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Stretched Canvas


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What is a stretched canvas? It’s simply a canvas that is stretched tightly over a frame that is purpose made for the stretched canvas print. This creates a vibrant surface to paint or print on. Stretched canvas can be made from linen or cotton and in various sizes and depths. Which means that cost varies from print to print. Canvas has been a popular choice for artists for centuries. It has been especially popular with oil paintings. In the last hundred years, it’s popularity has grown among those who work with acrylic paints. Most recently, though, artists who work in watercolors and pastels have made use of stretched canvas. Of course, we offer stretched canvas printing for family photos and other favorite images that you may want to print. This just shows how versatile canvas truly is.

Stretched Canvas Printer

If you want to add a bit of creativity to your office or home, then you can do that with canvas printing. Printing direct stretched canvas is a unique way to transform your favorite photos into works of art. We use a thick canvas to create our prints and this helps to make the colors and details of each photo really pop. We aren’t interested in simply printing direct stretched canvas photos, we want to improve the photo. It should stand out so much more after stretched canvas printing. This is why it’s such a popular solution. It’s an excellent way to provide any room with a bit of vibrancy.

Stretched Canvas Sizes

Better yet, you’re sure to find stretched canvas prints cheap as we offer so many different sizes. How many different sizes? Let’s take a look!

  • 8×8 stretched canvas bulk
  • 8×10 stretched canvas bulk
  • 11×14 stretched canvas bulk
  • 12×12 stretched canvas bulk
  • Bulk stretched canvas 16×20
  • Large stretched canvas blank
  • Large canvas sizes
  • Extra large blank canvas

If you don’t see the size you are looking for, don’t worry. We are happy to offer custom stretched canvas printing sizes. So, just ask!

Stretched Canvas Prints

So, how do we tackle stretched canvas prints? Through a process of large format printing. What this allows us to do is provide our customers with a canvas that is high-quality and consistent. We mount the stretched canvas on a wooden frame which makes them perfect for wall decorations. There are so many benefits to choosing stretched canvas prints cheap.

  • Stretched canvas is finished by an Eco-friendly coating.
  • They’re an excellent choice to reproduce a photo in high-quality.
  • Printing on stretched canvas is ultra durable.
  • The thick canvas we use comes with a quality matte finish.

First, we print the photo onto the canvas. Then, once the wooden frame is made the canvas can be stretched over it. It’s possible to create an extra large blank canvas up to 10 feet! So, don’t worry if you think your vision is too large. It probably isn’t. Don’t worry, if it is we will tell you so up front. We want to ensure you get the perfect product, so if we feel like it isn’t right for you we will point you in the right direction.

Custom Stretched Canvas

If you want to know a bit more about our wholesale stretched canvas process, then you’re in luck. We are always happy to share a bit of insight into our work. We hand finish your canvas by folding every corner in to ensure a finish that is tight and smooth. Nonstop signs also cover the staples with a protective tape. You can choose from different finishing options. Whether it’s place or faces, canvas printing is an excellent medium to show off your favorite prints. They’re so easy to make – all you need to do is provide us with your photo and let us know your size preferences. From there, we’ll do the rest! We will take your favorite image and transform it into a masterpiece. It’s time to stop looking at  canvas Walmart. Forget about canvas sizes Hobby Lobby. Just because it’s possible to DIY something, doesn’t mean that you should do it. For a professional finish, let us tackle your printing on stretched canvas.

Stretched Canvas Printing

You won’t need to crop or adjust your photo. If you want a square canvas and you send us a square photo then it will fit as required. Or, you are looking at printing an image to  canvas that is rectangular, the system will automatically crop the photo to the best fit. If you want to add text to your canvas, get in touch with us to discuss your options. One of the most common questions we are asked is if you can print multiple pictures on a single canvas. Yes, you can. We offer a collage canvas that you can use to arrange a number of your favorite photos. This is an excellent canvas option for gifting purposes. So, if you have taken a series of family photos and want to create a collage of them over the years, then printing on canvas is a great way to do it. It’s perfect to hang in your home, office or again, to gift to grandparents and other family members. For large families, you can include one giant family photo and then single photos of each family group. You can really do anything with canvas collages.

Cheap Blank Canvases

When you purchase one of our cheap blank canvases, you will also receive the kit necessary to hang and install your canvas. Luckily, you don’t need to be an expect to hang them, we will also provide you with the instructions that you will need. You will first need to decide how to arrange the hangers, for a small canvas you will likely just need one right in the middle of your canvas. However, for larger pieces, you may want to use two or more. Mark the wall to guide you to where it will hang on the wall – but remember, your print will sit higher than the pencil mark. Now, you can nail your hooks into the wall marks. If you put the nail in at an angle, it will allow the wall to handle most of the weight. Once you’ve got your hooks in place, you can hang your canvas easily. It’s important to note that changes in humidity and temperature can affect your canvas. So, don’t hang your canvas above heating vents or radiators. You should also avoid hanging it in direct sunlight. Direct and extended exposure could affect the ink and the lifespan of your printed canvas.

Printing On Stretched Canvas

It’s important to install your printing on canvas properly. This is integral to the proper maintenance of your stretched canvas. So, don’t hang it where it will be in direct sunlight. Nor should you hang it outside or in the more humid areas of your home. You want to ensure the ink in the image stays as vibrant as possible. So, it’s important to look after it properly. As far as ongoing maintenance, all you need is a dry cloth to gently provide it with a dust and wipe down. There’s no need to use water or any type of cleaning chemicals. Just a lint-free cloth! It really doesn’t get any easier than that. Don’t forget to wipe the top and sides! From there, you don’t need to do anything else to your canvas. Except, of course, to sit back and enjoy it. You should be prepared to explain to your friends and family where you go it, though, because they will want to start screen printing on stretched canvas, too.

Stretched Canvas Printing Near Me

If you are interested in printing an image to stretched canvas, then you have come to the right place. Not only can we produce stretched canvas bulk, we are also happy to produce a single image. We offer stretched canvas prints ready to hang, all we need is for you to provide us with the image. When it comes to printing a digital impact to canvas cost, this will depend entirely on the size of your print. If you want to know more about cost information, you can get in touch with our technicians to discuss your size needs. We offer a wide range of other products, too. So, in addition to printing  canvas, we can print your flyers, business cards, signs, and more. When you are ready for screen printing on canvas, you can get in touch with us today! You can give us a telephone call at 1-800-205-9005. Or, you can strike up a live chat on the website. This will put you in touch with one of our technicians who can handle any questions or queries that you may have about printing onto stretched canvas. Alternatively, you can email us. If you email us regarding wholesale stretched canvas printing, please provide us with as much information as possible. This will help expedite the process.

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