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Poly Mailers


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Custom Poly Mailers

Poly mailers are the perfect solution if you ship soft goods or boxed products. Since they are lightweight, they will save you on shipping costs. Better yet, they are flat and thin, which means they won’t take up much space when you store them. It gets better, though, with cheap custom poly mailers you have an easy seal, all you need to do is peel the sticker off, flip the flap over and press it down. Your product is safe and ready to ship. You can also print them glossy or go with a matte finish if you prefer. If you want a tamper-proof shipping package that is water resistant, then cheap poly mailers are the right move for you. In addition, we can include a perforation or not. A perforation makes it easy to open and the non-perforated option provides a bit more security.

Custom Poly Products

Cheap poly mailers are strong, they’re sturdy and they protect your products from the elements once you ship them to your customer. Not only are they an excellent option for shipping clothing, but they’re also ideal for soft goods, paperback books, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, paperwork, and even some boxed products. We produce cheap poly mailers bags that is both tear and puncture resistant. All of which will protect your products while they make their way through the postal system. Once you seal that mailer, you can guarantee that your package will make it to your customer without opening up. Another benefit is that labels and stickers easily adhere to them, so you don’t have to worry about it going missing. Our standard poly mailers cheap do not feature an interior bubble wrap protection. However, if that is something you want, please contact us to discuss.

Poly Mailer Sizes

When it comes to poly mailer sizes, you have serious options. While 10×13 poly mailers are one of the most popular options, there are plenty of other sizes to choose from. We offer over a dozen stock sizes, but can also produce custom options if necessary. As noted earlier, we can add perforations or leave them without. That’s up to you. It all depends on how you plan to use them, though. So, if you’re not sure whether your poly mailers for clothing should include perforations, please do not hesitate to ask us. We’re happy to advise you on whether a perforation is right for you or not.

You may be interested in poly mailers in-store use. Often, cash offices take advantage of gusseted poly mailers to store counted cash before it’s banked. It is also often used by companies that deliver cash and change to businesses. So, they are hefty and reliable enough to carry money of all weights. They are also perfect to store confidential paperwork as well. There are plenty of ways that you can use wholesale poly mailers outside of shipping purposes.

Large Poly Mailers

So, you already know there are a variety of poly mailer sizes to choose from. We’d like to single out the large poly mailers, though. This is where the magic truly happens. You may think of poly bags as small and limited. Yes, they are ideal for small packages. It doesn’t stop at that, though. Sure, you have received small packages in a mailer bag. Anyone who has ordered clothing online, though, will know that mailer bags are a common shipping option. Which is why we are proud to offer large poly mailers to suit shipping just about any type of clothing item.

Don’t worry, it isn’t just clothing that is ideal for use in large poly mailers. They’re such a sturdy and reliable shipping option, so there isn’t much that you can’t ship in them. If you have oddly shaped products, then a poly mailer is the perfect solution. It can be so challenging to get the box right when your products aren’t standard. So, a large mailer is an excellent way to combat those types of challenges. Additional wrap won’t affect the weight of your package too much either, so it’s still a cost-efficient method of shipping your products.

Poly Mailers

Let’s talk about the many benefits and features of our poly mailers. You should know exactly what you are getting before you decide whether they are the right choice for you.

  • Protects contents from the outside elements
  • You can order poly mailers with perforations or without
  • They are moisture resistant
  • They are tamper-proof
  • Made for poly materials that are both tear-resistant and puncture-proof
  • They are extremely lightweight, thus don’t cost as much to mail
  • The peel and seal closure is easy and convenient
  • The seams are high-strength which will ensure the contents are protected, even if you over-stuff them
  • Gusseted poly mailers provide extra protection to ship catalogs, binders, and books

You have options. Typically, they feature a white exterior and silver lining for opacity. However, colored poly mailers are great for branding and a patterned poly mailer is sure to attract attention. You can also opt for a clear front mailer that will provide a viewing window for the contents.

Colored Poly Mailers

Typically, when you think of a poly mailer, you think of them as being transparent, black or white. We offer more choice than that, though. It really depends on what you plan to ship. However, with colored and patterned poly mailer options you can guarantee the recipient will notice your package being delivered. This is a great option for gift purposes. It’s also a great choice if you plan to ship unsolicited catalogs to people. While some businesses simply ship the catalog or brochure itself, you can slip it into colored poly mailers. It’s enough to pique interest and make them open the package. Which means that once opened, they are more likely to take a look at your catalog because it immediately seems more interesting than it would have if it arrived on their doorstep loose.

Custom Poly Mailers

You should look at custom poly mailers as a simple extension of your brand image and design. The image and design is an essential start of packaging. So, don’t look at it as a nice extra. Instead, consider it a must. The most common item that is found within poly mailers is clothing. Even a large order with numerous pieces in it can easily fit in large poly mailers. It’s easy to use them to ship clothing, and it’s even easier to package them within your mailer.

If you operate a business and plan to use custom poly mailers to ship clothing, then it’s important you know how to package them. Sure, you can toss them in and call it a day. However, you want to create an excellent impression and that means ensuring clothes arrive in one, un-wrinkled pieces. Many people plan to put their clothes on immediately upon arrival, so don’t ruin their moment by delivering crumpled clothing.

Designer Poly Mailers

The first step to packing your designer poly mailers is choosing a mailer that is large enough to accommodate the products. Some people choose to roll items of clothing, however, this is more likely to result in crumpling. So, instead, we recommend that you fold all items of clothing. If you aren’t sure how to fold which items of clothing, you can do a bit of research. You’ll find plenty of online guides offering advice on such matters. The next step is to provide an extra layer to provide your clothing with further protection. This is an opportunity to incorporate branded plastic wrap.

Now all you need to do is slip your items into your designer poly mailers. You’re ready to go. You can use them to ship multiple items. However, if you plan to ship a winter coat or a dozen items of clothing, then you may want to consider a custom box instead. Another important note here is that you should always affix your labels before you pack the mailer bag. If you wait until after to do it then you run the risk of losing your label during shipping.

Wholesale Cheap Poly Mailers

If you want to order wholesale cheap poly mailers, then please contact us to discuss your options. You can get in touch by calling us at 1-800-205-9005, email or of course, the live chat option. Feel free to contact us with any questions that you might have. Additionally, one of our technicians will happily offer you guidance on which products may be right for your business. If you express interest in a package that we don’t believe is right for your needs, we will always point you in the right direction. At NonStop Signs, we offer a huge wide variety of products. That means you are sure to find exactly what you need for your business. Before you get in touch, please take the time to browse the rest of our site to discover what other products we can assist you with. We are your one-stop marketing, branding, and advertising shop.


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