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Sell sheets are used in showcasing a business or brand idea compellingly about services or products. It can also be termed as an advertisement for any purpose, to share information immediately, quickly and in a visually stimulating fashion.

When a product has been developed, launched or transformed, the next step is marketing and sales. That prompts the use of an affordable sell sheet printing that helps to attract attention and works as a great marketing strategy. It is usually distributed through the mail, meeting or via email according to convenience. The primary goal of sending out these pages is to make customers or clients aware of the product or service. And be interested enough to want to discuss or share it.

Types of Sell Sheets

There are two types of sell sheets:

  1. a) For Licensing – This specific one is designed to show a product’s concept and use. They normally showcase a graphic image of the product. A problem-solution statement, list of consumer benefits, the status of intellectual protection of product and manufacturer’s contact information. This product is basic but professional.
  2. b) For Retailers – Unlike the option for licensing which is simple, this one is complex. This is mainly sent out when a brand has ready-made products and is ready to distribute them. When in need of retailers it is important to have a sell sheet. It will work as a secondary conversation between the customer and the retailer.

These pages are printed using a formula. Basically, information needs to be presented in a specific way. This should include the order lead time, fulfillment information, the packaging system, product availability date, options for display, freight information, minimum and maximum orders that can be made, number of units and contact information.


  • When preparing a media or press kit
  • As part of a marketing strategy
  • Pitching a product to retailers and stores
  • Public Relations and Media Releases
  • Communicating product value
  • Educational purposes
  • Visual element to pitch

Sell sheets design

The best designs feature full-color and high- quality pictures that are not blurry. If it is for a product, the images should be from all angles with a short description and specifications. Such product pages should also have a list of the most attractive features and advantages. The best designs that work normally include a product’s SKU or item number for prospective clients who wish to order the product.

You should aim to have the best design that looks professional, simple and neat. It is essential to only feature one line of product in the design rather than many different types. Other products should be featured on the back as the main product remains at the front. The printing should also be full-color. It should be on a paper that is slightly heavier than the normal standard printed catalog. Our sell sheet printing services are as efficient and effective. As we keep all this in mind to ensure your products are promoted in the best way possible.

Sell sheet printing near me

If you have ever asked yourself if there were a professional sell sheet printing services companies near where you live, look no further. NonStop Signs can print and deliver your sell sheets to any part of the country. Various companies offer different kinds of services, and to approve of work well done, the stylesheet should include these key elements; Your logo, the product name, introduction paragraph/short description, high-quality photos, a catchy headline or slogan, benefits supplemented by data and a call to action/ contact information. The sell sheet design should also be appealing, and everything should be well-spaced.

Paper For Sell Sheets

The various paper stock we use in sell sheet printing include:

Glossy UV Coated (protective coating), Matte (uniform finish), Silk laminated (soft protective lamination), Spot UV (glossy finish), Velvet laminated (smooth, velvety texture), 14pt uncoated (for paper writing), 18pt French Kraft(modern look), 22pt Gloss Laminated( gloss lamination), Starlight photo luster( premium and glimmer feel), Pearl metallic(shimmer), and 14pt natural.

The kind of paper that you choose depends on the type of product(s) that you may want to showcase. That is to prevent any form of monotonous aspect or irrelevance. Through our sell sheet printing, we take into full consideration the element of professionalism to ensure your product, brand and company thrive well.

For the hardcopy sell sheets, we use dimensions of 8.5 by 11 or 9 by 12 while for the online design we use 8.5 by 11.

How to Create a Sell Sheet

We offer affordable sell sheet printing for any design of your choice. Over the years, we have perfected the art of creating these pages with some tips that work very effectively. You may not be familiar with how to make a sell sheet, but here is how we can help to create yours.

We are always keen to connect your company’s mission to the product. That helps to establish why the service or product matters and how your company delivers the best result. This acts as a lead through the page that aids in emphasizing the brand’s commitment. Through the creative design that we make, we will help to promote your brand in a broader way. Every business has short-term and long-term goals, and when we combine the mission to the product on the page we help to show the solution you are bringing to the table.

Customized Sell Sheets

We also ensure that the information we customize for each sell sheet is simple and direct. This works well with how we build the stylesheet layouts so that everything can fit well and professionally. We also have a variety of product sell sheet templates that you can choose from or tell us the design that you may want. If you want to use the sell sheet digitally, you won’t have an issue as the prospective client or retailer won’t have to scroll to see descriptions.

Be assured that we will pitch a balance to ensure that how we organize the content in the sell sheet is not too soft or too aggressive. We will align the tone of the sell sheet with your brand and ensure there is no exaggeration. We have a variety of sell sheet examples that you can have a look at and see how we go about it.

Sell Sheet Layout

We emphasize the sell sheet layout to ensure that it is organized and has a cohesive flow all through. For the theme, we normally use colors that match your company’s branding theme and ensure the product sell sheet design and style matches your overall companies look, as well as the specific products. If there are a variety of services and products you may want to feature in the same sell sheet. We will categorize accordingly to ensure you don’t have any confusion in the process.

We also include numbers on the sell sheets to communicate the benefits of your services and products if they choose you. Our one-page sell sheets will be significantly organized to ensure your prospective clients are influenced. The numbers will help quantify the business expertise, skills, and experiences that your company offers. Through our sell sheet printing pricing, be assured that we will make the best sell sheets available for your company.

Images For Sell Sheets

The photos are the principal focus of a sell sheet. If you are presenting photos for use, ensure they are high resolution (at least 300dpi) and taken professionally. A picture speaks a thousand words, so make sure your photos portray the image you want your brand to push for your products. We know what colors work for a specific niche and those that don’t.

Creative Sell Sheet Designs

For all the creative sell sheet designs that we make, we ensure to include the contact information. The contact information goes a long way in connecting a prospective client with the intended personnel. This includes having the website, email address and phone number written well. We ensure to make the call to action information as relevant and useful as possible. It is also important to include a video link on the sell sheet that you might have made for the specific products that will give additional information.

Why Us For Your Sell Sheets?

Be assured that our sell sheets printing pricing are affordable and friendly to everyone. Depending on the kind of design that you may want or from our invention sell sheet templates, be sure that we won’t disappoint. Reach us at 800-205-9005 and talk with any of our consultation members to see the way forward. You may also email us for a full quote of the specific sell sheet design you may want.


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