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Sales Presentation Kits


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It doesn’t matter what you call it or what you include in it, sales presentation kits are par for the course. You may include literature or premiums, perhaps it’s rate cards or other collateral. The point of a custom sales presentation kit is to house all the materials you need on-hand, that way it’s convenient. More importantly, though, you can present your materials in a dramatic and professional fashion. Any skilled presenter knows it’s important to have a handy bag of tricks. You, essentially, are another piece of collateral that belongs in that custom sales presentation kit. Don’t worry, you don’t have to fit yourself in – the point is, you are a big part of the presentation. So, to have the sales presentation kits contents on hand is only going to improve your performance.

Sales Presentation Kits Ideas

So, let’s talk about the contents of the sales presentation kit boxes. Of course, this will vary from industry to industry, but we’ll try to run down the basics. Remember, we can also create custom presentation box inserts so it all fits snug as a bug.

  • The Accessories. Where would your custom sales presentation kit be without the accessories? If you are presenting, you’ll want to include a thumb drive of your presentation – a backup is always important. You will also want a print out copy of your notes. Then there will be handouts, evaluation forms, and any technical products that you need.
  • The Equipment. This could be your laptop, the projector, replacement bulb, microphone, headphones, necessary cables, remote, adapters, etc. Many conference venues will supply these items, but there are benefits to using your own equipment. You will also feel more comfortable about facing any technical issues that crop up. An extension cord or two is always helpful to have in your sales presentation kits. You may want to consider an extra laptop battery – you just never know what can happen. Same goes for any other battery operated devices.
  • The Extras. There is literally nothing you can’t do with it, but, specifically, it’s handy for making sure the cords you run are secure. This will prevent any slips and trips. You may want to keep a timer handy, but your smartphone should be able to keep your presentation on track. Just turn it to airplane mode so it doesn’t disturb you with a notification. Another thing to consider is sound equipment. Again, this will depend on the size of the venue and what they offer. Small speakers should be more than sufficient regardless.
  • Your sales presentation kits should also feature the product itself.

Sales Presentation Kit Boxes

You may also want to keep a bottle of water or two in your custom sales presentation kits. You don’t want to get caught short. Consider a beverage with electrolytes if you are going to present for long periods. Don’t forget to include your business cards. It’s important to provide people with your contact information so they can follow up with you. Also, it’s smart to have brochures or catalogs handy for your products and services. That way if anyone has further questions you can hand them something to take away and think about. It’s all about anticipating every need or request that you may experience during the presentation.

Sales Presentation Kit Design

The design is up to you. Let’s take a look at the options you have with creative sales presentation kits ideas. There are all different ways you can create your kit. You can go basic with simple slipcases and zipper binders. Or, you can go with a completely custom design with molded inserts and a shape and design that truly fits your needs and your budget. You can create a box style, a two-panel kit, three-panel or the fold-over flap. We can create your sales presentation kits in leather, a full-color wrap, heat sealed vinyl or even a turned edge.

Now for the interior! We can include media trays, whether custom or stock, ring mechanisms, poly box interiors and really anything you need! You can also brand the sales presentation kits to finish. This can be done with a foil stamp, silk screen or even to print in full color. You will also want to think about how everything is secure within the kit. There’s value in portability, but not if the contents can escape their inserts. So, you can consider ties or bands, zippers, snaps or clasps. It’s possible to create sales presentation kit boxes in any size, shape or with any material.

Custom Foam Inserts for Sales Presentation Kits

A custom sales presentation kit is an excellent tool that allows you to showcase products. They don’t get to just see products, they can interact and touch them, too. This is one of the most effective ways to allow people to compare products and make clear decisions. It’s easy to explain your products, who will use it and how and when, when you can hold the product up. If there are multiple products that you will present, then custom foam inserts for sales presentation kits are a must. So, we can completely customize custom sleeve sales presentation boxes for your product(s).

In addition to custom sales kits designed for your product, we can include a secure closure for your kit. This could be a latch or some type of buckle. Either way, it offers you protection if you know your box will be unattended at any point. A sales presentation kit sample will showcase the options available. We have a variety of sales presentation kits template options that you can customize. However, we are more than happy to completely customize your kit to your exact specifications. We enjoy a challenge, so there is nothing you can bring us that we can’t tackle.

Sales Presentation Kits

Sales presentation kits are used across a variety of industries and they are a common sight. Not only can they showcase new products, but they can also help you stay organized as you present your sales pitch. Whether it’s to a single person or a large group of investors at a conference. The most common industries to use custom sales kits include the medical industry, health, beauty and cosmetics, architectural, and furniture, too. For the medical industry, a custom sales kit is a great way to present a surgical implant that is new and upcoming. Whereas, for the health and beauty industry, a sales kit is perfect to showcase a full range of products for the upcoming season. Architects often use sales presentation kits to showcase their plans to designers and investors. The same goes for the furniture industry.

There really isn’t any industry where a custom sales kit isn’t useful. If you actively sell products or services, then you can make use of a custom kit. In fact, even if the product is yourself and you’re a public speaker who frequently pops up across the country, a custom sales presentation kit will help you stay organized for every eventuality.

Custom Sales Kits

As you can see, there isn’t much you can’t do with a custom sales kit. With the custom options available, you can create a completely unique sales kit that will become your most important sidekick. Any salesperson knows how challenging it can be to present a new product and one of the biggest keys to making headway is to be totally prepared. You don’t want to be caught unaware, so your sales presentation kit boxes can be fully stocked with absolutely everything you will ever need. In some cases, like the medical field, you will want plenty of space to carry samples. This could also be true for anyone who works in the food or beverage industry.

That’s why it’s important that your kit works for you, which is why we offer molded box inserts. You can easily pack your kit and go through a checklist to ensure that absolutely every component is included. If you aren’t sure whether molded inserts are right for you, just get in touch and ask! We’re more than happy to give you a better idea of what format would work best for the industry that you’re in.

Sales Presentation Kits Printing

Are you interested in sales presentation kits printing? Then, let’s go! We can also offer you custom plastic packaging inserts. Molded box inserts allow the contents to fit just right. Regardless of what you need, we can tackle it for you. In addition to custom sales presentation kits, we can offer you a wide range of other printed products. If you need flat cut letter signs, then we can produce them for you. What about business cards and flyers? We’ve got your back. In fact, we can also handle your vehicle wraps, product labels, and brochures! There isn’t much that we can’t do. Contact us to start your order. You can use the online order form or email us. You can also call us at 1-800-205-9005 or use the live chat function.

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