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Roll End Tuck Top Boxes


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Roll End Tuck Top Boxes

As a company trying to sell products, visual marketing should lead the marketing strategies, and roll end tuck top boxes are a great addition to any brand awareness campaign. Something as simple as a box with the logo is a particular design representing your company can leave a lasting imprint they may not even know. Your logo or company image will stick in their mind, resurfacing when the time comes to purchase products or services. If you do not think packaging makes a difference, you need to rethink your business. An attractive presentation that catches the eye is a good marketing strategy.

Fun with roll end tuck top boxes

Marketing need not be a grueling and challenging task. You can have fun with it, and you can be creative. It need not be complicated either. Marketing could be as simple as a box customized with the logo of your business and roll end tuck top box printing could be the branding solution you’ve been seeking.

You can print whatever you want and send a clear message to your customers. Word of mouth is a potent marketing tool. Just having your design out there can spark the word of mouth chain. It is up to you to choose how you get your brand out into the world.

What is a roll end tuck top box?

A roll end tuck top box is precisely what the name suggests. It is a type of box that folds inward on the sides, and the top part tucks into the front of the box. The rolled side of the box provides an extra layer of cardboard, which results in a sturdier box.  These are not the same as print & trim boxes.

It is better for shipping for the reason it is sturdier & an excellent customization option. We can size these to your products and reproduce these to your specifications. We can supply accessories like filler paper to protect your products inside the boxes & special taping for the outside of the boxes.

How are they used?

When it comes to packaging, some things look better in a box. From food and beverage products to clothing and jewelry, they are excellent for promotions, sample offerings, & production product packaging. To put together a nice sample box for someone, Roll End Tuck Top Boxes are an excellent option for printing.

Clothing Roll End Tuck Top Boxes

Roll end tuck top boxes are a great option if you offer specially designed clothing or footwear. Your branding will remain in the minds of anyone who sees the boxes with your logo.


Roll end tuck top boxes for electronics

These are the perfect option for shipping electronics, as the boxes have added layers to make them sturdier. That can come in handy for items that need just a little more coverage. The products with your personalized branding will leave a lasting effect on customers.

Roll end tuck top gift boxes

How great would it be to give someone a gift in a personalized box? Roll end tuck top gift boxes are perfect for unique gifts or party favors. The box and the gift itself will be cherished.

Printing Cost and Estimation

Customizing your design means that pricing will differ. Specific printing cost & estimation depends on how long, wide and thick you want your box to be. Contact our team to discuss customization options.

Shapes and Sizes

They can be cut or printed into any shape or size. You can discuss the most common dimensions for effectiveness with our design team. Our precision CNC routers are used to cut custom roll end tuck top boxes, and shapes and sizes are not limited to rectangles or squares.

Step by step assembly of the roll end tuck top box

Assembling roll end tuck top boxes is a simple process. The boxes are already creased, which means you can follow the simple instructions for where it needs to be folded to assemble.

  • The first step of folding your roll end tuck top box is the take the side flaps and fold them inward along the creases.
  • Next, the sides fold inwards and then folded again, onto itself.
  • We treat the front flap the same way. You will fold the front flap inward and then again onto itself.
  • Last, the final flap is folded, which bends the crease. This last part can have a variation on the top flap. Roll end tuck top boxes with dust flaps on the side of the top flap get folded into slits on the edge of the front of the box.

In the regular model, there are no flaps on the side. The top flat part tucks into a slit along the bottom edge of the front of the box. It may sound a little tricky in words but having the box in front of you helps. This process is natural to get the hang of and won’t take you long to master.


  • It is relatively easy to assemble.
  • Boxes come creased and ready to fold.
  • The side folds make this box very sturdy, sturdier than a regular box.
  • When the front and side flaps fold over, they form a double layer that provides more stability.
  • They come in different sizes and are easily customizable.
  • You can put any design, in any color on the box of your choice. Your creativity only limits the possibilities.

The image printed on the box is entirely up to you. Customized well-designed roll end tuck top boxes printing is an essential option for businesses seeking to package their products appropriately.

No gluing is necessary. All you have to do to is fold the box. You don’t need any glue to put the boxes together for the reason the piece folds into each other with ease.

Should My Business Print Roll End Tuck Top Boxes for my Products?

These open new doors and creates a brand awareness that you may never have had before. You have the opportunity to be 100% unique and leave a lasting impression on your customers. Your roll end tuck top boxes with customized printing will gain attention from new potential customers and remind existing customers about the high standard your business represents.

Roll end tuck top box printing is an excellent addition to any existing marketing campaign and will allow your brand to grow with style, gaining momentum and exposure. It is a great idea to go with personalized roll end tuck top boxes printing for your company. Make your boxes professional and straightforward, or funky and colorful. Our team of professional designers can create a complete branding package for your business.

Why choose Nonstop Signs?

Roll end tuck top boxes are sturdier than other box types, are easily customizable and are a necessity in the business and marketing world. Professional and precise work requires the skills of experts. Custom roll end tuck top box printing is a great way to stay relevant and work towards longevity in your industry. Part of lasting is being able to change and adapt to the times. Constant brand marketing and figuring out new ways to market your products is vital. There is no better way to portray your products than with custom roll end tuck top boxes printing.

We have a broad range variety of roll end tuck top box printing designs, samples and roll end tuck top boxes templates. Talk to us about the effectiveness of roll end tuck top boxes designs, logo, and graphics for your business.


Customized Designs

These designs are one of the most effective forms of brand awareness and product marketing. Enjoy the benefits of a modest difference and use them to represent the best means of brand and product awareness. If you want to know more about how to order your customized roll end tuck top boxes printing, contact us today. We can send a sample, or you can purchase your roll end tuck top boxes printing directly from our website.

Call us today at 800-205-9005 or send us an email to discuss your printing options.

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