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Screen printing is the most effective way to produce really cheap custom t shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and more. Whether you plan to use our custom screen printing service to produce unique clothing for personal use or you want to create uniforms for your employees, we can help. You can take advantage of our production facility and our creativity. We can take your idea and transform it into bulk screen printed shirts to get your business noticed. Or, to ensure everything notices you as you hit the party scene. Of course, our screen printed t-shirts are also perfect for sports teams, schools, community organizations, churches, and more. We have so many options available to you, that you are sure to find the perfect fit.

Commercial Screen Printing

If you have a company logo for commercial screen printing, don’t worry! We can color match to ensure your t-shirts are just right. If you don’t have specific colors in mind, you can choose from the many inks that we offer. Though, we also offer specialty inks. So, if you want to go glow in the dark… well, we can do that for you, too! Commercial screen printing is exactly what you need to create the ultimate employee uniforms. You don’t need to spend more by going through a uniform company. Instead, you can choose your screen printing designs from us and allow us to print them for you. You can choose a wide range of sizes, and you may want to order spares for new employees or for replacements.

If it is commercial screen printing, consider the job that your employees do. Firstly, you want to choose a t-shirt color that will allow your logo to stand out. However, if your employees do dirty work you don’t want to order hundreds of white t-shirts. Just as black isn’t ideal for bakeries, as every spill will show. So, think long and hard about the right colors for the shirt itself as well as the design you choose to print.

Screen Printing T-Shirts

If you have ever wondered how we take your design and create your shirt, we’re happy to share our secret! Screen printing is an art that has stood the test of time. While we still consider it a traditional process, technology has helped us advance this art into a sophisticated process. In all honesty, there hasn’t been much change in the last 100 years of printing. The main changes revolve around the quality and consistency that technology allows us to produce. Let’s take a look at the step by step process we follow for shirt screen printing.

Screen Printed T Shirts

Step 1. Create The Artwork – it all starts with the art. We can work with your current design or you can make a new one. Regardless, you will have the final authorization of the proof before the process begins. Once we have your approval, we get into the production side of online screen printing. The design is separated into color layers and each has its own screen printing frames. Why? It’s a cleaner print!

Step 2. The Screens – so, we have separated your design into color layers, with each having its own screen. There’s also a foundational screen, this is what ensures that the colors will stay bright, even on darker garments. When we talk about custom screen printing screens, it’s a lot like a window screen. It has tiny holes in it, so air can pass through. This is much the same. We block certain areas so no ink is applied to certain areas. Once the printing process is done we apply light to burn the design in. We repeat this process for each individual screen.

Step 3.  It doesn’t end there, though. Now it’s time to set up the press! First, we run a test print. This will ensure that everything is as it should be. Adjustments can be made before the t shirt screen printing begins. T-shirts are loaded in the correct position to make sure that each of them is printed in the right spot.

Custom Screen Printed T Shirts

Now we can get down to t shirt screen printing for real. Now, this process will depend on your specific needs. Generally, this is the period when flashing takes place. This is simply when the under base is dried before we print colors on top. This prevents the smearing or smudging of paint. Once the print is complete we run them through a dryer. This is the curing stage that finishes the photo emulsion screen printing process.

The final stage is quality control. Once the shirts are cured, then our technicians can review the final products. Each garment is reviewed to ensure the print is perfect. We also look for manufacturing flaws like small holes or marks. After the local screen printing job has your approval, we can move those t-shirts to the next process. Shipping! It sounds like a lot of work, right? It is, but it’s what we do! Which is why we don’t recommend DIY screen printing when you can find t shirt screen printing near me instead.

Screen Printing On Glass

If you are looking for a really unique product, we can also produce screen printing on glass. This is an amazing solution for a variety of brands. Do you create custom mason jars? What about candle jars, beer bottles or other similar products? Yes, this method is a truly unique way to brand your business. Of course, it’s also possible to do this directly to windows if you want to create a special effect in your storefront windows (or your home!). So, when you think about screen printing it isn’t just about cheap screen printing t shirts and other garments. There is a lot more you can do with this amazing tool. If you want your own products and this process interests you, then you can get in touch with us directly to discuss your options. We have numerous products, but this is one of the more unique opportunities.

Screen Printing Posters

Yes, in addition to screen printing on glass, we can also tackle screen printing posters. This process has evolved into an incredibly popular option in pop culture. You can take advantage of screen printing posters for concerts, art shows, quiz nights or really, anything you want. It might just be that you want a poster to hang in your office. It’s a more creative way to enjoy posters. While this method of DIY screen printing is something you can absolutely do… cost wise, it’s more cost-efficient to allow the professionals to handle the job for you. Unless, of course, you plan to produce numerous items. You don’t need to look for silk screen printing near me, though, we can take care of all of your needs. Even if that means an order of 1,000 t-shirts, dozens of posters, and glass. We really can do it all.

Cheap Printed T Shirts

If you want a unique shirt, then it doesn’t get much better than cheap printed t shirts. Let’s be honest, as cool as message tees are, aren’t you tired of seeing other people in the same shirt as you? If so, it’s time to indulge in cheap screen printing and create your very own shirts. The great thing about screen printing is that it’s an affordable way to design your own clothes. You get a print that is both vibrant and durable, and more importantly, you can create completely unique pieces of clothing. You may want a simple logo or it could be that you think you say the funniest things. Either way, we’re happy to produce the cheapest screen printed t shirts you will find.

We can offer you much more than screen printing, though. In addition to producing your uniform shirts, we are proud to be able to help you brand your business. Whether you need storefront signage or business cards, flags or flyers, catalogs or full wraps for your food truck – we can do it all for you. So, if you have big plans, let us handle all of it for you! It’s the greatest way to ensure total consistency from the front door right on through the rest of your business.

Screen Printing Services

If you have been looking for screen printing near me, then you have finally found us. This is an art and we are proud to have it down pat. If you want to order bulk screen printed shirts, then get in touch with us. Don’t worry, we are also happy to provide single screen printed shirts as well. The latter is perfect for special events like proposals (or prom-posals), bachelor/bachelorette parties, and holidays! Contact us to make your order! You can use the online order process, call us at 1-800-205-9005, email us or strike up a live chat. If you have any questions or queries, we are happy to answer them! We’ll also offer you advice and guidance if you have a specific need for your screen print clothing.

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