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Rolled Canvas


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What is a rolled canvas? A stunning marriage of modern technology and tradition. This hybrid creation takes your favorite photos and art and elevates it. With custom rolled canvas prints, you have a long-life piece of art that makes a stunning gift or accessory for your home or office. It’s an exciting technology that is just waiting for you to take advantage of it. It’s important to note that there are two different options when it comes to canvas print. There is our rolled canvas and there is the stretched canvas. While we offer both of these products, we want to ensure you understand the difference between them. It’s important to use that you get the right product for your needs, so let’s talk about rolled canvas art prints!

Rolled Canvas vs Stretched Canvas

While every canvas print is stretched, there is a difference between stretched canvases and rolled canvas prints. What is that difference? Well, let’s take a look at how we do it! A rolled canvas print is a simple standard print. However, after we print it, you can use a stretcher bar to stretch it. So, you can order both of these products from us. With the rolled canvas prints we print your art or images onto the canvas and it’s up to you to handle the stretching (or not). If you’re an artsy person then you may enjoy tackling projects like this.

  • Rolled Canvas Prints
  • Lower cost than stretched canvas.
  • A better fit if the framer also handles the stretching.
  • Stretching can cause paintings to loosen, so for shipping purposes, some people might prefer rolled canvas prints.
  • Some people just enjoy having an art project to do, which might mean learning how to frame rolled canvas.
  • Stretched Canvas
  • Less risk of damage to your print if the printing company handles the stretching process.
  • Stretched canvas prints are generally sharper, brighter and a higher quality.
  • Better dimensions and sizes.
  • Less vulnerable to damage and dust.

Rolled Canvas vs Wrapped Canvas

It’s important to make mention of wrapped canvas prints as well. When it comes to rolled canvas vs wrapped canvas, there are some key differences. The wrapped canvas is essentially shrink-wrapped over the frame. Once the canvas is in place we can print the graphic onto it. With the wrapped canvas your graphic will cover the sides as well. They are also commonly referred to as gallery wraps as it’s what you see when you visit art galleries. It’s a stunning look, but it’s certainly different to rolled canvas framing. You can choose your size, as well as the depth of the frame. It’s possible to create a stunning collage in a wrapped canvas. This is a popular solution for wedding photos, anniversary celebrations, and even for home and office décor.

Rolled Canvas Art Prints

We offer high-quality rolled canvas art prints in a variety of sizes. It could be as small as just eight inches by eight inches. Or, you can choose large unframed canvas art up to over four feet by four feet! We use canvas and ink that is both water and UV resistant. What we want to create is rolled canvas prints cheap, but ones that will last. We tackle the rolled canvas painting and it’s up to you to deal with the rolled canvas framing. You can then hang them in the bedroom, the office, the living room or even the den!

The best thing about rolled canvas prints is the high-quality finish you get. This is all down to the products and techniques that we use to product unstretched canvas prints. The cheapest rolled canvas prints don’t just make great additions to your home. They also make fantastic gifts. It’s a wonderful gift that anyone would be delighted to receive. So, if you have a friend who adores a particular photo or, you have family pictures that deserve to be on display – consider unstretched canvas art prints.

Rolled Canvas Prints

Rolled canvas prints are an excellent way to showcase your favorite photos and pieces of art. They are the ideal solution for anyone on a budget. If you’re trying to stretch your budget, then opting for canvas rolled and handling the framing yourself is a convenient way to do it. They make wonderful gifts and accessories for home décor.

Additionally, with custom rolled canvas prints you have a variety of framing options. You can search for the perfect frame to finish your print and stretch and frame it in your own time. It’s an expression of your personality and when you give them as a gift, it shows that you put a lot of effort into it. Personal gifts are always special to receive, and involving yourself with some of the tasks just adds to it.

Rolled Canvas Art

With rolled canvas art your photos gain a new dimension, an elegance that they were missing. It’s so easy to create rolled canvas prints and improve the appearance of images. Our digital printing process takes your photos and transforms them into professional rolled canvas art. You can order a single one or order a dozen. You might want to order them for gifting purposes or you may have plans to sell them on. Of course, you may be looking to create a selection of pieces to hang in your personal art gallery or for your own showcase.

It’s also possible to use rolled canvas prints for promotional purposes. For art galleries and museums, digitally reproducing replicas create affordable art pieces for art lovers. This is an excellent way to increase your coffers and make art more accessible to everyone. It also adds something special to photos. Which means you can use it as an unusual way to present your business ideas or products in a unique way.

Canvas Rolled

We are committed to producing high quality rolled canvas prints. In addition to the other services that we offer, we will always send you the final proof for approval. We won’t start the process until you’re ready to get started. You can send us your design and we will ensure there are no technical issues with it. That means we’ll take a look at the line weight and bleed setup. Then we’ll transform your simple photo into a stunning work of art. This isn’t just rolled canvas art that we create, it’s a treasure you can enjoy for many years to come.

Whether it’s newborn portraits, a large family photo or celebrating your wedding day. Our elegant rolled canvas prints make wonderful home accessories and gifts. They can do more than that, though. They’re a unique way to recreate popular pieces of art and it’s also possible to use them to promote your work. For up and coming artists, a showcase is a unique opportunity. So, make the most of it by printing your work onto a rolled canvas.

How To Frame A Rolled Canvas Art Print

Okay, you’ve decided to tackle rolled canvas prints and now you need to know how to frame a rolled canvas art print. The first thing you need to do is stretch your canvas. You’ll need a stretcher bar to carry out this task. You can buy one or make your own (if you happen to have a piece of pine and a saw). Once it’s stretched you can frame it. All you need to do to frame your rolled canvas prints is a correctly sized frame.

You’ll need to measure the canvas’ thickness. This will help you determine what type of frame you can use. If you don’t have the necessary equipment (or patience) to tackle this you can check out our stretched canvas prints instead of our unframed canvas painting options. Or, you could find someone else to handle this part of the process for you. The choice is yours.

Unframed Canvas Printing

If you want to order custom rolled canvas prints, then you have come to the right place. We offer the cheapest rolled canvas prints around. Whether you want it framed or unframed, we can help you create stunning canvas rolled prints. We offer a wide variety of other products in addition to our rolled canvas prints. Whether it’s art, gifts, décor, branding or advertising materials that you need – we have it. There’s no need to figure out where to buy rolled canvas. You can stop shopping rolled canvas Michaels and rolled canvas Hobby Lobby.

Instead, you can let the professionals handle matters. Forget searching the web for advice on how to hang rolled canvas. Let us do it all for you. Contact us today to order your rolled canvas print. You can call us at 1-800-205-9005. Or, you can contact us using the live chat option on the website. One of our technicians is standing by to field any questions and queries that you might have. They can assist you in the ordering process and offer advice and guidance if necessary. Alternatively, you can email us regarding your rolled canvas art prints order.

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