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Pop Up Displays


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When taking your business to a trade show, it can be difficult to set yourself aside from your competitors, but with pop up displays, you are guaranteed to impress. Trade show pop up displays is designed to capture and captivate, to grab the attention of anyone walking by you, and to provide your business with the perfect backdrop.

What are pop up custom trade show displays?

There are two main types of pop up booth. Traditional ones are available in a range of sizes and can also stand on the ground or the tabletop. You receive a frame with your display that is easy to set up and dismantle, and you can get them in either full color or black and white print options. Tension fabric pop up trade show displays are another popular option as a trade show backdrop and are ideal for vibrant, full-color graphics. With tension fabric displays, the graphic covers the entire unit, making set up fast and straightforward. All you need to do is open the retractable banner display frame.

These are designed to:

  • Help you stand out from the crowd
  • Get your business message across to the right people
  • Accommodate every budget
  • Be interchangeable and durable
  • Save you time and energy setting up your exhibit
  • Also, Be easily adapted to suit the theme or the trade show or event

Your tradeshow is available in a range of styles, from the curved look that is classic and chic, to straight walls, tower portable displays, serpentine designs, and half circles. There is no limit to the design of your custom exhibition display.


There are some reasons why you should invest in these options for your next event. Not only are they affordable; but they are also portable. With the range of sizes available, they can still easily be dismantled and fit into a simple carry case that you can take with you to and from the trade show with ease.

Varying in size, the fabric is flexible enough to fold or roll to fit into the case for a simple portable solution. Because the fabric is flexible, it means there are plenty of options available for design and style. Furthermore, add some lighting and your banners are guaranteed to impress. Another advantage is that they are simple to set up. From the moment you arrive, you can transform that empty warehouse space into a high definition exhibit with a quality trade show backdrop all within the scope of around 15 minutes.

Types of pop up displays for trade shows

There are many options available when you purchase your custom pop up screen with us, so to make things easier; here’s a general overview of the types of displays we can print:

3D pop-up display:

If you’re looking for something unique, that does more than stands out from the crowd but instead, stands with the crowd; the 3D pop-up display design is hard to beat.

One fabric pop up displays:

With two options available, including curved or straight, is easy to use and affordable. We take your graphics, or work with you to design something you love, and print it onto high-quality fabric that is designed to last. You have one single piece of fabric that you can pin to any wall or custom-designed stand.

Wave custom pop-up displays:

Wave pop up displays provides your business with a light-weight, portable option for your next trade show with a curved frame that highlights your business. The wave design can help bring your images to life, and our wave display is available in 8-foot lengths, making it ideal for medium to large spaces.

Tunnel trade show pop up displays:

When you have a lot of space to fill at your industry trade show, a tunnel pop up display is a great promotional tool. Not only will it guide people to your stand in the way that is unique, but you will have 360-degree graphics that are superior quality.

Custom pop up displays options:

Because you are the one that matters, if there is a custom pop up the design you have your heart set on, don’t be afraid to ask! We are here to help your business succeed, and we are happy to discuss options that suit your preferences, and your budget.

How do I customize my display?

Our goal is to work with you, from start to finish, to ensure you have the best custom pop up display for your business. The first step you need to take is already in the process read this article. Here we provide you with a range of ideas and options that are available, helping you to choose the right design. When it comes to selecting a size for your display, you need to look carefully at the space you have available. You need to ensure the size you choose will fit into that trade show booth, so you want to check the dimensions carefully of both your confirmation from the trade show organizers and of the design you’re looking at getting. Ensure you leave at least 1-2 feet on either side of your pop up banner. If this sounds confusing, ask us!

Custom trade show displays

Once you’ve decided on the size, some things you might want to consider include:

  1. An image
  2. A heading or tagline
  3. A brief description 1-2 lines about your business
  4. Your company’s logo and name
  5. Company website or other contact details

Tips for choosing your pop up display graphics

Once you have decided which of the above features to select for your graphics, it’s time to choose the images you want to include. Our top tip is not to go too complicated. Choose an image that is simple, but bold. Make sure it’s clear (and present it to us in extremely high resolution for best quality printing). Although arty and abstract designs might seem like a great idea, they can distract people from the product or service you’re offering.

Instead, stick with something that best represents your business. Choose a product image, staff pictures, or pure pop-up graphics. A great example is if you’re a distributor of pet food, you might choose an image of a child with a puppy guaranteed to capture attention, but it won’t distract from your product. You can select more than one picture of course but work with the designer to find a layout that isn’t off-putting.

The right message on your trade show backdrop

Whether you’ve decided to add your company’s tagline or a sentence or two about the company itself, you want the information you provide on your trade show backdrop to encompass everything your business stands for. Choose the words carefully. You might try to be funny, or you might be 100% serious. Keep it short and simple. Not only should it be something people take notice of, but you also want something they are going to remember. Think about it and get creative with the wording.

You will also want to consider how much space you have. The fewer words you have, the bigger your text can be. That means you can attract interest from across a hall! And think about the font you use carefully as well. Have something bold, but not something hard to read. If you’re adding more text to your fabric pop up displays, consider using bullet points rather than full sentences. Keep it short, to the point and use simple language.

Details to include on your portable display

So many companies forget to add their name in their exhibit, so including your logo and your company name is imperative on mobile display. Don’t leave people wondering whose sign it is! Use your logo if you have one. If you don’t have a logo, have someone design one for you or use your company name.

Along with your name, you want to include contact information. This makes it easy for people to remember you. Have your website on your pop up banner or even your Facebook address. You might even like to include a barcode that connects to Apps on the phones of visitors to your exhibit so they can scan it and connect directly to your website or social pages.

Pop up displays for trade shows the specs

We offer a range of sizes for your pop up trade displays and also the design you choose is dependent on the space you have available, and your budget.


10ft Big Wave Pop Up Displays

Our 10 foot Big Wave pop up displays for trade shows are 10 foot in width, 7.4 feet in height and 3.5 feet in diameter. These are ideal if you have a medium sized floor space booked for the show. If you decide to purchase a full pop up booth package, we can help and you’ll generally receive an aluminum frame as well, along with halogen lights, graphics panels which are easy to transport and put together, and a handy carry case to carry it all in. For this type of pop up display, your pop up design is printed on PVC material and is a great way to promote your product at any trade show. 10×10 booth setup is easy. It’s also budget-friendly, comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and a 1-year warranty on the graphic itself. That’s how confident we are!

The portable 10×10 trade show booth range includes your choice of the following options:

  •  Graphics center panels that are laminated
  • Single-sided graphics only (6 laminated graphic panels)
  • Graphics panels, including PVC panels, laminated panels, fabric panels, convex panels)
  • Fabric packages in a range of colors, including blue, black and silver


8ft Wave Pop Up Displays

Designed for a smaller space, the 8-foot wave pop up displays for trade shows are designed to help your business stand out, without breaking the budget. They are easy to set up and guaranteed to capture the audience, providing the illusion of a moving image to those passing by. If you want to purchase a full package, we can help and you’ll generally receive an aluminum frame as well, along with halogen lights, graphics panels which are easy to transport and put together, and a handy carry case to carry it all in. The 8-foot wave pop up display booth comes with a 1-year warranty on the graphic and lifetime warranty on the frame. They are printed on laminated display film.

Your options include the following:

  • Laminated graphics
  • Fabric graphics in black
  • PVC graphics
  • Silver fabric graphics
  • Blue fabric graphics
  • Fabric panel sets
  • Convex Graphic Panel Set and Channel Bars
  • Center graphics

9ft Straight Pop Up Displays

The 9-foot straight tradeshow popup display is a great way to promote your business to the right people. With the right graphics packages, you can enjoy a backdrop to your stand that is eye-catching and purposeful. A full package would include an aluminum frame as well, along with halogen lights, graphics panels which are easy to transport and put together, and a handy carry case to carry it all in. This comes with a 1-year warranty on the graphic and lifetime warranty on the frame.

Your options for the 9ft trade show displays include the following:

  • Laminated graphics
  • Fabric graphics in black
  • Single or double-sided printing
  • Silver fabric graphics
  • Blue fabric graphics
  • Fabric panel sets
  • Center graphics

16ft/20ft Big Wave Pop Up Displays

The bigger the better! Sometimes this is exactly the case when it comes to trade show promotions. When you spend the money on a stand at a trade show, you want results. You want to be able to grab people’s attention and keep it so that they are interested in your products or services. If you have a larger space to fill, a 16 foot or 20-foot big wave pop up display is the ideal marketing tool.

Add your own graphics to it, enhance the colors and you’re going to catch the eye of anyone walking past. A full trade show popup display package includes an aluminum frame, along with halogen lights, graphics panels which are easy to transport and put together, and also a handy carry case. It also includes repair kits and podium wraps and comes with a 1-year warranty on the graphic and lifetime warranty on the frame.

Your options for the 16ft and 20ft trade show displays include the following:

  • Concave Panels + Convex Panels + Connect Area Panel + End Panels
  • Serpentine
  • Gullwing
  • Laminated graphics
  • Fabric graphics in black
  • PVC graphics
  • Single Sided
  • Silver fabric
  • Blue fabric
  • Fabric panel sets
  • Backside Laminated Graphics
  • Backside Laminated Graphic Panels
  • Center graphics

6ft/8ft Tabletop Pop Up Displays

If you’re pressed for space in your trade show stand, the 6 foot or 8-foot tabletop pop up displays provide a fantastic promotional tool. You get a full-color graphic print, which comes with either 4 panels or 5 panels, designed for easy transportation and set up. These displays are generally 5 feet in height, and 6 or 8 feet in width and come with an Extruded Aluminum Frame, channel bars, halogen light and carry bag. They are ideal for small budgets and small spaces and come with a 1-year warranty of the graphic, with a lifetime warranty on the frame.

Options include:

  • Laminate Graphic Center Panel
  • Black fabric
  • Laminated (Hardware & Graphic)
  • Laminate Graphic End Panel
  • Laminated with Black End Panels
  • Blue or silver fabric packages
  • Center Graphic Only (2 Graphic Panels)
  • PVC Graphic Center Panel
  • PVC graphics with blue, black or silver end panels
  • Fabric Center (Concave) Panel

Stuck with no pop up booth ideas?

We have a fantastic team of designers who can work with you to create a graphic you love. All we need from you is your images, logos, any text you’d like to include and any special instructions. We can do the rest for you!

If you’re stuck on design ideas though, here are some of our favorite:


Split island



Or you might want to discuss the options for a range of other colors


6ft to 20ft


Front Lighting
Shipping Case

The process for making your portable display

When it comes to making your portable display, we have a simple process that can be explained in just 8 steps.


Give us a call or send us an email to discuss your requirements.


Our designers will work with you to determine the best course of action.


You send us your images, logo, text, images, and logo must be high resolution.


We will send you the proof of your pop up display banner design for amendment or approval.


Once we receive confirmation and have completed any changes, you will be required to make payment.


Your displays will be printed and delivered to you within days.


If you have purchased the full trade show exhibits displays package, you will also receive aluminum frame, halogen lights and carry case.


Attend your trade show and easily install your pop up trade show banners into the space you have.

Alternative uses for Pop Up Booths and Pop-up Stands

These stands are not just for trade-show displays, they can also be used for point-of-purchase displays. You can use a popup display stand to showcase your products in a retail setting. Any sized exhibition stand will help attract new clients to your brand or products.


Pop Up Display Templates

Don’t see what you are looking for here Check out the wide variety of our other trade show displays, banner stands, Tradeshow Flooring, and tabletop displays.

Give us a call today to discuss your requirements on (800)205-9005 or send us an email to discuss your requirements.

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