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Sauce Labels

Custom sauce labels for your latest culinary creation. From hot sauce, pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce and more, we can create a beautiful high-quality label for your work.


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Custom Sauce Labels Details

Whether you’re creating sauce labels for a wedding, event or even for retail purposes, we can help! You’re the bee’s knees, and we’d love to help you create a custom option! We also create labels for other food products and another crowd favorite- jam labels!

To order labels, you can use the online order process. Or, you can contact us directly. Call us at 1-800-205-9005, email us or use the live chat function.

Custom Sauce Labels Specs

Our hot sauce labels can be designed to fit any container imaginable. We create a variety of sizes and shapes, from traditional round stickers to custom die-cut shapes!

Custom Label Materials

We design stickers with lots of materials. Because we have a variety, we are happy to help you figure out what will work best for your sauce jar labels. Some popular options we have are:

  • Waterproof vinyl labels
  • Foil labels
  • Double-sided vinyl adhesive labels
  • Crack n’ Peel Labels
  • Polyester labels
  • hang tags

Custom Shape Labels

Our sauce jar labels come in round, oval, square and rectangular shapes. Also, we can create a die cut custom shape out of your logo or brand symbol for a unique look!

If you’re using a traditional sauce jar, we might recommend labels that wrap all the way around the hot sauce bottle. However, we can also create labels designed specifically for your sauce bottles.

Custom Label Finish

  • Glossy – typically, white is the standard glossy option. However, you can choose any color you like.
  • Matte – matte labels speak to a high-end, luxury brand. The finish is a satin-look and so is perfect for luxury alcohol brands, candles, and beauty products.
  • Clear – there are plenty of benefits to going clear. They have a glossy finish; you can count on them to resist oils and waters, too. Additionally, it ensures the design stands out.

Roll Versus Sheets

Depending on the number of labels you need, we can provide a roll or a sheet! Pages carry just a limited number of custom sauce labels apiece and make sense for short-run packaging or a trial. However, if you’re producing a large amount of the same product, getting a roll of a thousand labels might make more sense.

What does the FDA require on labels?

The FDA requires a lot of information on food product labels. This information includes ingredients, the type of food and manufacturer information. Additionally, warning about exposure or inclusion of common allergens is required. For more information, a comprehensive guide of how food labels should appear is available on their website!

It’s important to note that the FDA regulates the labels on products intended for sale. If you need sauce bottle labels to place on a gift or for your home use, the  FDA won’t regulate your label. However, you should still put lots of information on this label to ensure you don’t accidentally give your friends or guests dangerous allergens!

Are your product stickers printed with safe ink?

If you’re creating a food label, then we can use ink that is specifically approved by the FDA.

How do you remove sticky labels from sauce jars?

Sauce bottles can be used many times. To get a sticky label off your jar, do the following:

  • Collect all the jars that you want to remove the stickers from
  • Wash the inside thoroughly to remove any traces of sauce
  • Soak in a container of warm water and dish soap for at least a few hours- overnight makes the process easy!
  • Scrub gently with a sponge- the label should practically melt off!

What should I put on my label design?

If you’re creating sauce jars as a gift or a party favor, the government won’t check your label. However, we do advise that you put any relevant information about allergens on the label as a courtesy to your friends. You don’t have to mention manufacturer information, but clearly labeling what it is, the flavor and the ingredients is a good start!

Keep in mind that color will subtly tell consumers a lot about your product. That is why designers make hot sauce labels with bright colors that suggest heat. These colors includes orange, red and yellow. Fiery hot sauce bottles are usually labeled with black hot sauce labels, hinting at high temperature. Motifs that suggest fire are also a hit on hot sauce bottles. This includes cacti, desert scenery, flames and of course the chief ingredient in hot sauce- peppers.

In contrast, designers often decorate barbecue sauce bottles with black and red labels. These colors subtly remind consumers of grills, charcoal, and traditional barbecue sauce elements.

Finally, if any information will assure consumers of the quality of the product, make sure to put them on your hot sauce bottle label!

How do your clients create product labels with you?

The process is incredibly easy. Just reach out to our sales team via email, phone call or web chat. You’ll need to give us an idea of what you’re producing, and how many you’ll need. From that point, we’ll request some graphics from you (logo, brand color scheme, etc.) and design a proof. Finally, you’ll approve the draft, and the item will be sent to print!

To save time, we can even provide you with a template for your product sticker to upload the artwork yourself.

Do I have any other sauce label options besides stickers?

You do! We can provide lid wraps, or even hanging tags instead of a traditional food jar label. Or perhaps you have something else in mind! If so, we love a challenge. Feel free to reach out to our sales team to discuss your custom sauce label options!

Where should I store my sauce jars or bottles?

Make sure to store your product in a cool, temperate location. Don’t expose your product to extreme heat! Also, If it’s been opened then you must refrigerate the container. Here’s a handy guide to storing your sauce bottles!

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