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Rack Cards


Our customizable rack cards are vertical advertising cards that are mostly found at restaurants, hotels, rest-stops, clinics, theatres, spas, sports events, bakeries, supermarkets, markets, hospitals, trade shows, exhibitions, offices, entertainment venues and other social places. They are an excellent form of marketing material that shares relevant amount of information about your business in the best way possible. The standard rack card sizes vary from 4″ x 9″ up to 8.5″ x 3.5″ and are available in run sizes up to 25,000.When your customized rack cards are displayed in places that have frequent traffic it may serve as a handout. Due to their convenient size, they can easily fit in display stands and brochure racks.

Rack Cards Uses

In the entertainment industry, they are used to promote music, artists, videos, movies, and plays. On your entertainment rack cards, it is essential to tell the target audience what to expect from the specific events or entertainment. This is done through some visual images, text and a short summary while promoting upcoming events. The design should match the tone of the event, whether formal or informal.

If the rack card is meant to be used for catering purposes, the menu can be set to a full-color print or black and white. The service menu will be able to showcase all the services offered by your company, business or hotel. In the example of a hotel, it is essential to have a food rack menu for the restaurant and a service menu that showcases room service or spa options, the hotel rooms, conference room and recreational avenues. Your hotel rack cards can act as reference sources for any visitor.

Advertising With Rack Cards

Rack cards serve as a great way to advertise your massage and relaxation business. Your clients can easily read from your rack card menu to see the available options.

For the food rack card, it is essential to use creative coloring that will attract people to your outlets. Our design team have plenty of experience and can assist with your designs or create them completely for you.

A bakery rack card is essential for any catering business. This acts as a portfolio for the kind of cakes, bread or muffins that the bakery shop offers. Your customers can easily read from your rack card menu to see the available options.

Rack cards are a great option for tourism purposes and having a section of the rack cards with maps and local information is also ideal for event centers and tours.

You can use business rack cards for gift vouchers, coupons and certificates that have your branding, logos and business information as well as other features. Rack cards can be easily inserted into gift packages, and add to marketing campaigns for new products, upcoming sales, and offers to make your customers aware.

A salon rack card helps prospective clients become aware of what your business is offering. If it suits their preference, they will be convinced to come and get the services. Your customers can easily read from your rack card menu to see the available options.

Rack cards can also be used for special occasions such as Christmas, weddings, Easter and all other events. Printing customized rack cards for your business is a great way to personalize your message to your customers and clients all year around.

Importance of using rack cards over other printed marketing tools

Rack cards include very specific material and allow your business to highlight important elements of sales strategies in a unique and simple way. It provides allowances to explain specific services or products to prospective clients.

Rack cards are flexible and can be adjusted easily

They aid in giving a story, depending on the needs of the audience. If they are meaningful, many people will take their time to go through them and even act as a referral source. Rack cards can be customized to print whatever material you wish your customers and clients to see.

Rack cards can also be scaled according to the need, budget, and purpose. It works as an effective marketing strategy for various reasons. Using custom rack cards can help meet your marketing needs easily.

They help in drawing attention to the company’s quality products and services. You can easily showcase amazing things about your business in the simplest and efficient way possible. They are the perfect addition to any existing marketing campaign and can be used to create a new campaign on their own. They are also very simple to distribute.

Tips on how to make the most of customized rack card printing

If you want your rack card to serve the purpose as it should, you need to keep some things in mind while choosing the design.

  • The front side should be as simple as possible. This means having an enticing headline and tagline that is straight to the point. Make a great first impression!
  • The back side should be used to communicate the key benefits and additional relevant information. Make it simple to read, yet informative
  • You should also be certain of your target audience, speak their language and use words that they can easily relate to.
  • The images that you provide for the designer should be inspirational, attractive and relevant to what you are showcasing. Make sure that they are high-quality to ensure they print well.
  • The rack card should also have a section that directs your audience on what to do next. Include contact information or event dates.

Text For Your Rack Cards

The text should be easy to read, have beautiful graphics, eye-catching images, the paper should have a nice texture, clear call to action message and make sure the color combination is epic. Our professional design team is available 7 days a week to create your customized rack cards for your business.

How we go about rack card design and printing

The rack card stocks we use for customized rack cards are in the range of 80 to 120, or 10pt to 16pt. The coated stock is normally smooth with satin, glossy or matte finish. If an additional surface coating is needed varnish, aqueous or UV may be used.

The various paper stock options include: 14pt glossy cover, 15pt glossy cover (one-sided), 16pt Glossy cover, 80= Gloss cover, 100= matte cover, 14pt uncoated cover, 14pt cream uncoated cover, Glossy UV Coated, Aqueous coat, Spot UV, 32pt Modcard, 22pt Gloss laminated, Silk Laminated, Velvet lamination, Inline Foil, 14pt uncoated, uncoated linen, and gloss cover.

The actual rack card design and printing

Step 1: Our standard rack card sizes vary from 4″ x 9″ rack card printing up to 8.5″ x 3.5″ rack card printing, but we can custom make rack cards to your requirements. After determining the size, we can focus on the content and where to place them to make the most important information visible.

Step 2: At Non-stop signs we are aware that the color, graphics, and images on the card are what draw the target audience’s attention. We can maximize the use of the colors chosen and imagery to ensure within one second a prospective customer notices and picks up the card.

Step 3: Rack cards being a high-touch marketing tool, will be designed in a way to promote your brand to its best ability. This is possible with the use of your branding and logos, your company’s name and all the images that relate to the marketing campaign. We make sure that the visuals are at the top of the rack card so that passersby can still see it even if they don’t pick it up. Clever imaging can create a curiosity about your brand.

Step 4: Your information will be designed in a simple and effective format that will have attention and campaign priorities at the top of the list of visibility.

Step 5: Due to the revolution of technology we can also use QR codes on the cards that will help to drive traffic to your website or online promotions. In addition, we can also ensure the web address and contact details are available for ease of communication.

Step 6: Before the actual rack card printing process begins, we will send a sample to you for approval. Be assured that our rack card printing services will not disappoint your expectations.

Why Choose Us

We deal with designing and printing eye-catching rack cards to serve their purpose. If you have your own design, we can incorporate it into the print paper and ensure we make beautiful cards for your needs. We are aware that they need to be concise and visually arresting. That’s why we have perfected the art over the years to make sure our clients are satisfied.

We make sure that they reach the required audience in an atmosphere where a prospective customer’s attention is being pulled in different directions. It works as an awesome marketing strategy if used in the right way. We use eco-friendly material that won’t pose a threat to the environment at whatever stage.

Budget Friendly Rack Cards Printing

We offer inexpensive rack card printing according to the owner’s preference. With a wide range of rack card templates, be assured that we will find a match for what you desire.

Just schedule an appointment and you will be connected to one of our consultation team members. You can then decide if you want to use any of our ready-made rack card templates or explain the kind of design you desire. Our prices are fair with the quality work that we will avail. Be assured of a fast turnaround after ordering for a design that will be printed and availed to you fast.

Customized rack card printing designs are one of the most effective forms of brand awareness and product marketing. You can use them to represent the best means of brand awareness available. If you want to know more about how to order your customized rack card printing, contact us today. We can provid a sample or purchase your rack card printing directly from our website using our rack card printing template.

Call us today at 800-205-9005 or send us an email to discuss your printing options.



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