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Quality soap is a luxury product that many are willing to pay for. Soap labels play an important role in boosting sales, listing ingredients and designating your soap as top shelf. Customers are willing to pay more for unique fragrances and natural ingredients. The problem is, you could make the greatest soap on earth, but unless someone tries it – they’ll never know! Hence, printing soap labels. You can create your own custom labels, and your design should reflect the product within the packaging.

If your labels convey quality, then it will draw people in to purchase it. That is a critical area of solidifying your brand image and maximizing your sales. It doesn’t matter whether you make bars of soaps or body scrubs and liquid soaps, we can help you with your soap labels design.  You can create a soap label to apply directly to boxes, wrapping or containers. We offer vinyl labels for waterproofing, which will also keep your label protected from wear and tear.

Create Custom Soap Labels

When you choose to create custom soap stickers, you get to customize and design them completely. There are a variety of paper stocks that you can want. Your choice will likely depend on the type of soap you produce. For bars of soap, you don’t need to worry about how well it lasts, unless you plan to create a small one to adhere to the bar itself. A waterproof label will be necessary for soap labels and packaging for liquid soaps and body scrubs.

If your packaging needs to live in the shower or bath area, then you should go with more premium paper stock. The same advice stands for soap label and packaging that will rest at the side of the sink. You want your labels to last for the lifespan of the product. The point of that is to ensure your customer returns to your brand again and again. Having custom labels will help solidify your brand in their minds.

Wrap Around Soap Labels

Whether you run a small business or a large one, you know just how much effort goes into creating handmade soap. You put a lot of effort into creating a custom product, why wouldn’t you do the same for your soap labels and packaging? It doesn’t matter what process you use to create your soap, what matters is that you finish them with high-quality soap packaging. Your soap labels will increase the value of your product and improve their appearance. Just think of some of your favorite products and the type of packaging they have versus their competition.

Before you start creating your soap label design, consider your price point. You want to look at other soaps within that price range and go from there. There are plenty of options available, too. Wrap around soap label can be high-quality, but they also create a unique feel for your bar of soap. They are more cost efficient than also using a box.

That is something you may want to consider if you come from an eco-friendly standpoint. Some brands will create a small label to imprint into the top of the bar and then enclose the bar in a plastic wrap or a box. Ultimately, the choice is yours. However, it’s important to remember who your target customer is. Your soap packaging will tell a story about your brand. What story are you trying to communicate with your target audience?

Soap Packaging

You don’t have to stick with a single style of your soap labels. If you produce a range of products, then you want to ensure your logo and the brand name stands out, but you can play around with colors and shapes to make an impact with the end user. While custom soap label isn’t meant to attract children, kids do go shopping with their parents.

Additionally, soap is an excellent gift for adults, not children. However, your soap label and packaging can influence purchases and make kids interested in something that they weren’t before. It’s an excellent springboard for small businesses. That is whether you deal in bars of soap or bottles of bubble bath. You can create eye-catching soap labels that still have a high-end feel and finish.

Soap Labels Template

One of the handy aspects of using soap labels template options is that it will help you stay on track. There are specific FDA requirements for soap labels and packaging. It’s vital that you know what is required before you contact a soap label maker. You will find the necessary information regarding packaging on the FDA’s website. However, we are happy to provide you with a brief idea of what is expected of you. The good news is your product doesn’t require FDA approval.

Your soap may fall under the umbrella of cosmetics, or it could be considered a drug. If you claim on your soap labels that it will make the user smell nice, deodorize, moisturize or if it contains certain detergents, then it’s cosmetic. If your soap labels claim it will kill germs, prevent illnesses or diseases or is for treating certain skin conditions, then it’s a drug. When it comes to using essential oils, it can be considered a drug. If you claim there is a therapeutic element to it, then it’s a drug. Otherwise, it’s supposed to be cosmetic.

Custom Soap Labels

So, what does the FDA expect to see on your custom soap labels? Here are just a few things, do check with the official guidelines before printing soap label.

  • Your labels should include the product name, directions, ingredients, warnings, net quantity, and the information of the business. As far as ingredients go, you need to include these on soap label and packaging in weight order (heaviest first).
  • Soap packaging should be large enough to display all of the required information prominently, and it should be of a size that can read quickly.
  • The soap stickers for those that fall under the drug umbrella will be more extensive. So, if your product falls into that category, you should familiarize yourself with those requirements.

Custom Soap Boxes

If you don’t want to invest in Avery soap labels, then you can also create custom soapboxes. That is an excellent choice for more premium products. If you expect that your products will be handy as gifts or party favors, then custom soap boxes might be the right move for you. Do consider custom soap labels for the merchandise within, though. Whatever you decide, it’s important that you nail down your design and remain consistent. It’s all about creating a brand that people recognize and will return to every time they need to purchase soap products, whether it’s for their use or gifts.

Affordable Soap Labels Printer

Are you ready to have your soap labels printed? Great! You are in the right place. While many people are happy to rely on free soap label to print, if you want to elevate your product then custom soap band labels are a no-brainer. Free printable soap label is excellent when you make your own soap at home, and it’s for you to use. However, anyone who likes to gift (or sell) those soap products, should be looking for an affordable soap label printer like us.

Custom soap packets will help your product stand out from the competition. So, get in touch with us to work with a high-quality, professional soap labels printer. You can call us at 1-800-205-9005 to get your soap label printed. Or, you can contact us via the live chat option on our website. One of our technicians will be more than happy to answer any queries or questions that you may have.

Alternatively, you can email us about your soap labels and packaging orders. We have a variety of free printable soap label templates for you to choose from or, you can provide us with your artwork and design ideas. We also offer a wide range of alternative printed products. If you need flyers, catalogs, banners, A-frames, shop frontage, opening times or help branding your business, then we can help.

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