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Sales Presentation Boxes

Sales Presentation Boxes are great for any business, marketing or presentation!


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Custom-Sales Presentation Boxes

Before a customer or client sees your product or presentation, the first thing they see is your sales presentation boxes. It’s also the first thing they hold. That is why it’s so important you give them a great first impression of your business. Forget ugly brown packaging and make a memorable first impression by using good-looking printing.

Our sales presentation boxes are constructed from two types of quality card stock and designed for your specific needs. We can create a personal or a business solution for you.  These can accommodate materials up to 9.75 x 11.5. We’re not just talking paper. Watches, health products, and other accessories can fit comfortably inside one of our larger sales presentation boxes.

By designing a custom sales presentation box, you make sure the material holding your documents looks as professional as the documents themselves. Why wouldn’t you use all the available space to market your business? You’re making an impact the second someone sees your sales presentation box. You’ll earn another effect when they grasp the quality of our material in their hands.  Any sales training will tell you that first impressions are everything.

What is Sales Presentation Boxes Printing?

If your business is new and your products are hot off the press, then you may be wondering what sales presentation boxes printing is? This particular type of box printing allows you to create a custom presentation box using one of our samples or custom designs. Use one of our high-quality templates to make a unique box or create your very own look by adding your logo and colors. Featuring your branding and other customizable options, they are essential ‘gift boxes for business.’

We print all of our sales presentation boxes on premium card stock. 4 PT uncoated card stock gives you a flat matte finish, which means you can write notes and use ink stamps without worrying about the ink smudging. Our uncoated stock even allows you to write neatly on your box with a pencil.

We use 18 PT C1S card stock if you desire a glossier finish. If we apply this finish before printing your box, this coating prevents ink from seeping into the fibers of the paper, producing more radiant colors and crisper images. Your logo will stand out on this cardstock.

Do you need a large order?

That’s not a problem. You can place your order in bulk from 250 to 25,000. Wholesale orders are for large quantities. Contact us if you want to see samples.

How Sales Presentation Boxes Work?

Our sales presentations boxes require no complicated assembly. Here’s how these work: by using a tuck and tongue bottom for easy assembly, as you would traditionally close most boxes. Our clients use widely use these styles because they can be handled roughly without coming loose. Velcro on top and the added support of glue instead of tape (which can come loose over time) on the sides keep contents in place.

Why You Need Sales Presentation Boxes Printing?

Eye-catching packaging can stop you in your tracks in a store, even before you know what product is inside. Why should your packaging be any different? These leverage the same ability by combining packaging and marketing to grab your customers or clients attention. Here’s why you need sales presentation boxes printing: to capitalize on the rarely used marketing space provided by sales boxes and to ensure materials arrive safely and are kept secure.

Think about how many documents your business prints. Don’t just type some words and send it to the printer. You have a style guide and editors because each piece of paper is a representation of your business. You can think of these in the same way. With more room for a giant version of your company’s logo or a slogan, these are more easily recognizable than a small logo in the corner of a piece of paper.

Customization Options and Sales Presentation Boxes Printing Designs

We offer a wide range of printing designs and customizable options.

Real Estate Sales Boxes

Purchasing a home is the most significant investment most people will ever make. If you are a real estate agent, give prospective home buyers something with some weight. Who knows, they might even remember to call you when selling.

Business Gift Boxes

Every business has unique customers. Show your appreciation for a business gift box for the holidays or to say thank you for their business.

Marketing Presentations

Nothing is duller than a workplace presentation. Everyone gathered around the conference table, looking at the clock on their phones before the PowerPoint uploads. Employees do little to hide their disdain for meetings. Start your next sales pitch with something fresh and sophisticated. Let your sales presentation boxes create a sense of anticipation as you pass them around the table. They may not look forward to the next meeting, but at least they won’t dread it.

Sales presentation boxes for personal use

Wedding Invitations

A wedding is special. You check the guest list hundreds of times. Cakes are taste tested. You fit the clothes. The staff arranges the flowers. But decorated envelopes are often overdone. Make your wedding a ‘must attend event’ by sending your invitations in a sales presentation box. Sending your invitations to one of these will ensure your guests are reminded to RSVP to the wedding of the year.

Important Documents

If your business involves mailing documents to clients, spruce up your delivery by sending them in customized sales presentation boxes. It doesn’t matter what is inside; your clients will be looking forward to the next shipment.


No one sends letters anymore. Show your loved ones how much you care by logging out of your email and sending a handwritten note. While you’re at it, throw it in a customized sales presentation box.

Birth Announcements

Pink and blue balloons are cute, but how about giving your baby a leg up in the world. Send your baby shower invitations in a sales presentation box and watch the gifts roll in. You won’t have to buy diapers for a year.

Sales Presentation Boxes For Gifts

The next time you give a small gift such as a watch, present it in a sales presentation box. Customize it so next year’s Christmas present sends in a custom box.

The Akuafoil system allows us to create an almost infinite range of colors. Akuafoil uses a base layer of silver ink beneath standard colors to create more hues than traditional foil printing while making transitions between colors cleaner. Akuafoil also makes it possible to adjust the gradient of colors.

You can add contrast or dimension with a spot UV coating to highlight your sales presentation boxes in just the right places. Spot UV uses ultraviolet light to create a shinier surface and more colorful images. The process is so precise, visually stunning angles look to be precision cut from a straight edge razor. Spot UV has the additional benefits of protecting the product from exposure to moisture and being environmentally friendly.

Since most orders are custom, contact us for sales presentation boxes printing quotes & estimation.

Why Choose Us?

Ditch the bland packaging and give your clients a professional sales presentation box to remember you. Great looking sales presentation boxes printing can set you apart from the competition. The quality is high, and the prices are affordable We can customize sales boxes for all your needs. Business or personal, create sales presentation boxes for everyday use, promotions, events, and more. Use one of our templates or build your own and showcase your logo and colors the way you see fit. At a maximum size of 9.75″ x 11.5″, you can even create boxes for small products like jewelry, health products, and other accessories.

Professional Looking Boxes

Sales presentation boxes make sure the documents inside aren’t the only materials looking professional. There is space available on every package, so why not use it for marketing your business? And don’t worry about wasting time trying to fold an origami contraption. The simplicity of our sales presentation boxes makes working with them a breeze. Just close it like you would like any other traditional, quality box and have peace of mind that the contents will stay put.

You already know how vital packaging and marketing are separate. You can combine the materials and start hooking more clients.


Sales Presentation Boxes Printing Costs

Call us at 800-205-9005 to ask about costs and to place your order. Whether you need several hundred or several thousand, contact us today.



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