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When it comes to retail, the key to a successful brand is creating a stable image Retail Hang Tags. Building a solid brand image is done with continuity in your products that are seen by the consumers who buy your products. Everything from business cards to the labels on your products makes a difference. If you want to create a reputable brand, you need to create an image you can be proud of. Nonstop Signs have been building your brands for years, and with modern technology and some good old-fashioned creativity, your retail brand will be sitting right where you want it, sooner than you might have expected.

Customized Retail Hang Tags

We create a range of customizable retail friendly products including hang tags that will give your products a winning edge over your competitors. Our custom printed full-color retail hang tags are a way you can endorse your product image and drive your brand into the future. Custom printed hang tags are an outstanding way to complement your retail products. Your customers can quickly view vital information about your products with our customizable retail hang tags.

Hang tags for your retail outlet is an outstanding way to market your products to your customers to get their attention and make them remember you. Branded hang tags can offer a professional element of your retail brand and are the simplest way to portray your brand image when people reach out for your products. No matter what the products are that you sell in your retail store, our design team can assist with achieving thorough brand continuity and help your business to grow.

Hang Tags Have Great Retail Marketing Potential

Creating a professional retail image for customers is one of the hardest parts of retail. You want to be able to appeal to a broad range of customers, and you want them to remember you. You also want to advertise and market your business on a budget, and often some vital elements of marketing can be overlooked to stay within a budget. That is why simple, cost-effective marketing techniques are so popular. Simple and effective printed branding products are a great way to promote your business to existing and new customers.

In retail, your marketing material is essential, and items like hang tags are a classic way to place your company branding on the many brands you sell, or your own. They are a great way to get vital exposure for your retail brand. Hang tags have excellent marketing potential when it comes to comparing to other methods. Hang tags are marketing material that fits directly onto your products as they hang in your store. They can be tailor-made to suit your entire brand and are an excellent way to advertise your website details in the direct vision of your customers. The custom design hangs tags can fit any range of products. From clothing and shoes to car cleaning products, food, toys, and even motor vehicles, hang tags can adapt to any product with ease.

Custom Design Clothing

Clothing tags are an easy way to communicate important information your brand wishes to communicate with your customers. Custom design hang tags for your retail outlet can be adapted to include a brand image as well as vital information relating to your products. Our custom printed retail hang tags can be in print on a broad range of durable paper and card stocks. We have simple single and double-sided options, and they can be printed in full-color or black and white. Hang tags will help you to get the attention your products deserve, and they are one of the most practical marketing strategies available because they can have many purposes. NonStop signs also offer a great range of other print products that can easily complement your existing brand marketing.

What Are Retail Hang Tags?

Hang tags put they are the informational hanging tags that appear on products to let you know the brand and relative information about the product and company who sells it.

They can be printed, and die cut to an almost infinite range of shapes and sizes, and hang from products to increase brand awareness. Having professionally printed and attractively designed hang tags will ensure your products will get attention. There is a range of custom options for your hang tags, and our design team will assist in the creation, design, and printing to build your brand image.

Our high-quality printed retail hangtags allow you to enhance your marketing campaigns with an all-inclusive option.

Uses For Retail Hangtags

Our hang tags for retail stores are printed on high-quality card stock and provide a crucial element of creating your brand image how you want to build it. Hang tags have many purposes in retail, and when combined with other marketing material for NonStop Signs, you can create the ultimate branding marketing package. Common uses and ideas for hang tags in retail include clothes, shoes, toys, jewelry, handmade goods, accessories, food and electronics, and about a million other uses.

Sticker Hang Tags

If you are looking for a unique way to impress your customers and make them remember your brand long down the track, sticker hang tags are a great option. Labels will help keep your brand alive. Customers can remove the branded sticker from their hang tag and apply it anywhere they wish. From skateboards, school books, or cars and beyond hang tags that are also stickers will allow people to share your brand for free.

Branded Price Tags

Branded price tags are a great way to customize your hang tags. Hang tags that have pricing space, as well as all the essential information they require, are perfect for use on multiple products. Being able to use the same branded hang tags on many items will ensure you don’t blow your marketing budget on various almost identical items that merely could have been one product.

Wholesale Branding

If you have your label, are a wholesaler or own a manufacturing brand, you can create multiple levels of branding for your products depending on where you wish to sell them. You can add displaying options for your retailers to ensure your brand representation is of satisfactory quality and in line with your brand expectations with customized hanging tags.

Tags For All Products

Custom tags are an effective and modest way to boost your brand on your products. Adding customized hangtags for your products will not only benefit your customers but will also help your brand.

Custom Vehicle Tags

If you are a motor vehicle retailer, there are many purposes for hang tags. Vehicle brand information and price tags are a simple and effective way to utilize them. Adding specific model information about your vehicles will make your job easier. Hanging informational hang tags from rearview mirrors will get the attention you need.

Custom Jewelry

Our hang tags are perfect for your range of jewelry products. We can create hang tags to hold necklaces and other packaged jewelry with ease. From small hang tags for rings to hang tags for diamond bracelets, there is no shape or size we can’t create for you. Plastic key tags are also great for jewelry.

Custom Food Product Hang Tags

We can custom design hangtags to suit any types of food products that you sell. From peanuts or honey to homemade cookies there is no limit to what we can create for your food brand.

What to Include on Your Hangtags

The options for what to include on your hang tags are unlimited. However, we often see the below items in print.

  • Branding, Including Logos
  • Pricing
  • Product Details
  • Contact Information
  • Website
  • Care Instructions
  • Ingredients
  • Social Media Details

Tag Specifications

Our clothing tags are available in a comprehensive range of shapes and sizes. However most common sizes are between 2″ x 2″ up to 3.5″ x 1.5″. Our hang tags are designed with ease of use in mind and are fitted with a hole so you can attach it to your products using string.

Customized Printing

We use long-lasting environmentally friendly UV ink, and you can print our hang tags with a range of finishes.

Why use Nonstop Signs for hang tag printing?

Nonstop Signs can create the ultimate branding package for your business. From hang tags to business cards, storefront retail sticker and decal printing and building signage, there is no printing or signs that we can’t create.

Customization Options

Our hang tags are available in quantities up to 25,000.


Our printing hang tags are affordable marketing products and are also hard-wearing.

Hang Tags Pricing

To find out pricing for hang tags to increase your brand image, contact our design team today. To learn more about our branding solutions for your retail store or brand, contact our professional team to discuss a full marketing and printing package. Contact us directly at 800-205-9005 or send us an email to discuss your retail printing options.

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