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Polyboard Signs


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Custom Polyboard Signs | NonStop Signs

Polyboard signs are one of the other popular options for political use, the other being coroplast. We can produce either one of these for you, which is why you know we will be upfront about the pros and cons of both options. When it comes to our customers, we only want the best. So, if you are torn between different types of signage, all you need to do is get in contact with us and ask questions! We’re always more than happy to offer you advice about what sign will best suit your needs and purposes. It may be that polyboard yard signs are perfect for you if you want to learn more about them just keep reading!

Custom Polyboard Signs

Beyond the technical terms, at the core of it polyboard yard signs are basically outdoor poster board that is weather-coated. Even though they’re a cardboard product, they are incredibly durable. You may not have realized that a product which is cardboard-based could be used outdoors and for such a great length of time. However, provided you take care of your cheap political signs they will last. Cheap political polyboard signs are one of the most common choices for political campaigns. The reason for this is that you can go larger and pay less than with corrugated political signs. So, for smaller, local campaigns you are free to save your budget for other tools to help you win the race.

Polyboard Campaign Signs

When it comes to political polyboard signs, you can print a thousand signs for serious impact and still fit it in your budget. This is the perfect choice for both local and regional campaign efforts. Cheap political polyboard signs might make all the difference come election day. Think about your own local community in the run-up to elections. How often do you see your neighbors hitting the lawn with polyboard signs stakes? Pretty much everyone nails their colors to the mast so that everyone knows where they stand. It isn’t always about showing off who you’re proud to support, though. Sometimes, it’s about highlighting an underdog candidate who you believe more people need to know about. Maybe you are that candidate. How will anyone learn more about you if you don’t produce political polyboard signs for people to put out?

Large Campaign Signs

We have large political polyboard signs on offer, too. That’s one of the greatest benefits of choosing polyboard yard signs. As they are one of the most cost-efficient signage options, you can go bigger to ensure you really get noticed. When it comes to size, you may want to measure the most eye-catching signs that you notice on your own mean streets. This should give you a good idea of what size of polyboard signs will work most efficiently for you.


There are a few more things you should know about the cheapest polyboard signs. You can choose the type you staple yourself, but it’s always wise to let us tackle that for you. These signs can also be stitched or glued. Obviously, the cheapest option is to staple it yourself. In reality, though, the money you save just isn’t worth the risk of losing your signs in the wind all because your staples were too loose. The best choice, especially if you want your signs to last more than one election cycle, is to opt for stitched or glued polyboard signs.

Political Yard Sign

You can use your polyboard signs in order to highlight your candidacy, but if you go large you can highlight some key points of your platform. Don’t forget to include your website or social media information. Campaigns are lost and won on social media, and it’s important that voters can find you easily. So, consider the message that you want to communicate and what size of polyboard yard signs will be most effective in doing that. It doesn’t matter whether you want polyboard signs u frame or polyboard signs with stakes, it’s the size that matters. Beyond the size, it’s the color scheme, typeface, font size, and the message, too. A well-designed political yard sign might be the crucial part of your campaign.

Full Color Polyboard Yard Signs

We can also offer full color polyboard yard signs. So, there is no limit to your creativity. You can opt for a simple black number and use white text. Or, you can go bright yellow or pink. You can choose polyboard yard signs in a color that is the most suitable for your purposes. Typically, when it comes to political campaign signs, it’s generally red, white, and blue. Though, if it’s a local election you may want to opt instead for your local or state flag colors. It may help you stand out from everyone else. One local candidate took advantage of her last name French and linked her signs to a certain well-known mustard brand. Creating a familiar link with potential voters is a great way to strike a chord with them. It will make them want to learn more about you, at the very least.


For businesses, polyboard signs are all about headlining your business, including a brief snippet about you, and providing the relevant information for people to easily follow up. That means your website, phone number, business address, social media handles, etc. There is a lot of information that you need to fit into a small space. So, you need to think about how best to size each line and ensure that people notice you and can find you after they spot your polyboard signs.

Polyboard Yard Signs

You might not have a business or a campaign to advertise. You may want to use polyboard yard signs to let people know your home is for sale (by the owner or otherwise). It could be to advertise your yard sale or a community event. There are plenty of reasons to consider polyboard yard signs. Is your local church or community center holding a food or clothing drive to support the homeless community? Say it with polyboard signs. Do you want to offer inspiration and motivation to the people in your community? Why not print that quote on polyboard yard signs? Embrace the versatility that full color polyboard yard signs offer and use them to showcase whatever you want.


Just because a type of signage is more popular in one industry than another, doesn’t mean that you can’t use them for your chosen purpose. Screen printing polyboard signs can also work well for food truck menus and pop-up shops. For any business owner who has a small budget and is determined to succeed… polyboard yard signs are a great option. They’re an affordable option for just about any budget.

Screen Printing Polyboard Signs

We can print a single sign if that’s what you want, but if you want 10,000 small polyboard signs, then we can do that, too. The standard sign is larger than a standard coroplast sign and it’s generally cheaper. However, these opaque solutions will clearly display your message. You can order polyboard signs with stakes or opt for a U-frame wire if you plan to install them in a windy area. They aren’t just great for election campaign use, they look great on display booths at exhibitions and trade shows. Not to mention how excellent they look on a parade float.


There are some drawbacks to polyboard yard signs. We are happy to share those with you because we always want our customers to get the best product possible for their needs. So, they aren’t as lightweight as other options like coroplast signs. If you plan to ship them far and wide then they’re a bulkier product. They will harden once they are exposed to the sun after wet weather. However, with prolonged rain and no sun, your signs will experience damage. So, if you live in an area where there is heavy rain constantly, coroplast may be more appropriate than polyboard signs. So, if you aren’t sure whether polyboard is right for you or not, feel free to contact us and discuss the different products that may be more suitable.

Polyboard Signs Printing

If you want to order your own corrugated political signs, then get in touch with us to discuss which option is right for you. We can discuss whether coroplast or political polyboard signs are more appropriate for your needs. Again, we offer both, so we will give you appropriate advice about the products. If you are ready to chat about your product needs, you can call us at 1-800-205-9005. Or, you can contact us via the live chat function on our website or via email. If you already know exactly which product is right for you, you can go ahead and use the online order form to get your chosen items. You may want to browse the rest of our website before you submit that order, though. You may be surprised by how many different products that we can assist you with.

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