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Custom Rip Cards Printing | NonStop Signs

There a wide variety of ways to take advantage of rip cards. The options to customize are endless and you can promote a seasonal offer or print schedules. There really are a variety of options to rip cards printing, which is why it’s a product that we get so excited about! You might not be sure whether custom rip cards are right for your business, but we can help you figure out if they are! You can get the desired impact, then you need just the right paper stock. A glossy paper stock will produce crisp, vibrant colors to reflect light. That’s why they’re great for more visual designs or those that include graphics. However, if you want an elegant look you are trying to achieve, then a matte finish is ideal. It doesn’t stop there, though, the opportunities are endless.

Why Use Rip Business Cards

So, why use rip business cards? They’re an extraordinary resource for anyone who sees your add. The person who sees your door hanger or ad can easily tear off the bottom piece that includes your contact details. Which means you will be remembered no matter what. Business cards are never going to go out of style, but with the advancement of technology, they are changing. Rip business cards are unique, memorable, and effective. You can communicate all of the additional information on the card, and on the tear-off business card portion, you include your website, social media information or just your contact number. The point is that the person won’t need to struggle to remember your information, they’ll have it to go.

It’s basically much like a flyer or a door hanger. It has a variety of information on it and features a sleek and slick design. Not everyone wants to take the whole flyer to go, though, which is why rip business cards make it easy for potential clients to slip your card in their wallet, jacket or purse right away. It’s professional, it gets more information in the hands of potential customers, but all they need to take is the business card portion. We offer rip business cards in a variety of sizes, paper stocks, and styles, too. You can go with the door hanger, try a postcard or get creative with a flyer.

Promotional Rip Cards

So, you want to invest in promotional rip cards? Well, rip cards are perfect for a number of uses, but they are generally a marketing tool. It doesn’t matter which options that you choose, you can be seriously creative with the main message and use the tear-off bit as a way to seal the deal. The tear-off section of your tool is great in a variety of ways. So, let’s take a look at the many ways you can use rip cards to market your business.

  • Appointment cards
  • Membership cards
  • Postcards with coupons
  • Raffle tickets
  • RSVP invitations
  • Event tickets
  • Rip business cards
  • Real estate properties
  • Coupons
  • Save the dates
  • Door hangers
  • Special promotions
  • A series of coupon offers

Promotional Rip Cards

Promotional rip cards serve a dual purpose. Not only do they provide you with advertising, but they also have the tear-off spot you can take. A postcard is a fun and interactive way to put the word out about your business. You can be seriously creative with your promotional rip cards, too. There are many styles, sizes, and finishes to choose from. So, even if you see a great idea elsewhere, you can still create something amazing and unique. For example, a plastic surgeon could use a flyer design that slims someone as they tear off the takeaway. The tear-off could be a great discount or a free consultation. The point is that you can get really creative and get your business noticed.

Appointment Rip Cards

Real estate agents often use rip cards. Generally, the upper portion (or the main portion) features a couple of listings. The specifics are included on the card and then the prospective client can tear-off the business card. Another common industry that makes use of them is the insurance industry. The main card features the ad, which includes benefits and rates, then the tear-off portion features the contact information for the agent. It’s not just for insurance and real estate agents to use, though. Creative professionals can also take advantage of custom rip cards. Artists, musicians and even charities, often use these to promote their event, a service or a product. It could be the ticket stub for the main event. One of the biggest benefits of rip cards is that they are affordable.

Rip Cards Messages

You can choose your rip cards messages. How you choose to brand and advertise is up to you. However, one of the things that we tend to recommend is that you keep your message clear, which means short and sweet. While with rip cards you have more room to work with, you still want to clearly define who you are, what you offer, and what you can do for people. You need to sum it up as succinctly as possible to ensure they grab the tear-off portion and follow through. That goes for whatever tear-off you opt for, whether it’s a business card or a coupon.

Remember, the ultimate purpose of custom rip cards is that the person who views it takes the tear-off with them. So, think about what type of rip cards messages will ensure that they do tear that piece off and take it with them. It could be the simple message on the card, it may be the offer itself that swings it. When you make an investment like this, then you need to make sure your offer is right for the advertising piece you are doing. A simple 5% discount might sound great to you, but will it cause new customers to choose your business? Or, is 10% closer to the real deal?

Rip Cards

Just as the message is up to you, so is the design. You want to choose custom rip cards then represent you well as a business. It should include your logo, your color scheme, and any relevant information that you believe a customer needs to follow up with you on your offer. Don’t be afraid to show your creative side, even if you want to present a high-end feel with your custom rip cards, you can still do it in a creative way. It’s all in the finish! So, take it matte for a high-end finish and stay glossy if you have vibrant images. For example, if you are selling vacation homes, you want a glossy finish that will make the images pop.

If you aren’t sure how best to design your rip cards messages, please feel free to contact us to discuss what options may be most appropriate for your business and your needs. We love a challenge, so if you have a new idea don’t be afraid to ask if it’s possible.

Custom Rip Cards

If you want to maximize all of the different ways to promote your business, raffle or event, then custom rip cards can help. They can help you spread your message everywhere. You can print onto just one side or go with both – the choice is yours. Of course, the decision may hinge on the style of rip cards you choose and how you plan to distribute them. For example, if you want door hangers, then a single-sided print is more than sufficient. If you are printing postcards, then you will likely want to print on both sides of the card. Still, it’s up to you decide which of these will work most efficiently for your business.

Harness the power of promotion and couple it with a takeaway. Whether you want to do it for a raffle or giveaway or just include a coupon, rip cards are the way to do that. What type of exciting campaigns are you thinking about launching for your business? Do you want to attract new customers or reward your loyal clients? Printing of rip cards can do all of that for you.

Printing Of Rip Cards

So, you’re interested in the printing of rip cards? Great! We can help. Whether it’s promotional rip cards, rip baseball cards or for business use, we can do it! Heck, we can even offer you blank rip cards. You can provide us with your own artwork or simply use one of our many rip cards templates. Contact us by email, live chat or call us at 1-800-205-9005. One of our technicians is standing by and will be happy to answer any questions that you may have with regards to rip cards messages. We offer a wide range of services in addition to the printing of rip cards. It’s possible to create your exterior business signage and we can even help with the incredible décor of your offices! There’s more than that, though. We can print flyers, banners, business cards, and so much more. Whatever you want, we’re your one-stop shop.

Need help with your Rip Cards? We offer FREE DESIGN SERVICES!

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