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Precision Tooled Plaques


Precision tooled plaques, quite simply, are an ornamental piece designed for mounting. You can mount a machine tooled plaque on a statute, a wall, a building, a door or pretty much any surface you want. Etched plaques are generally made of metal. Their traditional function is for the purposes of commemoration. For example, it’s common to see cast metal plaques on new buildings to commemorate the donor or the namesake. Additionally, precision tooled plaques are commonly used as office directories. Thin gauge precision tooled plaques make wonderful memorials, awards, and more.

Cast and Precision Tooled Plaques

Precision tooled plaques take advantage of materials that are weather-resistant which means they can last for many years to come, even when installed externally in a heavy weather region. You can choose cast plaques from bronze, aluminum, copper, steel, brass, and even acrylic. In addition to material choices, there are a plethora of product options when it comes to colors, finishes, textures, portraits or images, as well as rosettes (which are just the finish on the screw head to look more decorative).

Specs for Precision Tooled Plaques

  •         Borders – Don’t worry, if you don’t want a border on your cast plaques then you can skip it. However, if you’re looking for a slick machine tooled plaque border then you have multiple options. You can choose a single line a double line, an inset, a double line wide, and variations thereof.
  •         Colors – Etched plaques don’t have to stick with the same metal look – you can opt for a color finish instead. This is a particularly good option for anyone who is handing out an award or for someone who intends to hang their new cast plaques within their home (or office). You can choose from almost 50 different colors. These etched plaques are a great solution when it’s a more personal gift or award versus something like a military & government seals precision tooled plaques. The latter is going to warrant a more official look.
  •         Finishes – We offer a wide variety of custom precision tooled plaque finishes so that you can capture the precise look you want. Whether it’s a light oxidized look you want to capture in your machine tooled plaque, a dark one or even a patina finish. No  matter what type of etched plaques finish you are looking to create
  •         Textures – What type of finish do you want for your etched plaques? Are you interested in bead blasted, leatherette, pebble, stipple or do you want a sand textured machine tooled plaque? The option is yours – if you’re not sure what is right for the type of cast metal plaques you’re designed, you can contact us to discuss your ideas.
  •         Rosettes – There is a screw in each corner of a cast and tooled plaque, this is how they are

mounted to their final destination. Rosettes are simply decorative covers for the cast plaques screw heads. They match the rest of the cast metal plaques so they don’t stand out and are a much more attractive finish than seeing the screws. This type of finish for etched plaques is suitable no matter the purpose.

  •         Portraits – Believe it or not, there are many options when it comes to creating a portrait cast and tooled plaque. You can have a portrait cast in etched plaques or include a portrait in a larger cast metal plaque. Additionally, you can etch a portrait into metal, as a digital transfer on custom copper etching. If you want a portrait plaque, you have the option when it comes to machine tooled photo relief plaque choices.

Etched Plaques

It was in the 1990s that a new method of precision tooled plaques was created by our supplier. They found that rather than cutting a pattern they could instead create machine tooled plaques from a sheet of metal. They spent years developing their machinery, the process, and the finish, and from that came the cast metal & precision tooled plaques that we know today. This is why we can offer you precision tooled plaques today and provide you with etched plaques that would add to the finish of any wall or building. There’s no better way to dedicate, commemorate or memorialize.

Benefits of Buying Precision Tooled Plaques

Wondering what the benefits of buying precision tooled plaques are? There are many precision tooled plaques benefits, including choosing from a variety of metals, fast production, vast options when it comes to style, design, and finishes, plenty of sizes to choose from, and for such a precision product you don’t need to worry about your carbon footprint, as etched plaques have a lower footprint than other cast products.

Cast Metal Plaques

Your new thin gauge precision tooled plaques are created using a CNC machine. A computer is programmed with the necessary information to create a custom precision tooled plaque. This process allows us to create a cast metal plaque that is less expensive, yet detailed and beautiful. You get solid bronze copper metal precision tooled plaques faster and for less money. What isn’t to love? They’re the perfect solution for gift giving, recognizing incredible service from an employee or member of the community, as well the traditional uses for cast metal plaques, such as dedicating buildings.

Cast Plaques

Are you looking at etched plaques to memorialize, celebrate, commemorate or dedicate something or someone? Then cast metal & precision tooled plaques are the solution that you have been looking for. It couldn’t be easier to customize your etched plaques – all you need to do is select each of the specifications that you prefer for your etched plaques before we can process your order. We won’t start work on your cast metal plaque once we receive final approval on your design and payment in full.

Military & Government Seals Precision Tooled Plaques

If you are looking for thing gauge precision tooled plaques for government buildings or military purposes, then our solid bronze copper metal precision tooled plaques might be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Whether it’s a set of commemorative cast and precision tooled plaques or a new dedication of a government building, these cast metal plaques can be customized to your exact specifications.

Copper Metal Precision Tooled Plaques

Precision tooled metal plaques are an excellent way to recognize excellence or to dedicate or commemorate a building, home or statute to someone of note, whether it’s a current donor or someone who passed. If you’re looking to celebrate an employee you can do it with a cast and tooled plaque. Cast metal plaques are a beautiful choice to signify recognition or a special dedication. Cast and precision tooled plaques are a lead-free memorial solution.

Machine Tooled Plaque

Choosing precision tooled plaques provides you with a similar look as a cast and tooled plaque, but comes with a few added benefits. In addition to the lower cost, the production time, and the carbon footprint aspect of precision tooled plaques benefits – your custom copper etching can brag incredible detail. We can produce thin gauge precision tooled plaques of any description. If your plaque starts to fade, defect or chip we are happy to refinish it (or replace), provided your cast and tooled plaque is still installed in the original location.

Thin Gauge Precision Tooled Plaques

If you want to add a logo to your cast and tooled plaque that’s not a problem, all you need to do is provide us with your work. If you have more detailed specifications or there are needs to your lower cost precision tooled plaques that you don’t see on the website, don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We’re happy to field your questions and offer advice on your new custom precision tooled plaque. There are size requirements for text and font, but if you’re looking for a unique shape, size, mount or some other copper metal precision tooled plaques requirements, simply ask.

Custom Copper Etching

With a variety of sizes, shapes, finishes, and textures available – choosing your custom precision tooled plaque has never been more exciting. You can make your choices to commemorate the person or to fit in with the aesthetic of the building that is being dedicated. It really doesn’t matter why you’re looking for lower cost precision tooled plaques, what matters is that we can provide you with the best possible product at an affordable price and in incredible detail. Whether it’s copper metal precision tooled plaques that you want or you prefer a patina finish.

Precision Tooled Plaque

If you know what you want and what you’re looking for when it comes to a custom precision tooled plaque, then go right ahead and shop online. However, if you have a question, query or you just wish for some artful direction, feel free to contact us directly. In addition to being available at 800-205-9005, you can also email us with your inquiry. Please feel free to contact us whether your query is regarding thin gauge precision tooled plaques or any of other products.



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