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Rigid Plastic Signs


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If you want signs that are tough, versatile, and will perform under pressure you need rigid plastic signs. Our rigid plastic signs are made from plastic compounds for a smooth, matte finish. The best part about our rigid plastic signs is that they are suitable for use outdoors or inside. They make great signage pieces for trade shows, real estate use, as well as for wayfinding and directional signs. They can also be cut to just about any shape! You can order them single-sided or go for a double-sided look. If you install, care, and store them as per the instructions you can expect your signs to last for many years to come. They are also recyclable, so your signs will be Eco-friendly.

Custom Hard Plastic Signs

If you need a sign that is completely flat and won’t crumble under heavy use, then custom hard plastic signs are the answer. As noted you can opt for a single-sided our double-sided custom plastic sign. The benefit of this is you have flexibility in your displays. They can be used for a variety of reasons, and in addition to being durable, they’re also lightweight. All of this together makes custom hard plastic signs the perfect signage solution for short-term use outdoors and long-term use indoors.

If it’s a long-term outdoor plastic sign material you are looking for, then get in touch with us directly. We can discuss your needs further and guide you to the perfect product for your needs. Additionally, it’s possible to round off the corners, which can help make them more durable. We can even add a laminate for a bit of extra heft.

Custom Signs

You might be wondering what use you would have for rigid plastic signs. There are too many uses for us to cover, however, we’ve compiled a few examples of what you may want to use rigid plastic signs.

  • Retail signs
  • Point of purchase
  • Trade show signs
  • Retail displays
  • Menu boards
  • Graphics panel
  • Shop signs
  • Exhibition use
  • Graphics and signs for events

Custom Printed Plastic Signs

The installation of custom printed plastic signs has never been easier. We can drill the holes for you, and even provide you with the pieces you will need to hang it. There are a variety of options available for installation. Generally, we install the drill holes and people hang their printed rigid plastic signs using string, bungee cord or rope. You can also use screws to mount them to a wall or flat surface. Or, nuts and bolts for pole installation. Of course, you can easily use an art easel for a temporary display, too.

The key to ensuring your custom plastic signs lasts is caring for them properly. The good news is that it is easy to do! All you need is a mild soap and a clean dampened cloth. You will need to wipe them down more regularly if you use your large rigid plastic signs outdoors. Ideally, you can install them in an area that isn’t flooded by the sun. It’s also wise to install them somewhere that is protected from winds. Always store your corrugated plastic sign material flat when they are not in use. This will help protect them from damage.

Rigid Plastic Business Signs Outdoor

For small business owners, signage is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. It serves as an additional member of staff by informing, guiding, and advertising. Of course, your rigid plastic wall signs can only work hard for you if you design them correctly. Indoor signs are a different story you have captured their attention with your exterior signs and they are in your business. So, interior signs aren’t all about branding they are all about communicating an offer or service that you want your customer to buy into. This will require a bit of different thought than outdoor signs.

The basics, though, are always the same. Rigid plastic business signs outdoor need to be considered for color, typeface, and message. While that’s also important inside, the exterior signs need to be in your face and clear. It’s vital that your custom rigid plastic signs capture someone’s attention and also clearly communicate your bottom line message. So, bear this in mind as you create your design for plastic rigid sign printing.

Custom Rigid Plastic Signs

So, what do we make our signs from Well, custom rigid plastic signs are made from plastic! It’s a type of PVC plastic. We already mentioned that our plastic sign board material is Eco-friendly. How can that be Well, the PVC plastic we use comes from organic compounds that occur naturally. So, while it’s hard and incredibly durable, it’s also completely recyclable. So, when you’re done with it you don’t need to harm the environment when you dispose of it.

When it comes to the thickness of our sign plastic material, we generally use 3 mm thickness. This means you can have a durable sign that works outdoors and it keeps the price point around the same as other outdoor signs. However, it’s also possible to choose thicker custom plastic signs. Just ask if you aren’t sure how thick your sign should be. We’re a custom shop, so if it’s physically possible to create it in your preferred thickness, then we will do it. As noted, our plastic yard sign material is suitable for use outdoors. However, typically, it’s for shorter to mid-term use. While we print using ink that is resistant to fading, abrasion, UV rays, and other weather, inclement weather may affect your sign. If you are looking for a long-term exterior sign, contact us to discuss your needs.

Plastic Signs

If you look after your new plastic signs, then you can expect them to last five years or so. However, if you use them outdoors and they are constantly exposed to nature this will shorten their lifespan. While we can provide you with a laminate coat that protects it from fading and scratches, contact with a sharp object will damage your custom plastic signs. The good news if rigid plastic signs do have a bit of flexibility. They’re slightly pliable, so there is a bit of giving. However, if you apply significant force your sign will snap. This is particularly important for transport and storage purposes. If you’re looking for an incredibly rigid signage solution, then contact us to discuss your needs. A thicker plastic sign material may be sufficient. However, you may find another material is appropriate for your use.

If you want to drill the holes yourself, you can! Just let us know you’ll take care of that and we will leave your plastic yard sign material intact. However, if you choose to handle the drill holes and you damage your plastic sign material, we will not be able to provide you with a refund or exchange. If you plan to drill your own holes because you don’t want them in the corners, just let us know exactly where you want them! We’re happy to work with your needs.

Rigid Plastic Signs

We talk a lot about custom printed plastic signs. We haven’t touched on custom sizes, though. Yes, we offer a range of options when it comes to standard sizes. However, it’s also possible to cut your plastic sign material to any custom size you wish. The only restriction is that it’s not possible to go smaller than 4 x 4 (nor can it be larger than 48 x 96). Any sizes between those ones, though, are open season for creating the ultimate plastic signs cheap. We don’t charge extra to use colors your design is your design. The cost of your rigid plastic signs will be down to the size of the sign, the number of signs that you order, extras, and of course, shipping and taxes.

Plastic Signs Near Me

If you are ready to order rigid plastic signs, then get in touch with us to get started! You can give us a call at 800-205-9005. Or, you can use the live chat option on the website. This will put you in touch immediately with one of our experienced sign technicians who can field any questions or queries that you may have. Alternatively, you can send us an email about your custom made plastic signs order. If you do choose to email us, please provide us with as many details about your rigid plastic signs as possible. This will help speed the process up and ensure that the product you receive is exactly what you need.

We do a lot more than produce rigid signs, though. Why not take a look at the rest of the products on our site? Whether you need business cards and brochures or flags and flyers, we have it all. We can print stickers to help you promote your new small business or A-frames to shout about a new product or service. You can order any or all of these while you order your custom hard plastic signs. We’re your one-stop marketing, branding, and promotional shop.

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