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Spice Labels


Spice labels are a necessity. Whether you are selling spices or using them in your kitchen at home or in a professional kitchen, identification of spices is important. Spice labels are the ideal way of providing identification for various reasons.

The need for spice labels

There are many reasons for using spice labels:


Spice labels help us to easily identify the spices that we are looking for. This is particularly important when you require it on-the-go whilst preparing meals or during the cooking process. The frustration factor is removed with the use of spice bottle labels or spice jar stickers


When your spices are nearly finished, spice jar labels and spice rack labels enable the convenient tracking of the spices that are accessible in your cupboard or spice rack


Whether you are having dinner with family or friends, spice jar labels are a convenient method of letting your guests choose and identify the appropriate spice they require for their food


By using spice bottle labels, you can re-use the same jar, without worrying about mixing up the different flavors of other spices in the same bottle.

Producing your own spices for sale

Perhaps you have decided to follow your passion and build your own spice making business. What better way to ensure that it appeals to as many people as possible than by ensuring your company logo is reflected on your product. You have the opportunity to create custom spice labels which reflect your company’s motto. Depending on the image that you would like to create, your spice selling business can take on the appearance that you wish to create, using a variety of spice jar label templates. Whether you wish to create a natural and earthy look using brown Kraft paper or a modern look with high gloss labels, the options are available.

Spice Labels as Gifts

Create the perfect gift for friends and family by using old jars and creating spice jar stickers in a variety of different colors and shapes. Your custom spice jar label could include the person’s name as well as the date to give it a personal touch. Colorful, bright jars with clear stickers are a great way to brighten up any spice rack or kitchen cupboard.

Spice Labels for Professional kitchens

Due to the numerous types of spices that are used in restaurants and professional kitchens worldwide, it is very important that spices are correctly labeled to avoid any mistakes when cooking a specific dish. This can be easily achieved by using clean, contemporary self-adhesive spice jar labels to enable staff to locate and choose the correct spice with minimal effort and time. Simple spice labels are cost-effective and can withstand hot temperatures and other environmental problems arising from a professional kitchen. Depending on the chef and his preferences, grouping of spices is also possible with the use of colored labels, making them easily identifiable.

Uses for spice labels

Spice jar labels are useful due to the numerous types of spices available as well as limited storage space, which makes finding spices difficult. Using spice rack labels and spice jar labels prevent confusion and enable you to cook more quickly and efficiently. Printable spice jar labels can be used for the following list of spices, amongst others.

Bay leaves
Black Pepper – ground and peppercorns
Cayenne pepper
Celery seed
Chili flakes
Chili powder
Cumin seeds
Curry powder
White or black peppercorns
Poppy Seed
Sea Salt
Sesame Seed
Star Anise
Ground White Pepper

Features of spice jar labels

Depending on the type of spice jar or spice rack label you prefer, the following features are available through our product selection:

  • Waterproof
  • Weatherproof
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Non-peeling
  • Stain resistant
  • Different font styles and size
  • Durability
  • Flexibility
  • Choice of shape, size, color, and material

Types of spice jar labels and spice jar stickers

Spice labels are available in different materials, sizes, colors, and quality. Depending on your needs, spice labels can be made for any type of spice jars or spice racks. Choose from pre-printed spice jar labels or your own custom spice labels based on various factors.

Shapes and sizes

The size of the spice jar is not an issue, as spice labels are very adaptable. Whether you use small, large or mixed size spice jars and bottles, our spice labels are adaptable and enable you to have the choice and flexibility to decide on different labels. Custom spice jar labels are perfect for allowing you the opportunity to create your own spice labels should you not find pre-printed spice jar labels to suit your needs.

Whether you prefer round spice labels or square, rectangular or triangular shaped spice labels, the choice is yours. However, you are not limited to round spice jar labels since it is possible to cut many shapes from the different materials used for spice labels and custom spice labels.


Choose from an array of different colored spice jar stickers and spice jar labels as well as different colored fonts. Whether it is the choice of black and white, or pastels or fluorescent, the choice is available.

Types of spice labels and materials

Custom spice labels and custom spice stickers are both attractive options for those who would like to create their own designs and the options are numerous due to the various types of materials, colors, and finishes available for spice labels. Simply choose from an array of different colors such as white, clear, pastel, fluorescent, metallic and natural. Material options that are available include weatherproof, eco-friendly, tear-resistant, vinyl and temperature resistant. Then choose your finish matte, gloss or uncoated.

Clear spice labels

Clear spice labels enable you to keep track of what is in the spice jar. Clear adhesive spice labels are perfect for stainless steel containers as well as glass. Clear spice labels are also ideal to make custom spice jar labels as it is easy to write the names of the spices on them. If you want the benefit of being able to see the quality and quantity of the spice in the spice jar, then a transparent or clear spice label is best. Clear spice labels are a minimalist option and create an environment of transparency for you and your customers.

Brown Kraft spice labels

If you are looking for a natural, or rustic effect, brown Kraft spice labels are an ideal opportunity to create that earthy effect. The effect of using brown Kraft paper is that your product has the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.  The nature of the material and color induces a feeling of health and is often used in products that promote wellness. It is an easy way to catch someone’s attention as it is visually as well as texturally appealing.

Vinyl spice jar stickers

These can be made with glossy, white, or clear vinyl material. The material is bubble-free and water resistant. These are ideal to use on round spice jars as the round spice jar stickers can be stuck on the lids to enable you to see what spice you are seeking. If you have a custom spice jar, then the custom spice jar labels can be adapted to your spice jar.

Blank spice labels

Blank spice labels are the ideal opportunity to create custom spice labels. Simply choose a spice jar template from an array of different options and decide on the color such as white, clear, pastel, fluorescent, metallic and natural. Choose the material that suits your needs. Some of the options available include weatherproof, eco-friendly, tear-resistant, vinyl, temperature resistant, as well as removable round spice jar labels. Spice jar templates are easily printable on both laser and inkjet printers so you can print your own at work or at the office.

You have the option of printing your own labels from pre-printed spice jar labels or using blank spice labels and writing them by hand. However, having them printed by us not only ensures consistency but guarantees a professional look as well as saving you valuable time. We have printable spice jar labels, pre-printable spice labels as well as the option of giving you the opportunity to design your own custom spice label using a spice jar label template.

Why use us for spice labels?

Since we see each of our clients in a unique way, we acknowledge that one option is not going to fulfill every client’s needs. Each client will have different requirements and require a different solution.Feeling a little overwhelmed by all the possibilities mentioned and still trying to figure out what would be the appropriate solution for you or your business? We believe communication is paramount and in order to give you the best service possible. To fulfill your requirements, why not contact us now. We can give you suitable recommendations for your businesses goals. Don’t hesitate any longer. You can use the live chat option on our website where one of our trained technicians will assist you. Or, you can call us at 800-205-9005 or email us.


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