards online is comfortable with our website order form and excellent customer service.

Types of Plastic Business Cards

Once you decide you’d like this product, the next step is to choose which model best meets your needs. Most of these cards construct of high-quality PVC plastic, about the same size as a credit card.

Typically, these work well in a 2mm thickness, which is a bit more rigid than a traditional paper card but still flexible. At this thickness, they are tear-resistant, waterproof, and durable. It’s also easy to print this product with custom designs, but different types have different possibilities.

When you are thinking about ordering business cards made from plastic, you’ve got options. Opaque is a good option for many general-purpose uses. Made of a shiny, durable material, they can be printed on both sides with custom color designs. Your logo will pop on the smooth white background of these cards!

Speaking of wow, why not think about a custom shape? Rounded corners would give your business cards a custom feel. Or what about an oval card? Imagine handing those out! Jaws will be dropping to the floor. Once you decide on the kind of impact you want, it’s time to print business cards that will steal the show. And Nonstop Signs should be your top choice for a plastic business card printer.

Pros and Cons of Plastic Business Cards for Marketing

It’s hard not to love business cards made from plastic for their durable, versatile features. These are great for marketing because they are such an attention-grabber. Few people will expect you to hand them a custom-printed plastic business card made from flexible but sturdy stock.

And there’s no need to worry that your card will end up in the wash. Hard plastic cards are waterproof and tear-resistant, making them outlast paper cards. The unique appeal and popular style choices make clear business cards a natural choice for marketing success.

Of course, a bit of extra effort is required to prepare clear plastic cards for use. They are shipped with a thin film on the face, offering protection from scratching until ready for use. But it’s a simple matter to peel the film off the card. So other than a few extra seconds of prep, your clear business cards will be just as easy to use as any other type.

When you think about it, why wouldn’t you want to use these cards? And with Nonstop Signs, you can be sure that you are getting the best prints at an affordable price. No need to fear that your design will be just like everyone else’s. Our services will make your business card printing experience the best it can be.

How to Order Business Cards Online

Printing plastic business card is comfortable with Nonstop Signs. We offer custom designs and excellent customer service; a combination no other print shop can beat. Once you have selected the type that you want, go online and fill out an order form or chat with a friendly customer service agent. If you already have a plastic business card design in mind, you can send in your files and let Nonstop Signs do the rest. We make plastic business card printing so easy when you give us a call! We also make it affordable, with cheap plastic business cards that will fit almost any budget. Ordering your business cards online is convenient, quick, and sure to please.

Why Choose Nonstop Signs for Printing Business Cards

Nonstop Signs should be your first choice for prints. Our team of experts can create the custom look you’ve always wanted. Conveniently located online at NonstopSigns.com, Nonstop Signs can help you turn your marketing ideas into real results. Visit our website, give us a call now at 800-205-9005, or email us at [email protected].

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