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Reflective Aluminum Signs


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The beauty of reflective aluminum signs is that they look amazing and are useful in a variety of settings. Better yet, they have a five-year lifespan! Our custom reflective aluminum signs are clearly visible, day or night, and suitable for use both outdoor and indoors. It also just happens to be a metal that doesn’t rust, which means it’s great for any type of weather. We offer rounded corners (health and safety always) and can even pre-drill installation holes. You can choose any size or shape from our aluminum sign blanks. What do you plan to use your custom printed aluminum signs for?

Custom Cut Aluminum Signs

There’s a reason that custom cut aluminum signs are so popular. They’re long-lasting, professional looking, weather resistant, and completely customizable to your needs. Of course, there’s also the benefit that you can stick with our reflective metal signs or opt for brushed aluminum or standard. We’re going to stick to talking about our reflective aluminum options for now, though. However, whichever material you prefer, what you are investing in are large aluminum signs that are durable, versatile, mountable, post-able or frame-able.

Custom Reflective Signs

So, what are reflective aluminum signs exactly. It’s two sheets of aluminum that sandwich a polyethylene core. This is the case for all types of aluminum signs. The difference, though, is our custom reflective signs cannot be printed directly. First, print onto the reflective vinyl and then this is placed onto the custom reflective signs. Also, reflective metal signs are one-sided. If you want two-sided signs we have to print two different signs and then you can use them together. One of the biggest reasons people choose reflective aluminum signs is because they are visible in the dark. However, that doesn’t mean they’re only suited to outdoor living. They are great for indoor use, too.

Aluminum Business Signs

We want you to make an informed decision on your aluminum business signs, so let us also tackle the differences in standard and brushed aluminum signs. Standard aluminum business signs are incredibly thin and lightweight, but they are still durable. It’s possible to print this product double-sided. Much like the reflective aluminum signs, standard aluminum is also thin sheets of aluminum that have a polyethylene core. This is why these products are durable. A standard aluminum business sign has a raw appearance. It doesn’t just look like metal, it’s actually white. However, you can choose any color you like. That’s just part of the customization process. The most common uses for these signs include service signs, building signs, real estate signage, informational signage, directional signage, and spa/pool signs.

Custom Made Aluminum Signs

Now, let’s talk brushed custom aluminum signs. Also long-lasting and durable, brushed aluminum signs have a metallic appearance. It’s also thicker than its counterparts, which means it’s a little heavier, though still lightweight in comparison to other signage materials. Large aluminum signs use the same colors and inks as standard aluminum signs. The difference, of course, is that the blank areas of your brushed aluminum sign will be metallic rather than white. This is an important distinction, actually, as if you print white on a brushed aluminum sign it will simply show up as a metallic color. They are also only suitable for one-sided printing. You can use them outdoors or inside and they are commonly used for bathroom signs, reception areas, offices, waiting rooms, lobbies, hallways, and more.

Custom Aluminum Signs

So, now you know the difference. How can you ensure your reflective aluminum signs last for five years? Proper installation and care. You have a few options when it comes to installing reflective aluminum sign blanks. You can install it directly onto a wall, frame it or place it on a stand or you can hang it with rope, string or a bungee cord. If you plan to attach your outdoor aluminum signs to wood or concrete you should use washers and screws. Now, if it’s a post you are attaching custom reflective road signs to then nuts and bolts are the way forward. If you plan to use a frame or stand, know that we don’t specifically design our signage to any specific stand. Just consult the thickness and your chosen dimension with your installation solution.

Reflective Aluminum Signs

It isn’t just about installation, how you care for your custom cast aluminum signs matters, too. All it takes to keep your outdoor aluminum signs clean is warm, soapy water and a non-abrasive cloth. It just needs a semi-regular wipe down. You should also consider where you install your painted aluminum sign blanks. Avoid placing it where heavy objects could blow into it or in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. There is nothing complicated about looking after reflective metal sign blanks, it’s mostly common sense. If you are storing your signs, don’t put additional weight on them. They may be durable, but we didn’t design them with this in mind.

Custom Aluminum Street Signs

One of the most common uses for custom aluminum signs is for road signage. While you have probably seen them in use by real estate agents, road, safety and road safety are the most popular uses. The reason for this is because they can be used both outside and inside. So, custom aluminum street signs are a no-brainer. Just as using reflective signs to highlight dangerous working areas or safety rules in a workplace makes perfect sense. It’s all about using reflective signs in areas where there may be poor visibility or in situations where it’s vital that the signage is seen in enough time. Which explains why they are commonly used as road signage or for safety purposes. Additional uses for reflective signs include parking garages, residential areas, and business premises.

Reflective Signs

We field a lot of questions about reflective aluminum signs. One of the most common questions we hear is whether it’s really durable enough for outdoor use. Of course, it is. That’s why most of the road signage you see on your local streets are reflective aluminum signs! It’s lightweight, it’s weather-resistant, and it can handle any temperature. It doesn’t matter whether you experience bitter winters or the driest summer heat. Your signs will easily last at least five years or more, provided you install them correctly, place them properly, and look after them as instructed.

Remember, our reflective metal signs can only be printed on one side. If you need a sign that is double-sided you should choose the standard aluminum signage. Or, order two reflective metal signs and sandwich them together. Something else we do to ensure our custom reflective signs last is chosen a durable reflective overlay. There’s no point choosing custom aluminum signs if the reflective aspect of it isn’t just as durable. If you want extra protection, ask us about the laminate covering options we offer.

Custom Cast Aluminum Signs

When it comes to cost there is no difference between the cost of your custom reflective signs whether you choose one color or six. We are a full-color printer, so your design won’t impact the cost. What does factor into the cost of reflective aluminum signs the size of the sign itself, the size of your order, and the type of sign? Likewise, your custom reflective signs won’t be cheaper if you choose just one color to print in. If you want cheaper reflective signs you may want to order fewer or reduce the size. Alternatively, you may want to consider a different style of a sign if these don’t fall within your budget.

Another important note that we should mention is that we offer custom sizing. This means you can select any custom size based on your requirement. You can completely design your own sign and choose the size that works for your needs. Ideally, your sign won’t be smaller than 4 x 4 or any larger than 49 x 96. If you need custom reflective signs smaller or larger than these sizes, get in touch with us to discuss your needs. We work hard to accommodate our customer’s needs, and if we can’t offer you what you need for the type of product you’re looking for, we may have another that is more suitable.

Custom Reflective Signs

Do you want to create your very own custom reflective signs? Well, you can and we are more than happy to help you with your order. You can get in touch with us using the live chat option on our website. Or, you can call us at 800-205-9005. Alternatively, you can send us an email. If you choose to contact us by email, please be as specific about your order needs as possible. This will ensure an accurate quote and speed up the overall process.

Don’t forget, we offer a wide variety of products in addition to our range of custom cut aluminum signs. Why don’t you browse the rest of our website before you get in touch to discuss your order’ You never know what other products you will find to order along with those large custom aluminum signs you need.


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