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Shape Labels


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Custom Shape Labels Printing

It doesn’t matter whether you want to create a unique label or you need to create a specific shape to fit your product. When it comes to label shapes, we can do it all. There are plenty of reasons why playing with shapes with labels can benefit your brand. When you work with custom cut stickers you get a label that will stand out on the shelf. Breaking into any industry is competitive, why not give yourself the edge with custom die cut stickers? Stars? Flowers? Beer Bottles? Animals? Or, maybe completely new and exciting fun shapes? We see your printable labels and we raise you custom shape labels.

Shape Labels

When it comes to decorative printable labels, we can cut them in any shape you want. Rectangles, stars, squares, hearts, round, bars, or any other specific shape is possible. The heart-shaped printable labels are ideal for gifts, weddings, and more. Going for custom labels is a popular solution that businesses utilize for trade shows, exhibitions, promotions, events, and for marketing purposes. Of course, you can also use shape labels for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events. They can handle being tossed in the washing machine and withstand the dishwasher.

In fact, you can even toss them in the freezer or fridge, which means they can serve a purpose for safety reasons, too. Why not create a diamond-shaped hazard label? If you work in the food business you will know how challenging legal paperwork can be. Why not use shapes with labels to remind your employees of what needs to be done and when. It’s a creative way to remind people of their legal responsibilities and ensure your business stays safe (and legal). You can also use die-cut vinyl stickers to make employees and customers aware of the danger.

Fancy Shaped Labels

When it comes to creating your own custom printed labels there are plenty of options to choose from. We don’t just offer you the ability to create your own custom label shapes. The entire product and process are customizable. Whether you want a shiny paper stock material or a matte finish. We offer specialized inks, a variety of paper stocks, finishes, and of course, custom label templates. Are you unsure about whether cheap die cut stickers are right for you? So, let’s dive into why you should be choosing fancy shape labels.

Geometric Shape Stickers

  • If your product is packaged in a unique container then you will need geometric shape stickers that work for you and your product. Not all packages and containers can handle the traditional labels of the world. Sometimes you have to get creative with printable decorative labels. This won’t just make the application process easier, it will make your finished product slicker.
  • If you choose to create cheap die cut stickers in a more recognizable shape it can help you reinforce the image of your brand. That could be a star, hearts or even a flower.
  • When you create foam shame stickers and marry it to a creative design you are producing something more impactful. Which means potential customers are going to take notice of it when they see it stacked on the shelves of their favorite store.

We can literally create any shape of die cut stickers and in addition, there are custom sizes available, too. We’re not going to hold you back by offering standard sizes only. We understand that your brand is unique and we are happy to take your label shapes template and create something different.

Printable Labels

So, if you want to take customization to the next level it is time to leave printable labels behind. While they may be handy for a variety of reasons, it’s time for you to take the next step in shape labels. Likewise, it’s time to start adding a personal touch to your business. Creating custom die-cut stickers is one of the most effective ways to start. Choosing to create fancy shaped labels removes the need for unsightly backgrounds and allows you to showcase the vibrant colors and details of your design. This is why they make the ideal promotional tool. When you have a unique brand you need unique custom shaped labels to communicate that.

Custom Shaped Labels

Still not sure whether custom shaped labels are right for you? Let’s take a second to look at what you can do with these amazing 3D shapes with labels.

  • Homebrew labels
  • Cider labels
  • Wine bottle labels
  • Jam jar labels
  • Honey labels
  • Car window stickers
  • Bumper stickers
  • Promotional tools
  • Products to sell
  • Unique product labels
  • Heart shaped printable labels for weddings and events.
  • Foam shape stickers for kids, whether at school or at home.

There is no wrong or right way to use your shape labels. You can do whatever you want with them, whether it’s to create the ultimate chore chart for your kids. Or, you want to give away a branded sticker with every purchase over a certain amount. Heck, you might just want to hand out custom shaped labels to people passing by your store. You never know who will come to check out your products as a result. If your design is cool, people will place those die cut stickers on their stuff and turn themselves into a mobile advertisement for you. That’s what custom shaped labels are all about. Which is why they are so popular with small businesses, up and coming bands, and even artists. They are the perfect way to showcase your skills.

Die Cut Stickers

It really doesn’t matter what you plan to use these shape labels for. What does matter is that you get your design just right. So, the first question you need to ask yourself is what you do plan to do with them. From there, you can determine the right shape, size, and design of your fancy shaped labels. If you are using cheap die cut stickers for branding purposes then you’re going to need to consider your current branding. Is it strong enough? How can you use these shape labels to reinforce your image in the eyes of current customers and potential customers? Is it time to make a shape and use your fun shapes labels as a way to slowly rebrand your business? Or, are you confident that your custom shape label will further your current image?

Colors and font are an important aspect of creating custom die cut stickers. You want to use a font that is legible and you want colors that will allow the design to stand out clearly. Die cut stickers will work hard for you, but you have to make sure you create a style of sticker that will do it. It’s easy to get caught up trying to fit a specific image and all of the text you want. Don’t overpack your die cut vinyl stickers design. Keep it simple. What message are you trying to send? Find out how you can do that using as few words as possible. The end product will thank you and so will your potential customers.

3D Shapes With Labels

It’s time to create your custom shape labels. It’s easy.

  • We use only the highest quality of materials to produce your custom shaped labels. We use vinyl, but it’s possible to request outdoor vinyl if necessary.
  • When it comes to creating your custom cut stickers you can choose to go with a die cut or kiss cut. The design is just one piece, though. However, we are happy to adapt the cut to create the perfect fun shapes for your needs.
  • If you are creating die-cut vinyl stickers there are a few things to take into consideration. First, if you are using an image ensure it’s resolution is correct for the size of the sticker. Second, if your fun shapes labels design has sharp edges you may want to include a curved background. In addition, you may also want to consider the design of the sticker and ensure your message is clear and concise.
  • If you need a rush on your shape labels order just let us know how quickly you need them. We always want to ensure you get your products when you need them!

Labels Templates

If you are ready to get on board with creating custom label shapes get in touch. We can create cheap die cut stickers any shape and size, all thanks to our laser die cutters. Whatever shape you want, whatever paper stock you prefer, choose your finish, and let’s go. Contact us via the live chat option on our website. Or, call us at 800-205-9005. Alternatively, you can send us an email. If you choose to contact us by email please be as specific and detailed about your fancy shaped labels as possible. This will allow us to produce an accurate quote for your order.

Remember, we don’t place a minimum order on our products. So, if you want to try just one 3D shapes with labels experiment, you certainly can. Which means you can create a dozen different shapes and sizes to find our whichever label templates are right for you and your products. In addition to label shapes, we offer a wide range of printed products and signage solutions. Finally, whether you need flat cut letters or custom die-cut stickers, we have your back. Banners and business cards, flags and flyers, and more.

Need help with your Shape Labels? We offer FREE DESIGN SERVICES!

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