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Retractable Banner Stands

Almost every company and organization can benefit from retractable stands.

  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Businesses
  • Nonprofits


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Everything you need to know for the perfect Retractable Banner

Retractable banner stands are one of the best options for tradeshow displays, exhibits, and events. Moreover, they are easy to set up, store and transport. Replacement graphics are easy to create and install. Compared to other display stands, these can be a very inexpensive option.

Uses for a Retractable Banner Stand

Almost every company and organization can benefit:

  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Businesses
  • Nonprofits
  • Government Organizations
  • Hospitals
  • Same thing as a roll up a banner or a pop-up banner

Retractable Stands for Tradeshow Displays

If you need a display stand for a trade show, convention, conference, or any other event, we highly recommend looking into our retracting banner stands.


Retractable Stands for Retail Use

These retracting banner stands are a great option for in-store promotions. Also, they are bright, tall and will attract potential buyers. If you walk through any retail store, you will see a handful of these signs.

Economy Retractable Banners

Economy retractable banners are great for anyone on a budget looking for a cheap or a short-term use. If you are exhibiting less than 20 times, these economy stands are a great option. These come in single-sided only and are a final dimension of 30.5″x80″. Furthermore, these come with a carrying case, a custom printed vertical banner and stand.

Premium Retractable Banners

Our Premium retractable banner stands are the best option for anyone who plans to use their banner stands for years to come. The hardware separates this premium stand from the economic ones. They in several different widths of 2′, 3′ ,4′ ,5′ and 8′ wide and 92″ tall. Also, some people refer to these as silver step banners.

Table Top Retractable Banners

These are great for any tabletop displays. If you have a smaller trade show booth, then a tabletop retractable banner is probably the perfect option. These are generally single sided and 36″ tall.

Materials and Printing Process

For durability and quality, we print directly to all fabric, vinyl, and polypropylene.


Fabric Retractable Banners

Fabric offers the nicest look for your prints. Also, our vertical fabric banners are printed using a dye sublimation (dye sub) printing process. This process means that the UV ink actually goes through a thermal heat process and is absorbed into the tension fabric. This means the banner will last much longer than traditional vinyl. Fabric stands also reduce glare in bright events like conferences and tradeshows and are much easier on the eye. We can also use fabric for single sided or double sided trade show displays.

Vinyl Retractable Banners

The most cost-effective material for vertical banner printing is 13 mil vinyl banners. This is not your traditional Avery wrap vinyl with adhesive or vinyl banner, it has no adhesive backing and has a very smooth finish. It generally comes with a gray backing to eliminate light and create an opaque print. This is also our most popular material for all banner stands including non-retractable banner stands.

Retractable Banner Stand Printing

All of our portable banners stands and pull up banners are printed on state of the art Mutoh Valuejet 8 color printers with eco-solvent ink. Moreover, Mutoh vinyl printers have 3 yr outdoor durability ink. All of our vertical banners are cut with knifeless tape on an industrial routing machine for the best possible quality.

Roll Up Banner Stands Color Options

While the printed banner is available in any color, the stands are only available in 2 colors. Our options are available in anodized silver aluminum and also black coated aluminum. If you are looking for custom colors, we can have them painted to any color.


Retractable Banner Sizes

The most common size is 36″x92″ for our premium banner stands. If you are looking for a large retractable banner stand size we would recommend a 48″x92″ stand. Also, for our economy banner stand sizes, we recommend the 33.5″x80″ stands.


Retractable Banner Shipping and Storage

If taken care of properly, your vertical banner and retractable banner stand should last for many years. When collapsing the stand, make sure you do it slowly to avoid scratching. If you are shipping your banners, make sure to put the carrying case in a cardboard box before you ship. Although we use a clamp system to support the vertical banner, sometimes the adhesive that holds the banner can become weak over time. Make sure you always test the setup of your display banners before you attend your show or conference.


Double Sided Retractable Banners

We can produce these for any event. Some of our clients utilize only 1 side at a time for 2 single-sided prints in 1 set of hardware while other use the double-sided vertical banner option so clients see them from both sides.

Outdoor Retractable Banners

If you are looking for a verticle outdoor retractable banner we recommend buying the correct hardware. Our favorite brand of outdoor retractable banner stands is a company called Expand. The hardware weighs over 50 lbs and the stand can be used in very high winds. They also sell a double-sided.  Also, the product is called an Expand QuickScreen and the price is about $1000 each.



How to setup Retractable Banners

These are extremely easy to set up. Simply remove the banner stand from the provided carrying case. Extend the height adjustable graphic from the stand. Insert and extend the telescopic vertical pole into the base. Clip the vertical banner to the top of the pole when it is fully extended and you are good to go! When you are ready to leave simply remove the custom banner from the hardware pole and place back into your carry bag.

graphic video

Retractable Banner Artwork

Retractable Banner Design

Most professional graphic designers will be able to create a great design. The vertical banner design is not a place you want to save money. When you start your design, make sure you have already picked out the graphic size you need. Keep in mind that your banner display has an adjustable height when you are creating the graphic. You should consider your banner design a long-term investment and spend the extra time to make it great. If you are struggling with designs or need ideas, feel free to give us a shout and we can help.


Retractable Banner Templates

Below you will find Retractable Banner Templates for all of the vertical banners we offer. The artwork template will make your design process easy. Also, make sure you build in bleed to your artwork and let us know if you have any questions!

24″ Premium

36″ Premium

48″ Premium

60″ Premium

24″ Premium Tabletop

36″ Premium Tabletop

48″ Premium Tabletop

60″ Premium Tabletop

24″ Economy

31.5″ Economy

33.5″ Economy

36″ Economy

24″ Double-Sided Premium

36″ Double-Sided Premium

Ordering Replacement Graphics for a Retractable Stand

If you need an updated vertical print, the process is very easy. Send us new artwork and we will print out the updated replacement graphic. You can install the graphics into your hardware if you want or you can bring in the aluminum stand and we can do it.

What is the difference between your Retractable banner display and other Pop-up stands?

There are many different types of banner stands out there. The biggest difference you will find is the quality of the aluminum that is used in the stand. There is no right or wrong answer to finding the best retractable banners, it really depends on your budget, how long you will use them and how you want your brand to appeal to potential clients.

What comes with my order?

Very simple! You send us your roll up artwork and we send you back a great retractable display with print, hardware and a carrying bag. We also have led lights at an additional cost if you will be in a dark exhibit hall.


I need replacement parts for my display.

If part of your display is broken, chances are you are still under warranty and we will send you free replacement parts. In case you lose part of your display we are happy to send a new telescopic pole, support pole, steel base, or display. If you need this in a rush turn-around time because you are at an event or convention center, please give us a call so we can get this shipped right way.


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