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Sandwich Signs


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Custom Sandwich Signs

Sandwich signs, also known as A-frame displays or sandwich board displays, are two-sided displays. Sandwich signage is used to provide timely information about your business or event to customers or participants. Versatile and easy to set up, these displays can be installed inside on a store’s walls or by using different sign frames outdoors. An outdoor A-frame sign may be used alone or in conjunction with other advertising.

They work well alongside a person holding a small billboard, for example, encouraging customers to come in from the road. Or you may have seen an outdoor sandwich board on the corner pointing the way to an open house, followed by an outdoor A-frame sandwich sign at the door. Other familiar sights include an A-frame sandwich board sign showing the drink specials in front of a pub or an outdoor sandwich sign frame in front of a kiosk with a custom message for customers. These signs are cost-effective, easy to customize and transport, and can simplify outdoor and indoor advertising.

Whatever you choose, signs can drive foot traffic into your store when potential clients are nearby. A custom sandwich board sign allows you to get any real-time message to all passers-by, and not just those who hear or read about you. That makes outdoor sandwich sign frames an integral part of your advertising budget. Don’t forget; the best part is that sandwich sign boards are two-sided, so they show your customers your message both coming and going. Just be sure to follow local governance laws concerning this kind of advertising!

Choosing Your A-Frame Signage

There are several considerations when selecting outdoor letter boards or the right sandwich board sign for your business. These aspects include how frequently the A-frame sandwich signs is to be used and whether your company or group’s message will remain the same or change. Other considerations focus on size: how large do you want the outdoor sandwich board signs to be? Think about how far you or your employees would need to carry the sandwich signboard or if you will occasionally leave your outdoor A-frame sandwich sign out all night*.

Do you live in a part of the country where high winds and stability of your outdoor A-frame sandwich sign may be at risk? The friendly and capable professionals at Nonstop Signs will help guide you through the selection process to ensure you make the right choice. Whether you choose a metal sandwich board, outdoor sign frames or plastic sandwich board signs, you can be confident knowing you’ve selected the best product for your desired results. We’ll even include customized weights as ballast to ensure the safety of your purchase.

Merits of Sandwich Signs

There are many types of A-frame sandwich board signs on the market. The professionals at Nonstop Signs offer quite a few configurations of the sandwich board including outdoor metal sandwich sign frames, custom wood sandwich boards, plastic sandwich boards, or an outdoor A-frame sandwich sign.

Metal sandwich boards only have metal frames as the weight of a metal insert would make the sign too heavy to move around readily. Additionally, we have found over time that water on the face of the sandwich sign tends to create rust. A-frame outdoor signs typically weigh approximately ten pounds so can readily be moved by most individuals.

The most frequently purchased sandwich sign is the plastic sandwich board, because it’s resistant to weather, retains its color integrity in the sun, and is not susceptible to scratching or rust. Realtors frequently use an outdoor A-frame sandwich sign as they can quickly switch out the sign in the frame, there are a variety of sizes, and they are durable. We will also create custom sandwich board signs for each event, festival, venue, and more, based on client needs.

Sandwich Signs Specs

The typical size of an A-frame outdoor sandwich frame is 24″ x 36″. However other sizes are available. We have created wooden oversized sandwich displays for sporting events and will work with their welding team if you require an oversized metal sandwich board. For example, you may be looking for an oversized outdoor metal A-frame sandwich sign needed for a theme party.

Or perhaps you want several low-profile sandwich board street signs for a wedding. You might need an outdoor metal sandwich sign frames that have additional weights to weather the storm of directing traffic during a catastrophe. The possibilities for other untraditional sandwich sign board are virtually limitless. Nonstop Signs is the place to turn for any A-frame outdoor signs needed.

You can use A-frame sandwich boards inside a store or venue to guide people to events. Meeting rooms, or a planned tour. Or you might use a sandwich sign board to reroute customers away from a stocking area. Or even alert them to a hazardous situation. For example, companies often use a plastic sandwich board to alert people to safety issues such as wet floors and uneven areas on the concrete floor. A-frame sandwich displays are relatively lightweight, compact and easy to reuse. They comfortably fit on housekeeping and maintenance carts.

Common Uses

Neighborhoods will frequently have at least one realtor’s metal sandwich board or A-frame sandwich board sign on display. It’s also common to see a plastic sandwich board being picked up and moved to close down a full row of parked cars, or as traffic is re-routed to a new area at a crowded venue.

You don’t just have to use an A-frame sandwich display for commercial use. A-frame signage is even cost-effective enough for children’s sports events. Consider how an outdoor A-frame sandwich sign to identify each field name would benefit participants and parents alike.

When other uses for sign frames outdoor come to mind, consider a signboard, a-frame outdoor display. Or outdoor sandwich sign frames that accommodate interchangeable inserts.

Sandwich Signs are Low Maintenance

You can advertise with your sandwich sign for five or more years. When you care for them properly, the signs will last. Custom displays are printed on naturally waterproof surfaces using a rapid-drying UV ink that won’t crack or fade with simple care.

The maintenance of a sandwich board crafted by our team is easy and minimal. We know your A-frame outdoor signage will not attract a lot of dust. But if they do feel free to hose off your outdoor metal sandwich sign frames. Custom sandwich board signage or even blank sandwich boards with dry erase boards need to be cleaned.

You can use a non-abrasive cloth and warm soapy water to wipe them down. With the fast-drying UV ink used by our company, your sign will not fade. If cleanliness is a concern, we offer lamination services for the faces of the signs, either in matte or glossy styles.

Outdoor Sandwich Signs For Marketing

When you see other vendors using A-frame signs outdoors. You can look at the possibilities that working with us can open up in your advertising. We’d recommend that you begin by working with your team. Generating and discussing ideas for custom sandwich boards.

A-frame sandwich imagery, or an outdoor A-frame display and how they can integrate into your marketing strategy. In addition to pulling in, customers use them to guide visitors. Through your facility or provide structure to your event attendees. With the right words and products from our company. Your A-frame sign outdoor order will start to drive your business where you want it to go.

Your A-frame sandwich board come fully assembled. All you’ll need to do is unbox and set up in a strategic location. In addition, check your local ordinances to ensure there are no restrictions on setting a sandwich sign outside. We highly recommend when you see A-frame signs outdoors. Therefore, consider how we can help you create custom sandwich board signs.

A-frame board signage or an outdoor A-frame display can allow you to realize. The marketing potential that custom A-frame sandwich display outdoors can achieve. To learn more about Nonstop Signs and begin your custom order. Chat with one of our team members online or call us at 800-205-9005.

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