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Pole Banners


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Printed pole banners are for universities, cities, colleges, towns, businesses, and other organizations in a bid to spread the word about events, products, holidays, and new business openings. Bright and crisp prints create a memorable impression that will be noticed by both passing pedestrians and cars.

Custom light pole banners are a great way to design an eye-catching display that will practically leap from the design. It’s the perfect way to highlight your streets or campus and make newcomers feel welcome the second they step foot on the pavements of your hometown. They generally sit at the top of a street light, power pole or a strategically placed flagpole.

Custom Street Pole Banners

We use only the highest quality materials that can withstand the UV rays of the sun.  All of these prints come with brackets that are virtually indestructible. We understand that you want high-quality products that will last, we want you to dig your seasonal banners out each year and for years to come, which is why we are so invested in creating high-quality products.

Holiday Pole Banners

As a pole banner generally displays on a light or lamp post, they are for seasonal events and promotions around Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and other annual events (like the 4th of July). These are an excellent way to announce new businesses, products or promotional activities. Whether you want to safely store them at the end of every season and bring them back out next year or you want them to stay up all-year-round, our high-quality products enable both.

City Light Pole Banners

The beauty of pole banner signs is that they are fully customizable and if you don’t know which direction to take your design in, don’t worry; we can help. Your pole banner kits come in a variety of sizes, which means that you can easily invest in the perfect banners for your purposes. We can create your banner in just about any size you want them in, with the smallest being 1’x1′ and the largest being 16’x100′. Also, you can rest easy knowing we use high-quality materials, and they are both waterproof and protected from UV rays.

Street Pole Banner For All Seasons

It doesn’t matter what type of climate you live in, whether it’s continually raining or always sunny, these weather-resistant banners and flags can withstand whatever nature throws at them as they are printed using high-quality materials. No one wants to invest in advertising products for them to wear in the sun and tear in the wind, and we understand just how outstanding the quality is. The purpose of these banners is to improve the aesthetic of the area, which means we build our products to last.

Flag Pole Banners

No banner pole kits are complete without the hardware. All of our kits come with the necessary hardware to hang them, which includes pole banner brackets. It couldn’t be easier to do, and in no time you will see the full effect of your order as your new banners proudly wave your message to everyone who passes. If you have existing structures to hang your banners from then the job will be even more straightforward.

Pole Banners and Signs available as Double Sided

If you are interested in double-sided streetlight banners, we can help. We achieve this by printing two banners and hemming them together so no matter what side traffic runs, people will see your message. That does mean, of course, that you can choose to have two different words on either side, as well. At the top and bottom of a double-sided banner, there is a sleeve so that you can easily install them using pole banner brackets.

While they are most often used to welcome people to a university campus or a town, light pole banners are also used for season reasons, and by businesses who are looking to concrete their brand identity.

Outdoor Pole Banners

If you are looking to make a bold statement, outdoors or indoors, and at a low cost, then pole banners wholesale is the way to do it. When you choose us, you choose a business that has the facilities to create your high-quality banners, no matter how big and how many you want. Your pull up banners can be customized, whether you’re building it for the finish line of a 10k or launching a brand new product. We can also produce a cheaper option if you are interested in temporary banners or signs in bulk.

Street Pole Banner Brackets

We have plenty of templates for you to choose from, or we can help guide you to create the perfect pole flag banners. Your customized product can include text, logos, a background, images, clip art or even photos. It is up to you, though, we are happy to offer advice in which direction you may want to go and whether you can execute your idea properly. It’s incredibly important that you think long and hard about your design choice, you may want to hire a graphic designer to create the perfect design.

Don’t worry; it includes a pole banner bracket system for easy installation.

Pole Banners

Pole flag banners are an excellent solution for locations that are prone to wind as they are available in a mesh finish. That reduces the risk of damage to the signs on particularly windy days; these are created using a polyester material, which provides the banner space for air to pass through safely. That is because the fibers are crisscrossed, so it’s possible to see these (up close), yet still provides us with a surface that can print. These types of pop up banners are for display on sporting and construction fencing.

Mesh banners can be full color printed, and there are unlimited colors to choose for the background, as well as text, photos or clipart.

Light Pole Banners

The printing process that we use on streetlight banners is a dye sublimation which ensures that no matter what colors you choose, they’re going to pop and last. That means they have a high-quality finish, especially when compared to the cheaper banners that we print for small businesses looking for a temporary fix or for those businesses that are looking for cheap products they can buy in bulk. We can produce the right products that work for your budget.

Custom Pole Banners

Why not create your own personal pole flag banners today? Whether you need your designs created in mesh, vinyl or perhaps even fabric. No matter the material, we can create pole pocket banners that are ideal for use both outdoors and in and are suitable for seasonal events, business use, and even black tie affairs. No matter what type of style or design that you want, we can make it happen and execute your ideas to the highest quality.

Pole Banners

Street light pole banners are excellent value and a great way to start your event or even the new school year. They grab attention from pedestrians and drivers as they pass and can bring a touch of excitement to any stress in the neighborhood. The good news is you don’t have to start from scratch; you can take advantage of stock designs and customize them.

Pole Banner Size

You may have heard these referred to as light pole banner hardware, boulevard banners, and even roll up banners. No matter where you plan to hang yours, when you shop with us you know you’re getting a weather-resistant product that is also mildew-resistant and flame retardant. The size is entirely up to you, and we can make them in just about any size you like.

Pole Banner Printing

Use outside banners to dress up your city and enhance your local streets, whether it’s a special event or to showcase everything the locality has to offer. They can provide you with a look of luxury, and when you work with professionals to create a high-quality product your stand up banners can last for seasons.

You can affix your street sign post to existing poles or use a kit to install it. Use them to grab attention, establish your brand or make the area more welcoming.

If you are in need of custom light pole banners, contact us by email or call us on (800)205-9005 to discuss your requirements. We provide a wide variety of signage and advertising material and we can help you get the best quality custom street pole banners for your business, event or community organization.

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