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Step and Repeat Stand


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What is a step and repeat stand? There’s very little chance that you haven’t seen this out in the wild. You just had no idea what it was called. You know when your favorite athlete sits in front of the media, with hundreds of microphones pointed at their face? Just behind them there’s a banner hanging. It’s generally brightly colored and littered with the main sponsor’s logo. That is a step and repeat stand. Generally, the images are offset and each of the images is just the logo repeated. Which is where the name step and repeat comes from. A step and repeat stand usually features two logos, however, we can go bigger. If you want five logos on your step and repeat backdrop then we’re happy to tackle it.

They are incredible backdrops and marketers love to use them for promotional purposes. So, we understand that more logos might be necessary.

Step and Repeat Stand

Now, let’s talk about some of the formats we offer when it comes to your step and repeat banner stand.

  • Step and Repeat Banner – The banner itself is vinyl and it can be hung using bungee cords, nails or tied into position. The advantage of vinyl banners is that they’re cost-efficient. There isn’t a great need for hardware to display the finished product. This isn’t the most popular order, though, as most people do want the stand, etc. However, we can print banners in any size.
  • Step and Repeat Retractable Banners – This is a popular choice, with a Mylar backing to retract the banner into its base. It works a lot like window blinds do. The bonus here is that they’re incredibly easy to assemble and just as easy to disassemble. Which makes them perfect for travel purposes. We can print in a variety of sizes, so contact us to discuss your ideal design.
  • Step and Repeat Banner and Stand – The step and repeat banner stand is the most popular product here. They are available in vinyl or fabric. We insert a pole pocket into both the top and bottom of each banner. This makes an adjustable banner stand with telescopic pole to erect it to the proper height. We know our stuff, so contact us to discuss your needs.

Wall Adjustable Banner Stand

Adjustable banner stand telescopic poles are the perfect solution for any customer who is looking for a portable display. It’s eye-catching, and perhaps of equal importance, it’s lightweight and easy to transport. Adjustable banner stands are the perfect solution for use at conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, for retailer displays, training purposes, and even public buildings. We offer a wide range of step and repeat stands, complete with high-quality printing in a variety of sizes (and styles). When you have a lot to say, want to grab attention or just look good while on the move ? consider a wall adjustable banner stand.

Step n Repeat Banner

A step n repeat banner is sure to enhance any booth, no matter what type of event you’re setting up at. In fact, we would go as far to say that your boot won’t be complete without some step and repeat pop up frames. So, it’s a good thing that we can specially design cheap step and repeat banner stands for you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re setting up at a private event or you need something a bit more corporate. We offer complete customization options, from the design of the logo right down to the colors used in your display.

Retractable Step and Repeat Banners

Sports, media events, and even television shows have made good use of cheap step and repeat banner and stand solutions. They look amazing when you work with a high-quality print company like ourselves. If you are launching a new product, opening a new store or making a big announcement… look no further. Using a step and repeat stand is just a no-brainer. They aren’t just eye-catching and easy to transport, they add a touch of excitement and professionalism to any event. To be honest, it doesn’t really matter what you plan to use your retractable step and repeat banners for.

Using a step and repeat stand is an affordable way to communicate messages to your customers or the general public. You don’t have to break the bank to do it all in style. That’s why our eye-catching step and repeat backdrop template is so popular. The best part isn’t just the price. It’s the fact that people will assume you spent more on it because it looks so great. What could be better than an affordable product that looks high-end?

Step and Repeat Backdrop Cheap

Let’s not underestimate what a great step and repeat backdrop cheap can do for your business. Once we create your custom step and repeat backdrop you can use it to launch your new product. Or, you can announce a grand opening or use it for charity events. It’s the perfect way for a brand or a company to show off their logo and their sponsors, too. It doesn’t get much more visible than a step and repeat stand.

If you are an events firm or a small business owner, you may want to consider looking into your own products to offer step and repeat rental. This is something that will come in handy for weddings, birthdays, and even anniversaries. The banners can ditch logos and instead feature the names of the happy couple (or guests of honor) and in the wedding colors. You can also your guests to leave congratulations on the banner, too. This means it’s something you can keep forever. The point is pop up step and repeat stands aren’t just for business opportunities. They have a lot to offer a wide range of people.

Adjustable X Banner Stands

So, you want a step and repeat stand? Great. Not only will your custom step and repeat backdrop be totally customizable, but it will also be resistant to UV rays. You can choose the size. The color scheme is up to you. You can include names, logos, photos or whatever else it is you need to finish your look. It can be for business purposes or even personal reasons. It really doesn’t matter what you plan to use your retractable step and repeat banner for. We’re just happy to help you bring your vision to life.

It’s tough getting the attention your products and services deserve. If you haven’t yet tried a step and repeat stand to catch passing eyes, then now is the time to try. Where would we be without the help of adjustable banner stands? This is the answer to your marketing questions. Contact us to create your custom step and repeat backdrop. We can provide you with adjustable stands to handle any banner.

Step and Repeat Pop Up Frame

We have made a point of telling how easy it is to assemble your new step and repeat pop up frame. It’s so easy, we’re going to walk you through it right now. To disassemble it, all you need to do is follow the list in reverse. The hardware required for installation and setup will be included with your step and repeat banner stand package.

The first step is to remove the screw from the pole going at the bottom, you can replace the screw once you have slid the pole into the foot. Ensure you screw it in snugly. Repeat the process for the other side pole now. You can screw your support poles together, but do so by hand so it isn’t too tight. Extend the extensions and retighten. It will require two people to finish this process. You now need to unroll your banner onto the floor. Now, slip a pole through the bottom pole pocket and the other into the top. The side poles will attach, using screws. You can extend your side poles until the bottom of the banner is off the floor. Finish attaching the poles and extend each side to erect the banner. It really is as simple as that. Your step and repeat frame is assembled.

If you want to disassemble your step and repeat stand, just follow the steps backwards and you’re done.

Multifunctional Adjustable X Banner Stands

If you want to get started creating your wall adjustable banner stand then it’s time to get in contact with us. You can strike up a live chat with one of our trained technicians. Or, you can call us at 800-205-9005. Alternatively, you can email us about your cheap step and repeat banner and stand order. In addition to offering step and repeat stands, we offer a wide range of other products. Take a look at the website to see what we offer and let us know what else we can help you with. From business cards to flyers, from clear labels to vinyl decals, we really do it all.


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