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Presentation Folders


If you are looking to impress, whether at a major meeting with clients or perhaps an interview, leave a good impression with your quality custom presentation folders. Not only are our clear presentation folders a high quality, they are durable and completely customizable.

The perfect solution for organizing your information, whether it’s for an interview, meetings, trade shows or even a conference. A4 presentation folders printing should be viewed as the standard to which you hold your business to – it presents a professional image and helps keep you on top of everything in high-pressure environments.

Printing Of Presentation Folders

If you’re interested in the design and printing of presentation folders then you should consider just how versatile they are. For example, how often does your company visit trade shows and conferences and need to communicate a lot of information? It’s easier with custom presentation folders, especially when you include flyers, business cards, and organize your information properly. You might only have a minute to speak to passing people, but with presentation folders staples you can make an amazing first impression and pique interest with strong custom presentation folders.

We also offer presentation folders with custom log, and in a wide variety of sizes. There are options for pockets, slits for business cards, discs or other key information you want to highlight. If you often attend big meetings, visit conferences and trade shows on behalf of your company, have a presentation in school or you’re a school teacher – then the presentation folders with custom log option might just be the perfect solution for you.


Presentation Folders Specs

While we have a multitude of sizes available, the most popular options include:

A4 Presentation Folders Printing – A4 size is the traditional sheet of paper size, and should be more than sufficient for most clear presentation folders.

A5 Presentation Folders Printing – If you’re looking for something a shade smaller than standard then A5 may be the way forward when creating your custom presentation folders.

6×9 Presentation Folders Printing – This is the size in between the A4 and the A5 custom presentation folders, it’s certainly an excellent way to stand out and if your information is printing on A5 sheets, this is a good solution.

If there’s a custom size you want and don’t see on the website, simply contact us to discuss your options in more detail.

Blank Presentation Folders

Wondering what finish is right for your custom presentation folder? Check out the options below.

Aqueous – This coating is used for the gloss presentation folder printing template. It doesn’t just provide protection for your blank presentation folders, it also enhances the custom printing job.

Silk Lamination – Silk lamination is a dull matte finish for digital printing presentation folders. It may slightly dull the contrast and color, however, it’s resistant to water and tears, and produces a seriously smooth finish.

Matte – If you’re trying to avoid a shiny finish then choosing matte for your presentation folders for laser printers is the answer. It produces the clear, detailed images and text without the gloss.  These are also known as “soft touch” customized presentation folders.

Spot UV – You can also choose a UV spot coat for your custom presentation folders. This liquid coat can be applied in spots or as a whole – the choice is up to you! You can highlight the parts of your custom presentation folders that you want to and leave the rest.

None – If you’re not interested in a finish for your blank presentation folders, then you can opt for no coating whatsoever.  These are the cheapest custom presentation folders available.

Custom Presentation Folders No Minimum

You may have noticed that presentation folders staples come with a minimum order, many companies require you to order at least 250 custom presentation folders before they will tackle your order. You don’t need to worry about that with us, we are happy to provide custom presentation folders small quantity. This is particularly important for anyone who is looking to create just one (or a few) custom presentation folders for school purposes or perhaps a small business. Not everyone is in need of hundreds of clear presentation folders, which is why we’re proud to provide cheap custom folders no minimum.  Cheap presentation folders generally come with no business card slits.

Custom Presentation Folders

Wondering what you can use clear presentation folders for? Well, if you want to look the part when you walk into a major interview or an important business meeting – you’re going to do is better with custom presentation folders in your hand. There are plenty of options to presentation folder design and print, so you can include your company name, logo, and information or personalize it for yourself – the choice is yours, and with so many different designs available you are cheap to get the best when printing of presentation folders.

Wholesale Presentation Folders

Business is all about showing potential customers and clients just how professional you are – that’s just part of the game, and one of the ways you can let people know that you’re serious about what you do is with wholesale presentation folders. They’re a cost-effective stationery solution, what they tell people about you is that you believe in your business enough to make an investment in something like custom presentation folders. It shows them that you care about communicating a consistent brand image and that’s something that customers buy into. The biggest aspect of winning customers over is getting them to buy into your business. Digital printing presentation folders are just another avenue for you to explore in your journey to greatness.

Digital Printing Presentation Folders

There’s no better way to show people just how organized and prepared you are than with wholesale presentation folders. Typically, one would imagine custom presentation folders in the context of an actual presentation, however, don’t underestimate their effectiveness as a presentation piece for people to take away. In addition to tradeshows and events, wholesale presentation folders are also incredibly effective tools for employee inductions and even for headhunting, whether it’s for students or employees. You can fully organize your information, thoughts, and statistics using custom presentation folders and maintain a consistent image that will leave a good impression with those you’re handing your work out to.

Presentation Folders Printing Prices

When it comes to cheap presentation folder printing, your prices will vary on the design, finish, and size you choose. Of course, when you opt for wholesale presentation folders you will pay less per item, but there is no minimum order and even ordering one is still a cost-effective solution. Custom presentation folders printing provides you with a professional look – here are a few tips to help steer you to clear presentation folders perfection.


Make sure that your design is concise, but memorable – ensure the relevant information is clear. Don’t allow your design to distract from the content within your custom presentation folders. Perhaps, most importantly, ensure that all of your contact information (including professional social media handles) are included so that you are easy to find.

Presentation Folders Staples

You may not be interested in presentation folders for laser printers because you have a major presentation coming up. You may just enjoy custom presentation folders as a means of organizing your working (or school) life. For this you can choose blank presentation folders to keep yourself organized, whether it’s part of your filing system for financial documents or to keep track of receipts, invoices, and contractor information.


While there are templates available if you have a custom idea in mind you can contact us directly to discuss your ideas and see if it’s possible for us to accommodate your custom presentation folders design. Sometimes, all you need to keep track of your business cards, flyers, brochures, and other promotional materials are organized clear presentation folders.

Best Presentation Folder Printing Solutions

When you decide on the best presentation folder design and print you can expect a typical turnaround of around seven working days. The times do vary, but when it comes to custom presentation folders, we can’t start printing your project until everything has been approved for printing. This is why it’s vital that the information you provide us with is accurate, and any images you upload are clear and within the specified standards. If you want a rush order on your printing of presentation folders, simply contact us directly to discuss your needs or choose an expedited delivery option at checkout.

Presentation Folder Design and Print

It has never been easier to order custom presentation folders – all you need to do is choose the products that fit your image, customize the information that you want to be included, and upload any images that you want to be included in the design. Once you submit your order we’ll get to work on the printing of presentation folders.



Can you create two-pocket presentation folders?

Yes, we can create two-pocket folders or any other custom pocket folders you need.


Can you create custom business card slits in my folder?

Yes, we can create business card slit presentation folders for any size or shape of business cards.


What are the nicest custom folder options you have?

That is a tough question!  A few of our favorite finishing options are plastic folders, foil stamped folders, embossed presentation folders, and spot UV printed folders.


Do you have any specific company folders?

We have the following real estate presentation folders:

  • Keller Williams presentation folders
  • Remax presentation folders


Do you have presentation folder templates available?

We have a presentation folder template for almost 20 different sizes of folder printing.  If you need a custom folder design, just let us know and we can create one for you.



If you have any questions or requests, do not hesitate to contact us directly, you can either call us at 800-205-9005 or email us. Of course, you can go ahead and complete your custom presentation folders order online, too.



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